Tips to configure Gift card module without much-advanced coding skills

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Gifting is not always easy for most people. This is especially true during holiday seasons. Hence, gift cards are becoming more popular as they solve this problem effectively. However, creating gift vouchers to sell on a Magento store is not simple.

As a provider of e-commerce software, we frequently have to answer questions regarding the configuration of the Gift Card module. Most of our customers are newbie/rookie and there is no understanding of the techniques in Magento for configuring this tool. So, it is difficult for them to manage this module well. Hence, in this article, we will guide you to setup this module as well as give you some small tips so that you can customize the Gift Card without requiring any code skills.

How to change the logo on the email template?

To change the logo in the email template, please do the following link in Gift Card folder:


Then, go to line 25 and replace the current logo image’s name with the new one.

<img src=”skin url=”images/logo_email.gif” _area=’frontend’” alt=”var store.getFrontendName()”  style=”margin-bottom:10px;” border=”0″/>

How to translate the displayed language?

Mageplaza Gift Card uses English as the default language. If your customers speak another language, take the following steps to translate the language that is applied in Gift Card extension.

  • Step 1: Copy the file app/locale/en_US/Magestore_Giftvoucher.csv
  • Step 2: Move this file to the folder: app/locale/your_language/Magestore_Giftvoucher.csv Then, translate the language in this file into the languages as you want.

  • Step 3: Refresh Cache in the backend.

How to change position of Gift Card in checkout page?

Please go to the server and open the file js/magestore/giftvoucher/giftvoucher.js, then go to line 546 (function CheckOutLoadGiftCard) and change the code from:

before: json.html
after: json.html

Keep in mind to clear cache after any changes you made on your Gift Card folder; then they will be shown as you desire. Mageplaza developed a fantastic module that offers great opportunities for customers in choosing gifts for their loved ones. Besides that, it also creates attractive opportunities for store owners to increase their sales significantly. This module is Mageplaza Gift Card. This tool not only helps shop owners improve the brand, but also brings the high revenues. More specifically, you can help customers deal with this frustration.

The launch of Gift Card module can bring a new breeze for your business. Also, it comes with tons of outstanding features as follows:

  • Personalize Gift Cards: By using the user’s photos as templates, they can personalize their gift vouchers.

Personalize Gift Cards

Gift card Delivery methods

SMS Notification

  • Discount Options: Thanks to this feature, admins can set the discount on the product’s price.
  • Expirations Dates: You can set expiration dates for the gift certificates from the backend.

Congratulations! You have got some tips to make some changes to your Gift Card extension. To know more information about Gift Card extension, please visit our website:

Happy Gift Card configuration!

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