Reduce abandonment cart by optimizing Shopping Cart Page in Magento 2

Reduce abandonment cart by optimizing Shopping Cart Page in Magento 2

In shopping online, there are a thousand of reasons customers give to leave you even buy the same goods at another shop. Have you spent enough time to find the root of this abandonment? Do you know if you can create a dollar, the value of the abandonment rate is about three times as more as your revenue? So, in this topic, let’s learn why the shopping cart page has a big influence on your business? and how to restrict those negative effects?

What is shopping cart page?

Magento 2 shopping cart page is an important page in the checkout process because that shows total price need to be paid. Aside from the grand total, the customers get more details of the order including the number of selected products, Qty.of each item, the individual price, shipping information and fee, tax fee and the value of the discount. As you see, the shopping cart page contains the required information that reports clearly the customer’s purchase. The better appearance of the shopping cart, the more smooth flow during purchasing, and the more effective increasing the revenue as well when you can take the advantage of the shopping cart page to make cross-sell and upsell.

What is an optimized shopping cart page?

When having some experience on Magento 2 default shopping cart page, it is not actually good enough in the basic and poor design. To be the greater shopping cart page, it is crucial to show full of the following important block by the clear way:

Magento 2 optimized shopping cart page

That is all you need to improve the shopping cart page design. Navigating to the better shopping cart page with clear information, you can build up the customer’s belief in you.

If you still consider a more clever solution to reduce abandonment rate impressively, running Mageplaza 2 One Step Checkout extension on your site right now to resolve all when decreasing the foolish rate by 60%.

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