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Mageplaza has become a Magento partner - We are now a Select Extension Builder

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Dear friends!

It’s our honor to announce that Mageplaza has successfully formed a partnership with Magento as a Select Magento extension builder. We are proud to be recognized as one of the few qualified extension providers in Magento marketplace.

To achieve this title, we have been working very hard and investing a lot of time and effort in building extensions with the best code quality possible despite being well aware that it may be time-consuming and cost us great opportunities in the Magento marketplace which is in dire need of new extensions. In addition, we are also recognized for our constant contribution of free modules, open-source codes, helpful tips and how-to blogs for the Magento community, all for the purpose of bringing the users lasting values. Above all, we hope that Mageplaza has always been and will continue to be a representative image of a young organization that works for the benefit of its customers as the top priority.

With nearly 7 years of experiences in Magento and 2 years of developing extensions, Mageplaza has up to now distributed more than 30 modules with focuses on solutions to increasing sales, conversion rate and enhancing user experience. Notably, one-third of those extensions are either completely free or have a free package available, enabling Magento users community to get access to extensions with outstanding features at a more reasonable price. Among them, Social Login, Blog and SMTP are the most favored with thousands of downloads in just more than 1 year. As for paid extensions, our One Step Checkout and Layered Navigation are two modules with exceptionally high purchase rate with hundreds of packages bought. These numbers alone are sufficient to speak for Mageplaza’s position on the marketplace.

We would like to express our most sincere gratitude to you, our customers, for your consistent support and trust in Mageplaza. Without you, we would have neither the required strength to carry on our path nor the determination to pursue the standards we set for ourselves to the very end.

Mageplaza is certainly not satisfied with our recent achievements. We, as dedicated developers, enthusiastic supporters and creative marketers, would always do our best to bring the best products, services and contents for extension users. We hope to receive your continued companion in the road ahead.

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