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How To Hire AWS Developers In 2023: Top Sites & Average Cost

Cloud computing is constantly redefining how companies develop and run their operations. Amazon Web Services (AWS), a world leader in offering cloud solutions that enable businesses to expand, optimize, and secure their operations like never before, is at the forefront of this transition.

This complete guide is suitable for businesses and individuals looking for the best way to hire AWS developers in 2023.  We will explore the top platforms for sourcing AWS developers, delve into the key factors influencing the hiring process, and provide insights into the average costs of hiring these specialized professionals.

What does an AWS developer do?

AWS (Amazon Web Services) developers are IT experts with a focus on designing, building and deploying apps and services on the AWS cloud infrastructure. AWS developers work with various AWS services to build scalable, reliable, and secure solutions that cater to various business needs. 

Their role involves software development, cloud architecture, and operational tasks. Here are some key responsibilities and activities that an AWS developer typically undertakes:

  • Cloud application development: AWS developers write code to create applications that leverage AWS services. They may use programming languages like Python, Java, JavaScript, or others to develop both front-end and back-end components of cloud-based applications.
  • Infrastructure as Code (IaC): AWS developers often use Infrastructure as Code tools (i.e.,  AWS CloudFormation or Terraform) to define and manage the cloud infrastructure required for their applications. This approach allows them to automate the provisioning and management of resources like virtual machines, storage, networking, and more.
  • Microservices development: They design and build microservices architecture, dividing applications into smaller, independently deployable units. This approach enables flexibility, scalability, and easier maintenance of complex applications.
  • API development and integration: AWS developers create APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) that enable different software components and services to communicate with each other. This includes integrating various AWS services as well as third-party services.
  • Database management: They work with AWS database services like Amazon RDS (Relational Database Service), Amazon DynamoDB (NoSQL database), and others to manage data storage, retrieval, and querying.
  • Serverless computing: AWS developers utilize serverless computing platforms like AWS Lambda to build event-driven, lightweight functions that run in response to triggers, eliminating the need to manage server infrastructure.
  • Security and compliance: Ensuring the security of applications and data on the cloud is a crucial aspect of an AWS developer’s role. They implement security best practices, configure access controls, and monitor for potential security threats.
  • Continuous integration and deployment (CI/CD): AWS developers set up CI/CD pipelines to automate the process of building, testing, and deploying applications, allowing for faster and more reliable software releases.
  • Monitoring and troubleshooting: They monitor the performance and health of applications using AWS monitoring tools like Amazon CloudWatch. When issues arise, AWS developers diagnose and resolve them to maintain application availability.

Overall, AWS developers play a pivotal role in successfully deploying and operating applications on the AWS cloud, leveraging their technical skills and expertise to create innovative and efficient solutions.

Which skills are important for an AWS developer?

The ability to program in at least one high-level language

A foundational skill for any AWS developer, programming proficiency is the gateway to crafting robust and dynamic cloud solutions. Whether it’s developing backend services, creating APIs, or scripting automation routines, the ability to write clean and efficient code in languages like Python, Java, or Node.js is crucial. 

Proficient coding skills empower AWS developers to architect scalable applications, integrate various AWS services, and optimize performance. By leveraging their programming prowess, AWS developers can unleash the full potential of AWS services, shaping them into customized tools that meet specific business needs, and ensuring seamless interactions between different components of a cloud-based application.

An understanding of how to deploy code

Code deployment is the art of transitioning software from development to production, and skilled AWS developers are the conductors of this orchestrated process. They employ tools like AWS Elastic Beanstalk and AWS CodeDeploy to automate the deployment lifecycle, minimizing downtime and ensuring smooth updates. 

From initial provisioning and configuration to scale resources based on demand, AWS developers orchestrate the intricate dance of releasing new features, patches, and enhancements while maintaining application availability. This skill ensures that the heartbeat of an application remains steady even amidst a flurry of changes.

Understanding of the AWS security concept and identity and access management (IAM)

In the realm of AWS, where security is paramount, understanding Identity and Access Management (IAM) and the AWS security model is akin to possessing the keys to a fortified fortress. AWS developers wield this knowledge to precisely sculpt access controls, permissions, and policies. 

They design IAM roles that enable granular access to resources while maintaining data integrity and confidentiality. By mastering security practices, AWS developers construct digital fortifications that safeguard against unauthorized intrusions and breaches, ensuring the resilience of cloud-based architectures.

Instruments for serverless computing

Serverless computing isn’t about a lack of servers; it’s about transcending the traditional server infrastructure management. AWS developers well-versed in serverless paradigms, particularly AWS Lambda, design applications that respond nimbly to events, dynamically scaling resources without the burden of provisioning. 

This skill allows them to architect applications focusing on functionality rather than infrastructure, creating efficient, cost-effective, and event-driven systems that adapt to changing workloads seamlessly.

Migration of databases and knowledge of database tools

Migrating databases to the cloud is a transformative journey; AWS developers are the navigators. They harness their understanding of database migration strategies to seamlessly transition data to AWS database services like Amazon RDS and DynamoDB. 

Armed with database tools and optimization techniques, they craft resilient and performant data storage solutions, ensuring data-intensive applications thrive in the cloud environment.

Familiarity with the AWS Software Development Kit (SDK)

The AWS SDK is the magic wand that empowers AWS developers to summon the capabilities of the cloud with lines of code. Proficiency in the AWS SDK equips developers with the tools to seamlessly interact with AWS services, from provisioning and managing resources to monitoring and data manipulation. 

By integrating the SDK into their workflows, AWS developers craft applications that are functional and adaptive, enabling them to embrace the dynamic nature of cloud computing and turn the AWS environment into a canvas for innovation.

Mastering these skills transforms AWS developers into architects of the digital realm, capable of designing, building, and maintaining intricate cloud landscapes that drive business growth and innovation.

Top 10 sites you should consider to hire AWS developers

Looking to hire AWS developers? Explore these top 10 platforms renowned for connecting businesses with skilled professionals in the field:


Toptal is a distinguished talent marketplace renowned for its stringent selection process, curating an exclusive network of top-tier freelancers and experts. With a reputation for exceptional quality, Toptal rigorously screens its talent, ensuring that businesses gain access to the finest AWS developers and other specialized professionals. 

Whether you require advanced cloud architecture, serverless solutions, or seamless integration of AWS services, Toptal offers a reliable source for securing highly skilled developers to elevate your projects.

AWS Job Board

For a direct channel to authentic and relevant AWS talent, the AWS Job Board emerges as the official platform dedicated to AWS-related job listings. Powered by Amazon Web Services, this platform exclusively focuses on connecting businesses with AWS professionals. 

From cloud architects to DevOps engineers and beyond, the AWS Job Board provides a trusted avenue for finding developers with the specific skills and expertise your AWS projects demand.


Guru, a versatile freelancing platform, bridges businesses and freelancers across diverse industries, including technology. While not exclusive to AWS development, Guru hosts a broad spectrum of AWS experts with varying proficiency levels. 

This platform offers a range of choices, enabling businesses to find AWS developers whose skills align with the unique requirements of their projects, ensuring a tailored approach to cloud-based solutions.


Upwork, a global freelance marketplace, offers a comprehensive array of skill sets and industries, making it a hub for diverse professional services, including AWS development. Upwork caters to businesses of all sizes, connecting them with AWS developers possessing varying expertise and price points. 

Whether you’re launching a startup or steering a large enterprise, Upwork provides a gateway to the global talent pool of AWS specialists, facilitating project-specific collaborations.

Cloud Migration Jobs

Dedicated to the intricacies of cloud technology, Cloud Migration Jobs serves as a specialized platform for sourcing AWS professionals adept at seamless migration, optimization, and transformation. 

Specifically targeting the migration of applications and services to AWS infrastructure, this platform is a prime choice for businesses seeking AWS developers with an acute focus on the migration journey, ensuring smooth transitions to the cloud.


In the realm of technology recruitment, CyberCoders stands out as a platform tailored to tech-related job placements. Focusing on technology-driven roles, including AWS development, CyberCoders offers a specialized approach to sourcing and hiring experienced professionals. 

If you’re seeking AWS developers skilled in cloud architecture, automation, and infrastructure management, CyberCoders provides a curated selection of candidates.


CodementorX facilitates on-demand access to developer talent, connecting businesses with experienced professionals across various domains, including AWS. This platform caters to short-term projects, mentorship opportunities, and extended collaborations, making it an excellent choice for businesses seeking AWS developers for tasks ranging from rapid troubleshooting to long-term project partnerships.

AWS for Business Jobs

Exclusively designed to address businesses’ corporate and organizational needs, AWS for Business Jobs offers a niche platform for sourcing AWS developers adept at fulfilling specific enterprise requirements. 

Tailored to the business world’s demands, this platform presents a curated selection of candidates capable of aligning AWS solutions with strategic business objectives, ensuring a harmonious fusion of technology and corporate vision.


Dice emerges as a technology-focused job board catering to tech companies and businesses seeking skilled professionals in various tech-related roles, including AWS development. With a wealth of listings spanning cloud architecture, serverless computing, and AWS service integration, Dice is a valuable resource for companies pursuing seasoned AWS developers and other tech specialists.

Hubstaff Talents

Hubstaff Talents specializes in connecting businesses with remote talent worldwide, encompassing various fields, including AWS development. This platform offers an avenue to find skilled AWS developers capable of executing projects remotely, catering to the evolving landscape of remote work and distributed teams, ensuring that geographical boundaries do not hinder the pursuit of top-tier AWS expertise.

In your quest to hire AWS developers, these diverse platforms offer unique avenues to find the ideal professionals who can elevate your projects, whether seeking specialized expertise, remote collaboration, or strategic alignment with business objectives.

How much does it cost to hire AWS developers?

The median hourly rate to hire AWS developers can range from $20-$45 per hour. However, the cost of hiring AWS developers can vary significantly based on several factors. 

Here’s a breakdown of these factors and their impact on the cost:

  • Experience and skill set: Junior AWS developers or those with limited experience may have lower hourly or project rates than senior or highly specialized AWS experts. Developers with expertise in specific AWS services (e.g., Lambda, EC2, S3, RDS) or specialized areas (e.g., security, serverless architecture) may command higher rates due to their in-demand skills.
  • Location: Based on the location of the developer, rates often vary greatly. Developers may charge more than those in regions with lower expenses of living or more demand for tech talent.
  • Type of work: Short-term projects or one-time tasks may be priced differently than long-term contracts or ongoing partnerships. Freelancers might charge hourly rates, while some developers prefer fixed project-based pricing.
  • Platform or method of hiring: Hiring through specialized platforms like Toptal or AWS Job Board may involve premium rates due to the quality of talent or the specific nature of the platform. General freelance marketplaces like Upwork or Guru might offer a broader range of rates, allowing you to choose from different budget options.
  • Project complexity: Complex projects that require in-depth architecture design, cloud migration, or integration of multiple AWS services may involve higher costs due to the expertise and effort required.
  • Currency exchange rates: If you’re hiring remote developers from other countries, currency exchange rates can influence the overall cost, affecting your budget.
  • Benefits and overheads: If hiring developers as full-time employees or contractors, you might need to consider additional costs like benefits, taxes, and overhead expenses.

Remember that these rates can vary and have likely evolved since then. It’s essential to research current market rates and consider the specific factors mentioned above when estimating the cost of hiring AWS developers for your project. Additionally, depending on your needs and the developer’s preferences, you may encounter different pricing models, such as fixed-price projects or monthly retainers.

A step-by-step guide to hiring AWS developers

Step 1: Know What an AWS Developer Needs

Understanding the precise needs of your project is the foundation of successful hiring. Define the scope of your project, the AWS services required, and the level of expertise needed. Are you building a serverless application, migrating to the cloud, or enhancing security? Having a clear vision will help you communicate effectively with potential candidates.

Step 2: Examine AWS Developer Requirements

Create a thorough job description that details the duties, abilities, and qualifications of the position. Specify the programming languages (Python, Java, Node.js) and AWS services (Lambda, S3, RDS) in which the developer should be proficient. This detailed description attracts suitable candidates and sets clear expectations from the outset.

Step 3: Utilize specialized job boards and staffing firms

Specialized job boards like the AWS Job Board, Toptal, or Cloud Migration Jobs are tailored to your needs, offering a curated pool of AWS professionals. Staffing firms specializing in technology roles can provide pre-vetted candidates, saving you time in the initial screening process.

Step 4: Request recommendations and referrals

Personal referrals can be invaluable. Reach out to colleagues, professional networks, and industry contacts for recommendations. These referrals often come with insights into a candidate’s work ethic, problem-solving abilities, and compatibility with a team.

Step 5: Complete in-depth interviews

Conduct thorough interviews to assess a candidate’s technical acumen and problem-solving skills. Pose real-world scenarios related to AWS architecture and services to gauge their practical knowledge. Consider technical interviews where candidates write code or solve challenges, providing insights into their coding skills.

Step 6: Negotiation about salary and benefits

Engage in open and transparent discussions about compensation, contract terms, and benefits. Be prepared to discuss remote work options, flexible hours, and other factors contributing to work-life balance. This step ensures that both parties are aligned before proceeding further.

By meticulously following each step of this hiring process, you can identify and onboard AWS developers who possess the technical expertise your project demands and align with your company’s culture, ensuring a productive and harmonious working relationship.


The art of database migration and utilization lays the foundation for efficient data management, while familiarity with the AWS SDK empowers developers to weave the cloud’s capabilities into the fabric of their code. This fusion of skills transforms AWS developers into virtuosos of innovation, turning the AWS platform into a canvas upon which technological dreams are realized.

In an era where digital transformation is necessary, businesses that harness the talents of AWS developers gain a competitive edge. These professionals possess technical acumen and embody adaptability and vision, key traits vital in a landscape marked by continuous disruption.

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