What is SEO for Magento 2 store? And benefits of SEO

What is SEO for Magento 2 is a great topic nowsday. Let me explain more details about it. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the process of optimizing text content and website structure so that search engines select the most suitable website to serve searchers on the internet. Simply, SEO is a set of methods to put the site on TOP 10 in the results pages of the Search Engine such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.

what is magento 2 seo

According to some statistics:

- More than 95% of Internet users use search engines like Google, Yahoo and Live Search. 
- Every day, millions of web users use search engines to find the products, [services](/blog/what-is-service.html) and information that they need.

So, if you are in the top 5, you will have a 90% chance of visiting the website. This is the same meaning, the higher the position, the more likely customers are to know your products and services. In contrast, if you fall into page 2, you almost disappear from Google. Because of this reason, you need to optimize your site to reach the highest rank on search engines.

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  • To make your website can approach users, SEO is an indispensable factor. You need to have a plan and method to do SEO reasonably, which attracts more users to know your site. So what is the benefit of SEO for us? Let’s find out more on why you should do SEO.

    Some benefits of the SEO for Magento 2

    Optimizing the source of cost

    Google has an advertising service in the first place for every click (Pay Per Click - CPC), called adword advertising. This is a very good service to find potential customers, and just put money into the website to be on the top of google immediately. However, let’s try to give the following simple example:

    For example, the keywords “computer” are quite simple and the competition level is not high, and you put $ 5,000 per click, in a day about 200 ad clicks, you would pay 1,000,000 $. That is one month you will have to pay 30 million VND for advertising costs. This number is too great. Then you want to show your website in the top of the search results without spending too much money that you can use SEO services or you can self SEO if able. As you know it is a long-term investment that you will not have to spend money every day as using the form of Google CPC advertising.

    Clearly, the costs you spend doing SEO lower than you advertise on search engines such as adwords ads, banner ads.

    Bringing a lot of attractive revenue

    For a good quality business website and good SEO, not only the content on your own SEO site, but also your product is attracted by many customers. But when it comes to capturing the majority of web viewers, the ability to convert them into potential customers or even loyal customers is extremely high. And customers will use the services, products of your company more. Thanks to this, business profits bring you higher.

    Saving on communication costs

    If you use social media or paid advertising type, the costs are very expensive. And, when you run of the budget, your site top ranking will not be sure. In contrast, If you SEO, it will help you stand TOP sustainably on many positions of search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo …

    Reaching Targeted Clients

    Regarding more surveys, almost internet users only click on top 5 websites. Hence, your site has opportunities to be visited. This helps you expand and promote your business to many wider audiences.


    Your website stands top 1, it means the customers will click to see the results more. Search engines know that your site is reliable and makes interesting experience users. And you see, SEO helps you enhance and develop a reputable brand of individuals, companies, businesses …

    Important factors when you do SEO for Magento 2 store

    In addition to the basic SEO knowledge, content, SEO strategies and especially, SEO techniques are definitely compulsory. Here are some basic factors:

    Unique content

    In SEO strategies, people have the saying “Content is king” to honor the value of content for the rank of the website. Links determine the level of trust of other websites to your website, but the content on your website is the most important factor. That’s why the best practice here is always strike for the unique content.

    You have to make the content on your website become unique, new and never copy the articles from other websites. If you copy, you will be listed on the bad sites by search engines and then, you run out of opportunities to display on the search engines. Also with quality articles, webmasters and bloggers will be willing to link to your articles as well as help you increase the number of backlinks.


    On-page SEO simply points to the content of the Web site. By refining the code and content for the site, the search engine will find your site. “On-page” SEO mainly improves HTML tags - including Heading H1 tag, Title tag, Bold tag, Italic tag, etc. Need to pay attention when modeling website and associate with the new website design company can be most effective.


    This is also an equally important factor. With high traffic, your website will have better PR (short for pagerank) than websites with lower traffic. Generally, high traffic and high PR are often associated with each other, so if you want to have high PR website, you have to promote website marketing activities to introduce it to everyone. In this regard, I think to depend on each website and each different way. The more visited a site is, the higher its reputation, the quicker the ranking. The simplest example, when a crowded store increases the reputation of customers and passersby, it means quality and suit needs.


    This is a critical element when optimizing the keyword promotion website on the SERPs so the SEOer encountered many difficulties in the implementation process. If you want SEO Off Page well, the SEOer must pay attention to the quality and manage the amount of backlink that you have pointed to the landing page. There is no limit to the SEO Off Page, so we can not know how much it is enough to serve the SEO work. And the consequences, when doing Off Page SEO will affect the website in the long run if overdone or quality is too low.


    In conclusion, SEO for Magento 2 includes the best techniques to take your content to the user clearly. You know, we should do SEO rather than have to do SEO. Doing SEO will help your content better, reach the user easier and sell the product better. You can read review about our SEO extension here.

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