Our Customer Says

I recommend this extension
"Painless installation and worked without issue from the get-go. The default presentation is straight-forward, perhaps even sparse, allowing me to get into my customisation with minimal interference. Functionality is solid and unpretentious. The bells and whistles it does include - social media integration, for example - are genuinely useful rather than mastubatory overhead. Highly recommended. "
- Poxblossom
Working great so far
"I'm liking this free blog extension so far. My favourite part is the social sharing buttons at the bottom. I have problems with using HTML in the posts, but I have encountered that with other blog extensions so I am sure it's not this extension's fault.
Simple, straightforward and easy to use.

- mmlingerie
Powerful Affiliate Solution
"With a combination of plug-ins and the right settings this can be a very powerful Affiliate solution. The support had issues for a while, but they had technical problems with their ticketing that seems to be fixed now. When you do contact support they are very good at helping with issues."
- David Belk
"Wonderful idea to direct more relevant leads to your site. Will consider adding this soon."
- Kenneth
A big vendor of my store
"I bought almost extensions of your stores, no complains further from me. You make my satisfactions, you make my money. Thank you for all."
- Hyman
Best Affiliate Functionality
"I have been using Mageplaza Services and Extenions, I always have received best products and the price. My clients and I are always happy. For sure I will work for them long term."
- Rama
Great product!
"I think this is the best solution to affiliate programs for Magento."
- Theodor
Great product for any store
"This is a great product for any store. It can be help you boost sale with different ways from Affiliates. Although the finding an effective Affiliate is not easy, this have a low cost so you should try with many ways. Good luck! "
- Milton Alley
The low cost to have a sales team
"Affiliates extension price is the low cost that you can build a salesmen team. I quite satisfy with my team because we can broaden the reach of product."
- Karen
Easy to manage Affiliate system
"When I heard about Affiliates system, I feel confused about its complicated model. However, it’s easier to use than I thought. I am comfortable on backend to manage Affiliate accounts everyday."
- Madison
Great support
"I’m grateful for Mageplaza team. I think it really get one’s money’s worth."
- Jackson
Working great so far
"I’ve used 2 extension of Mageplaza and it is the third one. I sincerely like this extension. I hope it can be useful for support others to boost my sale. Thanks!"
- Andrew
Highly recommend!
"I would highly recommend to other Magento stores. This is helpful because you can create an sales team and you just need to paid them when they perform."
- Regenia
Meet all our needs
"I have looked for a checkout solution for months to improve conversion rate. Finally I found One Step Checkout module by Mageplaza. It provides an optimized single page, easily customizable theme, and a list of the automations like autofill address, and auto-update information.
That is enough for my expect as well as for other store owners. Highly recommend and thank you so much, Mageplaza team!"

- Natha
Awesome feature!
"I extremely impressed with the auto-suggest address functionality by this checkout extension. It is a great feature. Love it so much!"
- Donald
Friendly and respective design
"Amazing module! It can fit very well with every device reaching to my shop.
High points for this."

- Jimmy M
Effectively Boost Sales
"I am witnessing a huge increasing sale of my store since installing this extension. Fast checkout process with exciting experience has stimulated purchasing as well as attracting more customers for my store."
- David
So convenient in checkout process
"Don’t need to back and forth any step in checkout process. We really get so many positive and satisfied feedbacks from our purchasers. This makes me so proud and grateful for Mageplaza extension."
- Cathy Molina
Thanks for all, Mageplaza!
"Say thanks for your developer team who try to develop a perfect solution and your support team who are enthusiastic to help me in right time!
Good job, guys. I will purchase next extensions"

- Dennis
Superior Extension
"My Magento store has experienced almost all of checkout page module which are available up to now and Mageplaza’s one is the best for its features, price, and customer support. My customers and I have no doubt while using Mageplaza’s extensions. Thanks for bringing me such a great extension!"
- Brian Anderson
Perfect checkout module
"They offer cheap price, comparision with what I get. Moreover, the friendly support team has helped me a lot with my first using. I can never complain with such a high quality service like this."
- Bradley Shannon
Excellent extension and customer service
"I already have great pleasure with the extension and the support service even make me more pleased which lead me to decide to purchase more extension from Mageplaza. Mageplaza will alway be my best choice!"
- Thespery78
Impressive features
"My customers tell me that they are quite interested in the new Find address button. As even a store owner like me that hate to type a complicated address does not mention shoppers. Your idea about auto-filling, auto-updating and especially the Find address button save a lot of time and result in my rising revenue."
- Michael Navarrete
Most complete module
"With only 199$, I can get a great One step checkout extension for my store. Moreover, the friendly support team has helped me a lot with my first using. I can never complain about such a high-quality service like this."
- Thomas G.
Fastest search module
"This extension provides the fastest search engine to help our customers find what they want. It has created a great response from my customers which results in their buying my products.
Thanks for the extension."

- Jose
Super fast
"The extension works smoothly on my website. I try myself the search button in frontend and it immediately brings out excellent search results."
- Fatburner
Simple but powerful
"I have easily installed the extension and it has a simple friendly interface with powerful configuration. The extension is the best one I have ever installed on my store website."
- Hellweed
Good job!
"Mageplaza has been developing such a good search extension and I highly recommend to use."
- Gábor Váry
First class support service
"It is not only for the top quality search extension but also for the customer support service that makes mageplaza become the best provider. Thanks for your effort!"
- Julied
Never be better
"I have the most interesting experience while using the search button on my store since this extension integrated with my website. "
- Caupomartin
Instant search
"The extension includes the latest search approaches to support search module on Magento and cut off a lot of waiting time. This extension makes a perfect couple with Layered Navigation."
- Jordy van Overeem
Most effective search tool
"This is the most effective search module I have ever installed. Thank you Mageplaza team."
- Luca
Give most exact result
"The extension gives our customers pleasure with the immediate and absolutely right result. My customers review to be happy with the new search tool on my website. This is totally a must-have extension to gain customer loyalty."
- ChrisAtMogul
Reduce waiting time, increase sales
"With this search extension, my customers can find the right products they need as fast as possible and it leads to their excitement to purchase more. Nobody has to waste time for looking for among thousand items again."
- HarryM
Great solution
"This extension makes an enormous change in my store. Traffic site and leads are boosted x3 times than before. Thanks for the awesome module guys!"
- Bubblefish
Amazing features
"The feature milestones are the most amazing ever! This special feature helps me build the loyalty of my Affiliates and I don’t need to busily find new publishers. Mageplaza’s extension is always number 1!"
- Gopinath
Nothing to complain
"Leading product with the enthusiastic support team. I am pleased so far."
- Elvis
Great support team
"I am attracted by the superior feature list though being a little perplexed for the first time using. Mageplaza support team helps me answer thousands of questions without a doubt. What a great work!"
- Athanasios Kangarakis
Fantastic Marketing Extension
"I have to say that there isn’t any extension can get me more pleasure. Thank you Mageplaza!"
- Derlorenz
Great support team
"I quite admire with the working speed of Mageplaza support team. All questions are almost answered. Well-done guys!"
- Thomas
Super fast Layered Navigation
"Ajax loading technology is amazing. That helps my customers save much more time to find any item. Your extension really boosts my online sales."
- Maglist
Nice extension
"My customers reply to be excited with the new feature that Layered Navigation bring out. Thanks for the extension, Mageplaza"
- Jacob Cook
Perfect solution
"I was confusing of long URL after optimizing the search options on my website. However, this module has flushed all my worry away. I could not be more pleased."
- Nona Buckley
Easy to install and manage
"The installation is totally easy to accomplish while the extension works perfectly on my website. "
- ggryan
The fastest price filter
"Our customers asked for the price filter on our site and I have found an even more interesting tool for them on Mageplaza. The price slider of this navigation extension is great and the shopper’s reaction to the new feature is amazing. Thumbs up for Mageplaza!"
- Stacey R.
Advanced features
"I can say that this Blog extension is the most modern. It has various advanced features that I haven’t seen in others. A thumbs up for Mageplaza extensions!"
- Alex
Advanced features
"I can say that this Blog extension is the most modern. It has various advanced features that I haven’t seen in others. A thumbs up for Mageplaza extensions!"
- Alex
Awesome module
"I have tried several Blog Extension and Mageplaza’s one surprised me a lot. How can this amazing Magento 2 Blog Extension be provided as free? Anyway, thanks so much, Mageplaza"
- Henrik
Beyond my expectation
"Mageplaza’s Blog extension stunned me time after time not only for the feature but also for the price.It is free of charge, highly recommend!"
- Cicco
Highly recommend
"This extension is high qualified in every aspect: feature or price and support policy. There is nothing can be complained."
- Simon Spinks
Great customer support service
"The support team enthusiastically helps me even when this is a free extension. Looking forward to working with you guys again!"
- Burak
Best SEO module
"This SEO extension has rapidly increased my store rank in search engines. I have never seen any SEO extension that can be more outstanding than Mageplaza's one."
- Lubo
Effective extension
"After installing for my store, the extension works effectively which amazes me a lot. This free extension is far better than what I expected."
- hotmonitor
High-quality module
"Thank you, Mageplaza! for bringing a great extension to us. My store will always choose to use your extensions!"
- Chris
Run smoothly
"The extension operates smoothly on my website. Moreover, I really satisfy with the Social optimization which I believe to be only available in Mageplaza’s SEO extension. That’s a clever feature."
- Sean Cole
Productive support team
"I was a little confused at first but the friendly support team was so productive that they solved the problem in a short time. You guys are doing a great job and I have nothing to complain about. "
- Stephen
"The extension is easy to install and running well. I'm looking forward to getting more extensions from Mageplaza."
- Innovaction
Increase customer accounts
"Since sign up is much faster and easier, more and more people have decided to register at my website. This simple extension brings a great result!"
- akim12
Amazing extension
"Extension is awesome, the support service is great and the team is friendly and productive. Thanks for your great support."
- Lois
Free and great extension
"It is too great for a free extension! The social login extensions from other providers are never less than $199 which can’t be more superior than Mageplaza’s one. I am always your loyal customer!"
- Benjamin Phung
Valuable extension
"This extension is completely worth for purchasing! My customers would like to spend more time on my site as they say that the FAQ page is more interesting and easier to follow than the old one which is simply full of words."
- Hature
Totally great!
"Thank god that I finally found this extension. Our support team don’t have to answer thousands times for the same question since FAQ page is integrated on my website. The time is saved for both customers and me. Nice module!"
- Michael
Useful module with great function
"The extension is totally useful and convenient. Your creation is always the best, Mageplaza!"
- Obeeked
Must have extension!
"Differing from other module, I am impressed by the informative page with accordion effect, that is extremely nice and neat performance. It is great for user experience on my website.
Thanks a lot, Mageplaza, I will enjoy the great time with it."

- Dustin Norton
This is what I’m looking for
"I have waited a long time to finally find out this extension! Thanks for always follow the trend and supply me such a wonderful module. This has helped me a lot.
5 stars for your effort."

- Hisre1988
Awesome features
"Features are amazing and easy to installed without any confliction. I highly recommend this extension."
- GilbertMc
Impressive extension with professional support team
"Well, this is the second time I use the extension from Mageplaza and I can’t be more pleased with you guys. Great job as usual!"
- Hackbarth
Totally in love with the features!
"I really like the sharing and voting buttons of Mageplaza FAQ extension. Good idea guys!"
- johnson
Totally in love with the features!
"I have used extensions of Mageplaza many times and the productiveness of their extensions as well as the effectiveness of the support team make me undoubtedly use their product again. This time is not an exception."
- Thould
Fast response from support team
"Mageplaza has a good support team indeed. I have some problems while running this extension with other modules which are from different providers on my store website and they help me get the solution almost at once.
Good job, guys! Hope your team will help more clients like me."

- Elbert M. Autry
Checkout goes fast
"Very simple single page checkout, and integrated modern technologies. Your solution makes me entirely convinced, Thanks a lot, Mageplaza team"
- John F
Impressive module
"I really appreciate this One Step Checkout module. It improves not only checkout process but also sales on my shop better and better. Until now, I got positive feedbacks from customers. Highly recommended for merchants like me!
5 stars voting from me."

- Louise
Profitable module to increase online sales
"Hi Mageplaza team, this is Judy Dee. I’m so lucky to hear about this checkout module when I wandered in Quora forum. Although Magento 2 default checkout is better than the previous version, it is not advanced enough to resolve my troubles at that time. I received many negative feedbacks of the loading checkout page. That is the reason making me stressed when the abandonment rate was out of my control. That period is extremely terrible to me. Trying all suggested solutions is I did and I found you.
With the amazing thing I feel, it’s easy to install, easy to configure and it’s ideal for me to improve online sales. My loved customers wrote reviews that they are highly appreciated the response of my checkout page and even some people returned three times to place the order. One page for all main checkout information is enough for my shop. Thanks for your efforts to develop such awesome module. Wish you be more successful and stand by merchants like me. "

- Linda
Complete solution
"This is the most useful checkout module I have ever integrated for my store site. It is easy to install and work well right at the first time running on the website. Highly recommend!"
- broughtned
Great support service
"I asked Mageplaza technical team to custom more payment method for the this One step checkout for my store. And they did it excellently. Everything was ensured before giving back to my site rather than some quick solutions which were not tested."
- Hans1967
Great solution
"The extension is quite easy to be installed. Mageplaza support team is friendly and professional. It is no doubt that I will continue buying Mageplaza extensions."
- Cameron
Good price filter
"Our customers asked for the price filter on our site and I have found an even more interesting tool for them on Mageplaza. The price slider of this navigation extension is great and the shopper’s reaction to the new feature is amazing. Thumbs up for Mageplaza!"
- Cameron
Best solution ever
"I come here to give thanks to Mageplaza team for providing me the great one step checkout extension. From the beginning, I thought that One Step Checkout module is not necessary for my store. As you can see, Magento 2 default support a fake 2 steps checkout process. It was shown clearly with the first step is customer’s information and shipping method, the second step is the payment method. This default checkout was enough for me at that time and I only focused on the marketing strategies to attract my shoppers.
My start up business ran stably until the day I had more than 300 customers. It’s really a pain when you had a delicious meal right in front of your face and there was no knife or fork to eat it. It was the end of the year which was also the best time of a year to gain profit because of many events and anniversaries. Shoppers come to my business in a huge amount and their demands to wrap the products rose as well. Though I had to work hard to note down the wrapped gift to keep my customers, it was never enough as shoppers could leave whenever I didn’t reply them. Moreover, the default checkout was also overloading and became even slower as usual not mention my customers keep entering wrong addresses.
The above troubles, of course, is not all of what I had to deal that day but I’m sure that everyone here can imagine what a mess that I and my store were stuck in. Nonetheless, I finally find one step checkout module by Mageplaza after many days searching and wondering. As there are a lot of recommending for theone step checkout, I will not talk about its excellence anymore. Just try and you will never regret!"

- Tracy
Awesome checkout, awesome support!
"The Mageplaza team has even changed the order of elements and fix a Magento bug for me. We are very happy with this extension and the support."
- Jan Rieland
Great dealer for my problem
"Hello, I’m Mark. This is the third layered navigation module that I have used for my store which is also the best. I thought I should give up on using Layered Navigation as it creates terrible URLs for the layered navigation pages. As I am novice user in the coding term, it is really hard for me to configure all extension myself while the developer fee is quite high today. I found Mageplaza module when wandering on Quora. It took a couple of weeks before I decided to use the Layered Navigation extension. Mageplaza pre-sale supporter was very friendly and helpful while the technical team was professional and productive. It is interesting that the SEO optimization feature is also integrated into the module. Hence, my shoppers are also encouraged in sharing products via their social accounts. This module is a great success for both me and my customers."
- Mark
Best solution for my store
"Hi there! Sorry if this comment is too long or could disturb anyone here. This is my true story and I want to share it as a thank to Mageplaza team. It was happening during the middle of this year as my business urgently needed a big change to serve our shoppers. My store is selling cosmetic which has hundreds of commodities with plenty of attributes and categories. People may wonder how could I manage such a cosmetic shop without the layered navigation from the start and I will say that was because I tried harder than everyone I know. However, it still comes to the day that no matter how I try, my business is faded day by day. My customers continuously complained about the difficulty when searching for their favored products through thousands of items. And they could not even compare the same category products or the comparison totally took too much time as they had to open too many tabs at once. And I, yes, I was stressed too as I had to care for my customers and I also disabled to find my own products. At that moment my website developer suggested me to use the Layered Navigation by Mageplaza. I agreed at once right after exploring its features. And my business has been running smoothly since the integrating of layered navigation module. I have bought some of the others amazing extensions from Mageplaza as well. Thanks again, Mageplaza, to save me from out of the crisis."
- Jannie
A very good Layered navigation module
"I didn't purchase the Layered Navigation on Mageplaza site, it is included in my Porto theme. However, I still want to write a review for Mageplaza. There were some problems when I update the latest version of Porto theme. The issue belonged to both sides. Indeed, the last version of the theme is well compatible with Mageplaza Layered Navigation. As Magento users all know that the conflict when integrating extension and theme from different providers is unavoidable and can take a lot of time as I need to contact with both Porto and Mageplaza to fix it. Mageplaza support team was very active in my situation. I extremely recommend their attitude to solve client’s problem. And that is also the reason while I choose to continue using extensions from Mageplaza."
- Jackey
Effective module
"Hi guys. I have some statements to share with Magento 2 store owners here. Actually, I do not sell anything on the internet. Instead, I open book garages where people can come to read books for free. I have 5 garages in total which are placed in small corners at the end of the street for the peaceful atmosphere. Although the locations are totally ideal for reading books, they are not easy to track and find out. Hence, I need Store Locator module to show the visitors our locations and among various modules from different providers, Mageplaza Store Locator is chosen. The module processes perfectly on my site. Moreover, it can deliver all messages from each location to the visitors. For example, the west garage mainly provides comics and all I need to do is posting it on the location details. The best part is that I can upload store images with the directions for my readers. In summary, this module can serve every Magento users who have physical locations."
- Parath
The next Locator Dealer renovation
"I’m entirely impressed with the Street view mode of this module. Not only giving my shoppers the directions, Store Locator also allow the shoppers view my store on Google map with the most realistic actions. Since our store is placed at the location which is hard to find as we do not have the exact number on the street, the street view mode has helped our shoppers a lot in the finding our location. With this assistance, our marketing strategies now can work better and the people pay more attention to our shop. In summary, the integration of Store Locator module with the most advanced technology is a big strength of Mageplaza creation. All I can say is god job, guys!"
- Julia
Thumbs up for the Store Locator extension
"Firstly, I want to say thanks to the support team to help me a lot with the installation as well as configuration for my store. Working with you guys is totally comfortable to me. Secondly, I want to give a recommendation for Mageplaza Store Locator extension as it is completely great. Everyone here ca also see it through its feature list with a reasonable price. Last but not least, thank you, live chat support team or pre-sale supporters for helping me a lot through many of my questions. And sometimes while I was waiting for the technical team to reply me, you guys were always patience to chatting with me. I am really looking for the long term cooperation with Mageplaza."
- Selina
The top-notch module for my store
"While the Social Login extension is sold with the price variable from $99-299$ in the Magento 2 market, Mageplaza offers a totally free Social login one. It was unbelievable for me at first. However, with many recommendations for Mageplaza social login module, I decided to test the extension first on the test site. The result was incredible. The module is not only easy to install but also can be configured effortlessly. Although Mageplaza doesn’t provide free technical support for free extension, they supply all users with the installation guide and user guide which are written clearly to follow and view. Hence, I can do all the configuration by myself. After all the testing work, I have integrated Social Login extension for my store. It is processing smoothly until now. Thank you, Mageplaza and I hope that you can bring more awesome extensions like this one to Magento merchants."
- Jokovatina