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Talking about shopping at online stores, customers always wish to buy the wearable products that fit with them. Nowadays, different brands have different size sizes; this will cause confusion in selecting the most suitable product for the customer as well as create doubt about the size of the product for them, which leads to customers leaving the carts without completing them.

It can be seen that the issue of product size plays a vital role in boosting sales of each online store. To improve this issue, therefore, Mageplaza has released Magento 2 Size Chart extension for e-commerce shop owners. Size Chart extension provides the perfect size guides for customers in selecting the size of products. Another great thing, Size Chart extension offers 6 available size tables, which help the customers no longer have any worries about the size when shopping on your website.

Magento 2 Size Chart: Highlight features

Unlimited Size Chart

By using catalog rules, you can be easy to view size guides and size tables for every product, the product type or the whole category. Besides that, you can also adjust size charts to display that depends on the current category name as Male, Female, Tops, Bottoms, Footwear, etc. or the current page URL or the current product page. Thanks to this, you can display the size charts unlimitedly on your store.

One more thing to know, admins can add or remove size charts on categories as well as the ability to set priority for size chart rules.

unlimited size chart

6 premade standard size guides

There’s no doubt about the great benefits that Size Chart brings. It provides six available standard size tables for free charge. Please rest assured that all size chart templates we offer are the most popular currently and they’re designed based on sizing system standards to suit with you. As soon as installing Size Chart extension from Mageplaza, these size chart tables will be available for you to try.

With the help of premade templates, admins can set the display of size charts on the product page with ease. Also, by editing HTML, you can change the content, design, or anything in these templates. It’s an easy and convenient way for admins to use.

Easily customize size tables

Thanks to a user-friendly editor, admins can quickly change or update the content of size tables. Besides that, photos, videos or buttons are also inserted into the size guides rapidly. Interestingly, admins have the ability to choose the size chart label, rule icon, text color or background color or border as they want so that the size tables are the best for your Magento store.

customizable size chart

Flexibly display size chart button

Admins can set the size chart button at multiple positions on the product page by using the configuration in the backend. Also, admins can also insert snippet for showing the icon of size chart manually.

Moreover, you can visit here to know how to configure Magento 2 Size Chart as well as explore more interesting features in the list below.

For admins:

  • Enable/disable the module
  • Manage rules in a grid with basic rules’ information
  • Perform actions on rules in the grid: delete, change status, edit, quick edit.
  • 6 premade size chart templates
  • Create a new size chart rule based on catalog rules
  • Create size charts for individual product
  • Create size charts for the whole category
  • Ability to select a position to place Size Chart button
  • 3 size chart display styles: Inline size chart, pop-up and display in product tab
  • Supports HTML to create/edit size chart templates
  • Insert photos, videos, link inside size guides
  • Ability to set priorities for size chart rules
  • Ability to change size chart label
  • Ability to change size chart icon
  • Ability to change colors of the size chart label, background and border of the popup button

For shoppers:

  • Size guide indicator is easy to find
  • Clear size charts are provided visually and informatively
  • See size charts as in-line charts, popups or in a product tab
  • Get precise instructions to find a size


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