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How to Configure Price Filter - Price Navigation in Magento 2


Layered Navigation in Magento 2 default is designed as a convenient sitemap on your Magento 2 store. The navigation is usually placed on the left of the category page with a list of categories and price range. Thus, instead of going around your store, the customers only need to describe their demands through the criterias filter, and they will get the desired items very quickly. However, if you want to give more criterias for the searching as well as enhance customer’s experience on your site, you can refer to Magento 2 Layered Navigation extension, an advanced filter from Mageplaza.

How to Configure Price Filter - Price Navigation Layered Navigation

With Layered Navigation default, the customers can filter by product attributes or price, and today I will show you how to configure price filter/ price navigation. If you need to know more clearly about the layered navigation with product attributes, let come with the previous topic.

What is Price Filter/ Price Navigation?

Configuring price filter/ price navigation successfully means classifying the product by price in the navigation. There are 3 methods supported to calculate price navigation: Automatic (Equalize Price Ranges), Automatic (Equalize Product Counts), and Manual. While the first two methods allow auto-calculating, the manual needs to be set the price interval. For example, the interval is 10 and the price step by 10 includes:

  • $20.00 - $29.99 (1)
  • $30.00 - $39.99 (2)
  • $70.00 - $79.99 (1)
  • $100.00 - $109.99 (1)
  • $120.00 - $129.99 (2)
  • $150.00 - $159.99 (1)
  • $180.00 - $189.99 (1)
  • $420.00 - $429.99 (1)
  • $440.00 - $449.99 (1)
  • $710.00 and above (1)

Keep your eyes on the following guides to configure the price filter/ price navigation in the layered navigation.

Set Price Filter/ Price Navigation in Magento 2

Method 1: Automatic (equalize price ranges)

This method is to use the standard algorithm for price navigation. In the Price Navigation Steps Calculation, select the Automatic (Equalize Price Ranges).

How to Configure Price Filter - Price Navigation Equalize Price Ranges

Method 2: Automatic (equalize product counts)

  • In the Price Navigation Steps Calculation field, select Automatic (equalize product counts) option.
  • In the Display Price Interval as One Price field, allow showing a single price for many products that are both at the same price if you choose Yes.
  • In the Interval Division Limit field, offer the threshold for a number of products within a price range. The range cannot be further split beyond this limit. If it is ignored, the default value (9) will be applied.

How to Configure Price Filter - Price Navigation Equalize Product Counts

Method 3: Manual

  • In the Price Navigation Steps Calculation, select Manual option.
  • Set the Default Price Navigation Step.
  • Set the Maximum Number of Price Intervals and the maximum number is 100.

How to Configure Price Filter - Price Navigation Manuals

  • Save Config to complete.

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