SMS Notification in Gift Card extension - A Unique Feature

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SMS Notification in Gift Card extension - A Unique Feature

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Do you want to communicate with your customer effectively? Mageplaza, a leading in Magento vendor recently came up with new gift card extension that allows you to send SMS notifications to your customers. A recent research shown that more than 60% of the population all over the world own cell phones, 95% of them often uses text message application.

With many advantages, SMS is considered as a superior marketing tool compared to email marketing. Statistical data shown that 90% of text messages are opened and read in within three minutes right after received. However, only 20% of emails are read and most of them are marked as spam. If your business applies SMS notification, communication result will be improved better than emails.
SMS is often short and neat so that it can catch people’s attention and generates better quality over quantity. Besides, SMS notification creates more personal connection between your business and your clients. Sending SMS, your online store can gain a competitive advantage since not much stores provide SMS application.

SMS Notification in Gift Card extension

To operate SMS notification in magento store, it is simple for admin to set up in the backend by few steps:

1. General

Gift Card SMS Notification General

When admin selects “Yes” in Enable SMS Delivery field, gift card message will be allowed to send to customers. After that, admin needs to register Twilio Account, use the SMS sending method to enter the correct SID of his Twilio Account. Along with its SID, admin also needs to fill out the correspondent Token Twilio Account.

In the Sender Phone Number field, admin need to enter phone number which will be official sender number. Admin can modify SMS content containing different variables such as sender_name, code, message, balance, status, expired_date and store_URL. They will be modified to be suitable with different customer situation when your system has record of client’s information.

After a general configuration, there will be some bonus configuration that provide more advantages for your store:

2. Gift Card Update Notification

Mageplaza Gift Card

In the Gift Card Update Notification configuration, choosing “Yes” means that customers will be informed about how many day(s) left to use gift card. Moreover, admin can pick up one of available email templates.

3. Before Expired Notification

Mageplaza Gift Card

When enabling “before expired notification, customers will receive a SMS message informing how many days to use their gift card. Before Expired Day(s) will be taken from Email Before Expired Day(s)’s configuration. In Message field, admin can use pre-made variables in the above box to change the SMS content.

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