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When your business selling clothing or accessories, it is fundamental to create a well-informed Size chart for your visitors. Also, fast and convenient is also critical for admins when creating size charts. With that demand in mind, Mageplaza has created 6-most used size charts templates provided by Size Chart extension to enhance your experiences.

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Pre-made templates benefits

Save time for admins

This is a merchant experience enhancement that helps to save valuable time to create size charts. With the support of these templates, you will no longer have to create your own size chart from scratch. 6 well-made templates have already waiting for you to select and use it inside the backend. Besides, it makes your size chart to look more professional and easy to keep a formal look that suits your business. As a result, a beautiful and effortless size chart for your online store will be created in no time.

Beautiful size chart with little efforts

Templates have a clear layout that creates a professional feels for the customers. We try to choose the popular and beautiful designed size chart templates to featured in the templates list. In addition, with the ability to reuse many times, you will be able to make a new size chart every time you need to create different size chart for your products.

Satisfying your customers

By presenting size charts in a professional way, customers will have positive judgments about the company operation via the online store sites. The unified appearance of the whole size chart system can also assist customers to find the information easier.

How to use Size Chart templates in the backend

Before using the templates, users need to log in Magento Admin, choose Catalog > Size Chart Subsequently, enter in Add rules or Edit existing rules before continue to choose What to show in the rule information table on the right. In the template field, you can choose which type of templates you want to use among these 6 templates. After you have made up your mind, please choose Load templates so the template can appear in Template HTML and Template CSS field.

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In addition, if you want to make a few tweaks to the templates, it is possible for you to edit via Template HTML and Template CSS which is already integrated into the module. As you can see in the picture below, you can change its content, text styles, layout via the useful toolbar exactly like the below picture to make sure it suitable as much as possible with your Magento websites. This is a convenient feature because you do not have to take too much time to create by choosing a new template when you want to design a new size chart.

customize templates

On the frontend

Finally, after you have finished filling in the templates with the store’s information, you can choose Save. With a great design and ideal position to place the size chart. Your e-Commerce stores will succeed to make another step closer to optimize customer experiences.

On the frontend

Final words

To wrap it up, the 6 ready-to-use Size Chart is a wonderful feature which directly helps users to reduce the workload to design size charts and increase store productivity so as to offer the best experience for the stores. With a few easy steps in the backend, stunning size charts will be created and ready to present to your customers.

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Size Chart module for Magento 2 also comprises various exceptional functions to optimize the shopping experience to the fullest and minimize the bounce rate for your sites. It gives you extra flexibility in order to assist in designing your one and only size chart. Anything relating to size chart design like size chart label, rule icon, colors of text, background, and border are allowed to be selected in customize size charts. If you want to know more about this feature then check out on How customize size chart on Magento 2.


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