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Do you always think that the contact page is one of the most important and valuable contents on your website? Yes, however, according to recent studies, your contact page is not the most valuable page. That is an FAQ page. The FAQ is short for Frequently Asked Questions.

Developed by Mageplaza, Magento 2 FAQ allows customers to search for common questions; they are entitled to ask and receive answers from the FAQ list with an extremely user-friendly interface.

Some outstanding features

Ability to optimize FAQ homepage

Thanks to this feature, admins can improve the user experience dramatically. Notably, an instant search will be shown on the top of the Knowledge Base page which enables customers to type some characters to find the questions.

Besides that, all questions will be sorted into specific categories. Customers are allowed to read all questions by clicking on the section titles and view the answer by clicking on the question.

Ability to optimize FAQ homepage

SEO-Friendly FAQ page

With the support of this feature, URLs for each question page, question category page or FAQ homepage can be changed easily by admins. This becomes more friendly for customers when visiting your site.

Also, more interestingly, admins will be able to set and modify the meta title and meta description for each question or the FAQ page. Thanks to this, it can enhance SEO better for your website.

Question Categories

That’s great that Frequently Asked Questions are set in various categories, displayed under question search boxes. Also, admins can select the icon and position for each category in the backend as well as choose the questions that are allowed to show on each category. Especially, admins can also enable displaying/hiding the answers as well as allow or disallow the customers to pick “Read more” for redirecting the question details page.

There is an instant search box on the top of FAQ homepage that allows customers quickly find the question by typing the characters on this box. This feature brings more conveniently for customers when they want to look for the question they care.

Besides, admins can also change the color of the instant search in the backend.

Instant Search

Design Customization

The design of the FAQ pages can be set in the configuration by admins. Besides, store owners can set the theme color for FAQ pages by configuring this field in the backend. With the help of this feature, admins can set the display of the answers to be as some first words or the full one.

More features

Questions Rating

This feature allows viewers to rate the usefulness of each question. Besides that, admins can limit the ratings for specific customer groups.

Social Sharing

Social Sharing is an exciting function of FAQ extension. It allows customers to share the question that they view on many social channels as Facebook, Twitter, Google + and nearly 200 other channels.

Restrict FAQs

This feature can limit the display FAQs page for specific customer groups only. Admins can allow or disallow certain customer groups to leave their questions on the FAQs page.

FAQ Reports

A report that includes Views, Actions, Positive and Negative will be shown in the backend. Admins can view this statistic with ease and from that, they can measure the effectiveness of their page.

GDPR Compliance

This plugin allows displaying the Term and Conditions box before customers or guests submit a question on the FAQs page.

Compatible with reCAPTCHA

FAQ extension is entirely compatible with Magento 2 reCAPTCHA module that add invisible CAPTCHA to the Ask the question form.

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