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How to hire Vue.js developers: The ultimate guide

Are you working on a brand new project that needs the help of Vue.js experts? But you don’t know where to start or how to hire the best ones. 

We can help you with that. In this blog, we will give you a complete guide on how to hire Vue.js developers successfully. You will have basic knowledge of the recruitment process, the required skills, and the responsibilities of the developer you will hire. Let’s get into it!

Vue.js developers – Who are they?

A Vue.js developer is a highly experienced front-end developer that specializes in designing the interface of websites, online marketplaces, web applications, or services. Their major responsibility is to create user interfaces with which users interact, delivering a smooth and visually pleasing experience.

Vue.js developers are highly qualified front-end experts 

Vue.js is a popular JavaScript framework for creating dynamic and interactive user interfaces. It provides tools and modules that allow developers to easily and quickly design, organize, and manage web project frontend components.

A Vue.js developer is well-versed in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, as these languages are the core of web development. They harness the powers of Vue.js to create reusable components, manage data flow, and handle user interaction efficiently and maintainable.

Vue.js developers employ the MVVM (Model-View-View-Model) approach, which effectively separates the graphical user interface (UI) from the business logic. This clear distinction enables them to work independently on a project’s front-end and back-end aspects.

A Vue.js developer brings web projects to life by converting design concepts into functional and interactive interfaces. Their proficiency in front-end development, combined with their knowledge of Vue.js, enables them to create visually beautiful web experiences.

As a result, the demand for Vue.js developers has experienced significant growth, leading to a surge in available opportunities for Vue.js developers. This also means businesses must push the hiring process to hire the best developers. 

Why should you hire Vue.js developers for your business?

Hiring Vue.js developers can provide numerous advantages for businesses. This makes Vue.js an appealing option for companies aiming to develop cutting-edge, high-performing web applications and stay ahead. Reputable companies such as Statista, GitLab, and Alibaba have exploited this framework’s versatility. 

Now, let’s take a closer look at how hiring Vue.js developers can be beneficial for your business:

  • Cost-effective solution

Due to its open-source nature and relatively easy learning curve, Vue.js enables businesses to hire developers at more affordable rates than specialists in other JavaScript frameworks. This cost-effectiveness enables companies to allocate their resources efficiently and develop projects within their budget constraints.

  • Enhanced performance

Optimal performance is a crucial aspect of any software product. Vue.js is renowned as one of the swiftest frameworks for developing web and app interfaces. This will improve product performance and enhanced customer experience (CX) through accelerated page rendering. 

Hiring Vue.js developers can improve product performance

Additionally, Vue.js possesses remarkable capabilities that allow for seamless integration into existing codebases without complete rewrites. By hiring a Vue.js developer, you can swiftly and effortlessly boost productivity. This, in turn, accelerates the development process while reducing costs.

  • Increased community support

Since its introduction in 2014, Vue.js has been experiencing a rapid rise in popularity. This increasing usage by developers has led to the growth of the Vue.js developer community. As a result, the likelihood of your product development progressing smoothly and meeting deadlines is enhanced, as developers can access information and assistance promptly. 

Additionally, there is no need to worry about Vue.js becoming outdated soon, as the community continuously evolves. This ensures that you can always rely on a supportive network and eliminates the need to change your tech stack or rewrite your software.

  • Better integration

Vue.js is highly regarded for its exceptional capability to seamlessly integrate with various JavaScript frameworks. This advantage empowers Vue.js developers to tailor the code of existing websites and applications effortlessly. 

In addition, Vue.js  developers can incorporate components from other JavaScript frameworks into their applications. Like JavaScript, Vue.js developers can also utilize HTML blocks owing to its multi-view-view-model architecture.

  • Faster time to market

When creating a minimum viable product (MVP), Vue.js outpaces other frameworks significantly. Unlike React, Vue.js has numerous built-in components, eliminating the need to integrate additional libraries. 

As a result, a Vue.js specialist can expedite project deployment, reducing time to market and saving your budget by avoiding unnecessary expenses.

  • Effective Single-page Applications (SPAs)

Vue.js offers a robust solution for constructing single-page applications (SPAs) with powerful user interfaces. Its architecture is based on components, allowing developers to easily create reusable elements, simplifying development, and enhancing maintainability. 

By utilizing Vue Router, the official routing library for Vue.js, seamless navigation between components is achieved without the need to refresh the entire page. This seamless navigation enhances the overall user experience, creating a more engaging and interactive interface.

  • Seamless two-way communication

Vue.js developers highly appreciate one of its most popular features, which is two-way data binding. Unlike other frameworks that only provide one-way communication, Vue.js enables seamless two-way communication.

Hiring Vue.js developers can increase two-way communication

Hiring Vue.js developers can increase two-way communication

This means that Vue.js developers can effortlessly propagate changes made in the user interface (UI) to the underlying data and vice versa. This bidirectional data flow enhances the efficiency and simplicity of development tasks.

What are the everyday responsibilities of a Vue.js developer?

When hiring Vue.js developers, you may want to look at the daily responsibilities and tasks they usually perform. Although their tasks may vary depending on the level of seniority, here are the responsibilities that Vue.js developers of all levels may take over:

  • Junior Vue.js developers

As junior Vue.js developers, they typically work on projects where a manager or client assigns them basic tasks. These tasks can include implementing simple features, performing bug fixes, or assisting with development. 

Junior developers are well-suited for completing straightforward tasks that do not require advanced or complex problem-solving skills. They contribute to the project by handling smaller components, performing routine tasks, and addressing minor issues. 

  • Mid-level Vue.js developers 

With their growing experience and expertise, mid-level Vue.js developers can independently initiate and lead projects from inception to completion.  They can independently handle tasks such as architecture design, implementing complex features, optimizing performance, and ensuring code quality.

Mid-level Vue.js developers are skilled at collaborating with team members, taking ownership of their work, and mentoring junior workers. They can make informed decisions about project structure, code organization, and the implementation of efficient solutions.

  • Senior Vue.js developers

Senior Vue.js developers possess comprehensive skills and experience that enable them to play a crucial role in the development process. They can create, configure, and develop a product from scratch.

Senior Vue.js developers can also lead and guide a team of developers, provide mentorship, and ensure the successful completion of projects. They can collaborate closely with stakeholders, offering insights and recommendations on the most suitable tech stack and implementation strategies.

Senior Vue.js developers are also skilled at improving performance, conducting code reviews, and guaranteeing the product’s scalability and maintainability. They thoroughly understand software design principles and can architect complicated systems that meet business needs.

What skills to look for in a Vue.js developer?

Technical skills of Vue.js developers

  • Proficiency in Javascript

In modern and basic versions, proficiency in JavaScript is a fundamental hard skill for Vue.js developers. JavaScript is vital in enabling developers to write efficient and easily understandable code within the Vue.js framework. 

Proficiency in Javascript is essential for Vue.js developers

A solid understanding of JavaScript is essential since Vue.js emphasizes dynamic data display rather than static content. Because new versions of JavaScript are released annually, it is crucial for Vue.js developers to continuously enhance their knowledge.

  • Basic knowledge of Vuex and Vue router

Vuex is a powerful combination of a library and a state management system. This is where all application components are stored in a centralized manner. It offers various advantages, including state snapshot import/export and simplified time travel debugging.

Conversely, Vue Router is a library that facilitates seamless navigation within Vue.js applications. It enables developers to synchronize URLs with corresponding views, efficiently managing the routing aspect of the application.

Therefore, a  Vue.js developer should know and have experience working with Vuex and Vue Router.

  • Familiarity with CSS and HTML

Proficiency in HTML and CSS is necessary for Vue.js developers as it empowers them to showcase content seamlessly on web pages and applications, ensuring clarity and precision. By understanding HTML and CSS, Vue.js developers can elevate their projects, delivering remarkable results that can engage users.

  • Basic knowledge of Vue CLI

Knowing how to use Vue CLI is essential for developers. It gives them access to front-end build tools and links them to sensible default setups and versatile customization choices. Furthermore, Vue.js developers can create presets and plugins to improve their development workflow.

Soft skills of Vue.js developers

  • Communication skills

Strong communication skills are highly advantageous for candidates in Vue.js development roles. Vue.js developers with excellent communication skills excel in understanding client recommendations and proactively seeking clarification when facing obstacles. They also create an environment encouraging open communication among team members. 

  • Collaboration skills

Vue.js developers that understand the importance of teamwork in the success of software development teams outperform their peers. These candidates recognize that their efforts are part of a wider group effort and approach their work humbly. 

Teamwork is an important skill for Vue.js developers

They actively engage in listening to feedback, offering alternative approaches. They also willingly share their knowledge with fellow Vue.js developers and other team members. 

  • Time-management skills

Candidates should also demonstrate excellent time management skills, ensuring that assigned projects are completed ahead of schedule. 

An essential aspect of time management is accurately estimating the time required to complete specific Vue.js projects. This is a skill that only seasoned Vue.js developers possess. These developers can provide accurate estimates and prove their worthiness in delivering exceptional results. 

What should you know before hiring Vue.js developers?

Before the hiring process starts, you need to consider the hiring models your business needs to successfully hire Vue.js developers. We will briefly walk you through three main engagement models so that you have a basic understanding of them. 

  • Hiring in-house developers

This conventional employment model entails recruiting a permanent team of developers. These developers receive monthly salaries and standard employment benefits, both financial and non-financial. 

These developers can operate on-site or remotely, but the defining aspect is their status as employees rather than contractors or freelancers affiliated with your company. This model is particularly suitable for large enterprises.

  • Staff Augmentation

Staff augmentation offers a flexible solution that enables companies to swiftly address skill gaps within their development teams. This approach involves hiring Vue.js developers to join the team for a defined period. This operates more like contractors rather than full-time staff members. Despite their temporary status, these developers remain fully committed to the project during their engagement.

This strategic approach ensures that projects do not experience delays due to specific skill deficiencies within the existing team. It’s suitable for startups and large enterprises seeking to enhance their team’s skill set and capabilities.

  • Outsourcing

Outsourcing is a widely adopted business practice that involves entrusting certain tasks or the entirety of work to a third-party IT company. This can be done through various approaches: nearshore outsourcing (in a neighboring country or within the same time zone), onshore outsourcing (within the same country), or offshore outsourcing (in a more distant country). 

Outsourcing model in hiring Vue.js developers

Historically, offshore and nearshore outsourcing have been utilized as cost-cutting measures. Renowned companies like Slack, WhatsApp, and even Google have effectively leveraged outsourcing to fuel their significant growth and success.

By outsourcing, you can tap into numerous advantages, such as saving costs, easily scaling up and down your development team, and focusing on your core business. However, this model makes controlling the team more difficult. It is of great importance to choose the right outsourcing partner for your business. 

How much to hire Vue.js developers?

The monthly rates of hiring Vue.js developers can range from $2,000 to $16,000, depending on the location and level of experience.

Hiring a junior developer in the US can cost $5000/month, then $9000/month for middle-level developers. Hiring senior developers can cost up to $16,000/month.

In the UK, hiring a junior developer costs $6,400/month, and a middle-level developer costs $8,800/month. The cost can go up by $12,000/month for senior Vue.js developers. 

The cost of hiring a developer from India is much lower. It may cost you $2,600/month to hire a junior Vue.js developer, $4,200/month for a middle-level developer, and up to $6,200 for a senior developer. 

Where to hire Vue.js developers

When looking for a Vue.js developer, there are several platforms you can try to find the best developers for your project. Here are some:

  • Your company websites and social media: To reach a larger audience of Vue.js developers, promote job vacancies on your company website and post them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.
  • Freelance websites: Explore freelance websites such as Upwork, Freelancer, and Toptal to locate Vue.js developers available for short-term or project-based employment.
  • Vue.js communities: Participate in Vue.js developer communities such as Vue.js Forum, Vue.js Developers, and Vue Land. These platforms frequently have specific job boards or forums where you may meet skilled Vue.js developers.

5 steps to successfully hire Vue.js developers

Now, we will break down the process of hiring Vue.js developers into 5 winning steps. You can hire the best-qualified developers for your project by following these steps.

Step 1: Clearly define project requirements

Define your project’s objectives, requirements, and expected outcomes. This includes determining the project’s features, functionalities, and overall scope. A detailed project brief helps applicants properly understand the project’s complexity and align their talents.

Defining project requirements before hiring Vue.js developers

You will also need to decide which technologies, frameworks, and tools will be needed for your Vue.js project. This can be done by considering related technologies, such as Vuex for state management, Vue Router for routing, and any required extra libraries or APIs. The needed skill set, such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript expertise, and knowledge of front-end development practices, should also be included. 

Step 2: Compile a list of potential vendors

The next important step is to compile a comprehensive list of potential outsourcing companies. 

Begin by exploring professional networking platforms like LinkedIn, social media platforms like Facebook, and review websites like Clutch, Goodfirms.co, and Upwork. 

These websites offer useful information and evaluations about software development firms you might consider for your project. You can also look for industry journals like Gartner and Forrester to find reliable software development companies.

You may want to extend your list by asking for suggestions from credible sources. They can be companies that have produced sites or applications with similar functionality and style to what you want. Concentrating not only on individual developers but also teams that specialize in the direction you wish to pursue is critical.

Step 3: Evaluate and check the company’s portfolios

When evaluating companies’ portfolios, you may need to look at their past projects and assess their previous works’ diversity, complexity, and quality. One thing to remember is that you should look for similar projects in scope or industry to gain insights into their capabilities and expertise.

You also need to learn about the team structure and composition of the outsourcing company. This can be done by examining their Vue.js development team’s size and expertise. To guarantee that project managers, UI/UX designers, quality assurance professionals, and other necessary positions are available, you should assess their availability.

To understand more about the outsourcing firm’s reliability and client satisfaction, check for client testimonials and references. Inquire with their former clients about their working experience with the organization, the quality of deliverables, timeliness, and overall project management.

Step 4: Interact with the Vue.js developers

Once you select the right outsourcing company, you should make sure that that company gives you access to the developers. You can conduct interviews with the developers to assess their knowledge and skills there. 

Interview the developers to assess their skills

Here are some questions to ask the developers to examine their expertise:

  1. What distinguishes between one-way data flow and two-way data binding in Vue.js?
  2. Can you provide a detailed explanation of the Prop component in Vue.js?
  3. How would you implement filters in Vue.js?
  4. Could you explain the concept of filters in Vue.js?
  5. Discuss the reactivity system in Vue.js and common challenges related to change tracking.
  6. What is the purpose of the virtual DOM in Vue.js, and how does it provide benefits?

Step 5: Sign the contract

Signing a contract with an outsourcing firm is important in formalizing the agreement and guaranteeing a smooth working relationship.

In the contract, you should outline the specific deliverables, project timelines, milestones, and any other crucial details related to the project. The payment structure, including rates, payment milestones, and any additional costs or expenses, should also be included. 

Before signing, you must examine the contract carefully and negotiate any conditions that need to be adjusted or clarified. This can ensure that all parties mutually understand and agree on all parts of the contract.

Wrapping up

Hiring Vue.js developers can drive your business forward by developing seamless web applications and providing exceptional user experience. By following the guidelines in this blog, you can hire Vue.js developers successfully and take your business to another level. 

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