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In the default of Magento, adding a large number of products to the cart is so difficult for the wholesales customers on e-commerce B2B stores. However, everything becomes easier and easier thanks to Mageplaza Quick Order extension for Magento 2. The release of Mageplaza Quick Order will allow your wholesales customers to add the products to cart in mass with only 3 clicks. It’s an easy and convenient way to place the order in bulk on e-commerce stores now.

Imagine that your wholesales customers need to search a thousand of products and add them to cart, and if they take them manually, this will be so time-consuming. Mageplaza Quick Order enables searching the items based on both name and SKU as well as using a CSV import function. To reduce the abandoned cart and then boost sales dramatically for your store, it’s high time for merchants to integrate this handy extension into their store today.

Why choose Mageplaza Quick Order extension?

Unlike bricks and mortars, purchasing the products in bulk becomes easier by using Mageplaza Quick Order. This module plays an essential role in the B2B eCommerce market. With the help of this extension, customers can search the items quickly by the name or SKU or upload a CSV file.

To help customers deal with a large number of products when adding them to cart, this is one of the best solutions. Also, this tool helps reduce the ordering time, then convert the abandoned cart to the real sales to increase your revenues significantly.

Highlight features of Mageplaza Quick Order extension

Instant Search for Products

Thanks to this feature, customers can quickly search for the desired products by typing one or some characters of that product’s name. That wanted product will immediately display. At that time, your task is to pick a product like as your search. Besides that, customers can also look for products by entering the SKU. As a result, they will appear instantly as soon as you search.

Interestingly, the name and image of the products will also be displayed, which will help shoppers easily in looking for the desired products.

Magento 2 Quicl Order help Instant Search for Products

Bulk Add to Cart with only 3 clicks

We offer customers 3 main options to add the products to cart in bulk:

  • Search - Select - Add: As soon as looking for products, customers can freely choose product attributes from the product’s color to the product’s size. They can also select the number of products by typing an accurate number or using plus/minus buttons. Only clicking on “Add to cart button”, afterward, shoppers can checkout all selected products by dragging them.
  • Enter multi - SKUs - Bulk add: Thanks to this functionality, customers can easily add the products in bulk as they wish. With only 2 steps, the process can be completed quickly.
  • Upload a CSV file: By using this advanced feature, customers can quickly search a large number of products as well as add them to cart in bulk at first sight.

Optimize Quick Order Page

It’s an easy way for wholesales buyers to search the products instantly. The layout of the Quick Order Page is so user-friendly and straightforward, that’s why customers can quickly add a large number of products to cart with only some clicks.

optimize quick order page

Highly Customizable Design

That’s great that this module has a customizable design. Admins can select the heading background color, heading text color as well as heading button background with ease from the backend.

More features

Customize URL & Page title

Offer the ability to customize the Quick Order page title and URL.

Enable admins to choose the display of the Quick Order page link at 3 main positions. They are Top Menu, Search box, and Footer.

Fast order for customer groups

Easily configure Fast Order page to easily be visible with specific customer groups.

Instant search configuration

Offer the ability to configure the number of search results, search minimum character automatically and display the product image.

More information can be found here: Magento 2 Quick Order

Or you can refer the user guide here: Quick Order Uder Guide

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