How to integrate Salesforce with Magento 2


You are a Magento 2 store owner and you are looking for how to integrate Salesforce with Magento 2 store, this today’s article is for you. So the question is what Salesforce is?

Salesforce is not only a customer relationship management system, but also is a powerful tool that has data related to customers, markets, products or anything else that makes sense. Integrating Salesforce for Store Magento 2 of you, it helps you manage all aspects of the relationship customers, marketing, advertising so that you can connect your data easily as well as run your business effectively.

Besides that, Salesforce is a customizable platform. Even if you are not a developer, you can also use this platform easily by dragging and dropping.

Now, we will have a quick learn how to integrate Salesforce with Magento 2!

How to integrate Salesforce on Magento 2

To integrate Salesforce

  • Step 1: Sign up the Zapier account
  • Step 2: Sign up the Salesforce account
  • Step 3: Integrate Magento 2.x
  • Step 4: Integrate salesforce into this step to get all information from your Magento 2.x store.

Step 1: Sign up the Zapier account

Step 2: Sign up the salesforce account

After logging into Zapier, choose Make a Zap to start integrating


Step 3: Integrate Magento 2.x

  • In this set up step, choose a Trigger App that you want to integrate with your Magento 2 store.


  • After that, select Magento 2.x Trigger in the drop-down list such as new customer, then save + continue


  • Then, connect an account to select Magento 2.x Account. You need to enter full domain, admin username and admin password of your Magento 2.x store as an image below:


  • After creating your Magento 2.x account, the screen will display as the following image, and please choose Save + Continue:


  • Ok, test Magento 2.x successfully. Please continue doing the next step.

Step 4: Integrate Salesforce

  • In Choose an Action Appfield, select Salesforce


  • Then, select Salesforce action as create contact and click on Continue:


  • Next, you need to select Salesforce account by the way: Click on Connect an Account and follow the guide.


  • Continue, you set up template in this step. Please Set up salesforce contact, you need to enter all information that includes in that, then, choose Continue box.

  • Now, you have tested Salesforce sucessful. Finally, choose Finish and set the name your zap to complete.


  • Your Zap is working and it will auto-check for your Magento 2.x new customer.


  • After all, here is the file that you have just established.

It comes to the end of tutorial: How to integrate Salesforce with Magento 2.

Please leave comments if you have any questions, feedbacks.

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