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★ Essential of PDF Invoice in Magento 2.

A reason why you need a Magento 2 PDF Invoice extension? Here’s the quick background.

Magento 2 PDF Invoice Extension

In the era of digital marketing, it’s an optimal solution that people have started to cut down all the paperwork as a time-reducing method, this also makes sense with customers who are more favourable of receiving online documents to print/manage themselves. Especially with paperworks relate to the formalities. As a result, a printable PDF file has its place in everyone’s concern.

Magento default system sends email to customers when an order is created to send invoices, billings, shipments or credit memos but unfortunately, the emails are not printable file types. Consequently, this makes difficult for customers to print instantly, and they often have to ask billing documents attached in PDF form. How can you keep managing and sending emails manually like that when you have to take on thousands of other assignment? There’s no time just for sitting behind the desk and sending emails. That’s a painfully time-wasting task if you don’t have this automatic system.

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★ How PDF Invoice plugin resolves situation

Customers want a printable file? Then give them a one.

From an online store owner’s point of view, you have to take some notes here the basic process how customers can receive your files effortlessly:

  • Customers complete your order. They’re waiting their billings.
  • Set up an automatic system that attaches a PDF Invoice/Shipment/Credit Memo to the Order billing email.
  • Customers receive their demand quickly, they’re happy with your kind services.

Give the exact what they want without asking is the soft spot of true mutual understanding. So what extension will you need for this better user experience?

Magento 2 PDF Invoice

Once again, Mageplaza wish to supply another edge-cutting tool providing your customer the ability to print their billings such orders, invoice, shipment or credit memos. You - a store maintainer - just need to set all the configuration for once to have the automatic chain ever ever after.

Auto attached PDF files.

PDF files play an important role for managing, storage in such professional way - small size contains enormous value in daily life!

The main and basic point in this extension, is its capacity to attach along with emails the PDF version of orders, for customers to print immediately. Customers won’t have to ask and you won’t have to answer PDF requests one by one, save your time for better campaigns.

Personalize PDF templates

There will be 12 pre-made templates for your PDF design, all you need is filling up your business information such as store/company name, brick-and-mortar boutique address, email address, etc. It’s the good rule of thumb to have formal information to build enlightenment in business trading.

Otherwise, if you can take on knowledge about custom CSS, HTML tag, you can totally design your own template for the PDF documentation. A preview function will be added by side additionally to let you have a better visual.

Supports multiple stores

You’re a boss of several stores at the same time? We’re glad to provide this extension for you, since Magento 2 supports multiple stores, so does our plugin.

  • Extension’s configuration in each store will be applied to the selected store.
  • Configuration of this store won’t take impact on the other store’s configuration.

Support 4 types of billing.

PDF Invoice is willing to attach 4 kinds of billing document. They are:

  • Order
  • Invoice
  • Shipment
  • Credit Memo

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