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  • insert_chart How to delete customer account in Magento 2

    That the current issue of privacy is getting more serious than ever before, which negatively affects customers’ willingness to shop online, urges every e-commerce business to pay more attention on privacy policies. To tackle this problem, Magento 2 GDPR extension is developed by Mageplaza to protect customers private information with a clear and concise set of rules complying with EU data protection standards. Significantly, with this module, customers are ensured to have full rights to control their personal data thanks to some incredible features such as permanently removing their customer accounts, and deleting default address.

  • insert_chart How to delete default billing address in Magento 2

    Developed by Mageplaza, Magento 2 GDPR extension is considered as one of the most powerful tools to keep customer data safe. Complying with General Data Protection Regulation - an EU regulation about personal data protection which takes effect on May 25, 2018, this module plays an important role in strengthening security and privacy. Also, thanks to GDPR, online stores can express that they really care about privacy protection, and make real efforts to attain that, which results in customer trust and satisfaction. Referring to impressive features, not only allowing customers to delete their account permanently, Magento 2 GDPR also enables them to remove their default addresses with ease.

  • insert_chart How to manage billing documents in Magento 2

    The growing concern of customers about privacy issues urges every e-Commerce store to pay more attention to their security regulations. Many store owners have found the solution: Integrate an EU certified set of privacy standards, which is GDPR, into their store’s policy. However, it is complicated to make those principles compatible with each of your activities manually. To reduce the admins’ workload as well as to make buyers trust more on your e-store, why don’t you try Mageplaza GDPR extension - a powerful tool that helps ensure your GDPR regulation compliance with ease? In addition to some essential features that the free standard version provides, Mageplaza has developed the PRO version with two more outstanding features: Billing documents management, and Cookie restriction.

  • insert_chart How to restrict Cookie Notice in Magento 2- EU Cookie Law

    Customers are concerned about privacy problems when buying goods on the internet. Imagine if all of the buyers are afraid to shop online, who else is going to suffer? E-commerce business, obviously! More than anyone, online store owners desire to find out a solution for those security issues. Luckily, there IS a solution available for every Magento 2 e-stores. Mageplaza has built a plugin called GDPR extension, with which stores can easily comply their activities to EU data protection standards. Apart from the free Standard version with two primary functions only, a GDPR PRO version with two more incredible features being supported: Billing documents management, and Cookie restriction. These outstanding upgrades are hoped to help advance the security system, and obtain customers trust to the greatest extent!