Magento 2 vs Weebly: Which is the Absolute Best?

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Summer Updated: January 01, 2021


Nowadays, you can easily find some popular platforms such as: Magento 2, Weebly, Volusion, Shopify,…and you find it difficult to decide what platform is the best for your store. You may have seen this statement before:

“The platform you choose for your ecommerce store is crucial to the success of your business”

Indeed, choosing a suitable platform for your online store not only supports your immediate plan but also supports long-term plans in the future. And if you are wondering between Magento 2 and Weebly, this article maybe a compass for you.

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In this article, we will judge both Magento 2 and Weebly in the following categories:

  • Pricing
  • Ease of use
  • Features
  • Support

Let’s start


With Weebly, they offer you 4 premium plans starting from $8 per month for their Starter plan to 38 per month for their Performance plan. In Starter plan and Pro plan, you’ll be limited to the number of products and you’ll pay the 3% transaction fee.


In contrast, Magento 2 provides Magento Community Edition with all basic features for your store without fee . Thanks to open source code it can be modified and improved more and more. This is a huge advantage of Magento 2 because it can fit all the stores in the world. Magento 2 also provides The Enterprise Edition which makes your store perfect. Besides, merchants will need to pay a dedicated hosting service which you have to pay a monthly fee but it is needed for your store to be a strong site with high traffic.

Ease of use

Weebly is a smart choice for those users which has a detailed and informative startup guide. No experience is needed to create a powerful eCommerce website with Weebly while Magento is lacking in this features. Magento is by no means a platform for beginners and you need a lot of experience to set up a store in Magento 2



As for Weebly, their elements and user interface are much more simple and intuitive to use - they keep things simple. Weebly tools are less advanced and they only introduce new features once or twice a year. On the other hand, Magento 2 comes with a professional look, with well-organized information and categories, covering each aspect that could help you build an ideal store. Magento comes with very detailed content and information. Any category offers lots of options that will surely lead to a professional and a successful website.

Themes and Templates

Both Magento 2 and Weebly have many themes and templates with responsive design. Hence, your store always attracts and catches the eye. The goal of Magento 2 is large companies so the themes are all built to cater to you. Templates for Weebly have always been an improvement point that they are working on. Weebly is releasing more and more templates but not as beautiful as Magento 2.

Multi-languages capabilities

Magento 2 has powerful multilingual which turns your site into any language you want meanwhile Weebly only supports 15 languages for your store

SEO capabilities

Magento 2 is known for its SEO capabilities. shoppers can quickly see things such as star ratings, product pricing and stock status directly from the search engine results. Magento 2 also supports free and paid Better SEO extension to help admin easily configure and manage the SEO of their sites.


Weebly supports via phone, live chat, email and help center. That means the support is limited in Weebly. On the other hand, Magento 2 has a huge community from around the world that supports the users and if you run into any problem, you can simply ask the community and they’ll help you with all the resources you need.


The fact that no platform is suitable for all online store. It depends on your size of the store, your budget, your design website. And if you don’t have real experience, the best choice for you is Weebly. In contrast, if your plans include scaling your business up, tightening your security over time, the choice is clear Magento 2.

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