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  • Magento 2 eBook Development Cookbook


  • The Best Marketing Strategy 2018 Affiliate Marketing

    For online stores, marketing solutions always bring the positive change of boosting sales. Thus, it is necessary to follow new marketing trend in order to prepare adequately for the next business cycle. Now, we are in the first months of 2016, ensure that almost eCommerce merchants will put particular attention on predicting that “What is Hot Trend?” and “What is Next ?”. And the best answer is Affiliate Marketing Program, which is highly appreciated by the experts and businesses, with the convincing proof is that the Affiliate Budget is expected to increase by 72%, according to CJ Advertisement Co., a full-service ad agency that exclusively serves personal injury brands.

  • Why is Shopping Online a significant threat

    In the past, when the internet did not develop as now, almost exchanges of human are dealt together directly. For example, going to a physical shop to buy clothes or going to the airport to book ticket… By this way, they trust in goods they bought.

  • How to Setup an Affiliate Program

    In general, the final purpose of all eCommerce store as you are growing revenue by the maximum as well as focusing on driving more traffic to your site. One of the best strategies you will be excited is starting with an Affiliate program. It is great chance to manage the Affiliate network, a precious and powerful asset in your business. The Affiliates take responsibility of referring and promoting your products while you will pay commissions for them if they make profits for you. There are many ways to assist you to increase your sales, but Affiliate program will help you achieve your dream in the shortest and quickest way.

  • Common Mistakes to Avoid in Affiliate Program

    Regardless of products or services you are selling, starting up an e-commerce Affiliate program will help you develop a new stream of income. Why do I say that? Affiliate program allows you to seek to a potential sales team who have a long-term cooperation with you basing on the beneficial relationship. That helps you possibly achieve the higher profits while the sales people can make money when referred visitor creates an order.

  • Magento themes, extensions by EM, MD, SmartWave have SQL injection vulnerability

    We recently learned that an SQL injection vulnerability has been found in several third-party themes and extensions. Extensions with the vulnerability include:

  • Best 20+ Magento 2 Must have Extensions FREE & PAID in 2020 - Start Kit

    The best must have Magento 2 extensions in 2020 now in one place, no need to google alot. In this post, we will list the best Magento 2 extensions you need. It covers Magento categories: Marketing, Checkout process, Gifting, SEO & Search, Improved Navigation, Social media, Site Management, Integration and Performance. All extensions listed here are tested and fully compatible with Magento version 2.x.x. The most important things of Best 20+ Magento 2 Must have Extensions FREE & PAID in 2020 - Start Kit are high quality extensions and reliable vendor in Magento marketplace.

  • Why Affiliate Marketing is Important

    Affiliate marketing, an appropriate marketing solution for every eCommerce store? It may be the common question each business like you concern when they have known about Affiliate marketing and needed to find a way to improve their work.

  • Magento 2 Hosting - Web hosting

    Whenever starting a Magento 2 Store, merchants need a reliable Magento 2 Web Hosting solution to ensure the stable performance. Actually, Magento system can process on most of the web hosting plans. However, One system can not cover all the jobs every time. Hence, letting Magento system runs by itself is not a good way to keep your business stay strong. Furthermore, there are always risks from every corner on the internet which are stalking to attack your hosting server. For all these reasons, to strengthen the performance of a Magento store, you totally need a Magento 2 web hosting optimization.

  • Consulting Services

    Magento 2 Consulting Services by Mageplaza is provided by skillful and qualified Magento professionals who have over four years experience in cooperating with more Enterprise and Community merchants around the world. We have supported many problems related to technicals, re-platforming, RFPs, and more, which the merchants dealt with in the eCommerce business.

  • Magento 2 Performance Optimization

    For Magento 2 stores, Magento 2 Performance Optimizing is one of the important factors to lead your work more successful. Remember that if you want to keep customers stay longer with you if you bring the great experience during the time they spent on your site. Thus, a fast online store is the ideal one that is more friendly with many visitors as you expect instead of a bad performance of the website. Only when your store is closer to the consumers, increasing conversion rate as well as optimizing the revenue become easier and easier.

  • Magento 2 Performance Toolkit

    Previous topic, we discussed about Magento 2 Performance Optimization, in this topic, let me introduce Performance toolkit which test Magento 2 store. The toolkit is Jmeter

  • Reduce abandonment cart by optimizing Shopping Cart Page in Magento 2

    In shopping online, there are a thousand of reasons customers give to leave you even buy the same goods at another shop. Have you spent enough time to find the root of this abandonment? Do you know if you can create a dollar, the value of the abandonment rate is about three times as more as your revenue? So, in this topic, let’s learn why the shopping cart page has a big influence on your business? and how to restrict those negative effects?

  • Magento 2 vs BigCommerce

    You are owning an eCommerce business and you don’t know which platform is a reasonable solution for the current situation. You are in the right place and you can find it easier to select. In this topic, Magento 2 and BigCommerce will be given to comparing carefully together. Namely, Magento 2 is a youngest open-source software and Magento is authenticated by more 290,000 online stores around the world, meanwhile, a fifth of the huge number (about 62,000 stores) are using BigCommerce on their live stores. We will research the reason for that through the aspects list:

  • Magento 2 vs Shopify

    For any online businesses, choosing the most suitable e-commerce is a touch and challenging task. There are many website platforms nowadays and two most popular e-commerce platforms are Magento 2 and Shopify. It is important when choosing a suitable platform before starting your e-commerce business.

  • Why Every E-commerce Store Need Magento 2 One Step Checkout

    Do you notice that according to Baymard Institute, the e-commerce site can gain a 35.26% increase in conversion rate because of a design improvement in checkout process? By doing studies on leading e-commerce site such as Walmart, Amazon, Wayfair, Crate & Barrel, ASOS, etc; Baymard Institute has pointed out that the average cart abandonment rate in 2016 is 68.8% and e-commerce stores have a chance to eliminate this rate by optimizing their checkout function.

  • Speed Up Your Magento Site With These Optimization Tips

    According to Kissmetrics, if an ecommerce site that is making $100,000 per day, would lose $2.5 million in sales every year if its page load time increases by 1 second. Choosing a suitable eCommerce application for your website is now a difficult choice. A lot of options are now available. You could opt to go with WooCommerce, Prestashop, OpenCart, and many other ones available. However, a lot of store owner prefer to work with Magento because it is a robust application that offers a higher degree of customization. It is easier to scale a Magento store, allowing you to stick to the application when your business grows Magento, an ecommerce application released by Varien in 2008, is one of the most preferred ecommerce solutions for online stores. According to stats available with BuiltWith, 16% of the top 100k ecommerce sites are using Magento. The number peaks to 38% when Magento Enterprise is included. WooCommerce is not much far behind, with 12%. This clearly shows that these applications are favorites among the masses. But even with these numbers, both these applications have known issues with speed and performance. And as I said in the beginning, a 1-second delay in page load increases the loss to $2.5 million. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that online stores based on these applications are optimized for speed and performance. In this post, I will discuss tips on how you can speed up your Magento store to ensure that your cart abandonment decreases. If you have a WooCommerce store, you can head here to read optimization tips for your WordPress based store.

  • Why need Magento 2 SEO extension? Top 5 reasons

    Reasons to urgently have an SEO extension for your Magento 2 store

  • How to add Google Analytics code in Magento 2

    There are many factors involved in the success of each ecommerce store, and one of the biggest factors is traffic. Hence, it is crucial for store owners to monitor and keep a complete track of traffic on their stores.

  • Off-site SEO

    Off-site SEO is a term in SEO that describes all SEO techniques (improving the position of a website in search engine result pages - SERPs) used on an off-site basis. In other words, offsite SEO are the SEO techniques used outside the website. This strategy includes creating backlinks to your website and sharing your web content on social networks. Backlink and social media are the most important parts of SEO, but it has the downside that you will not have full control over it, backlink building requires a lot of factors and patience. Having links from high ranking sites is very difficult, especially when your site is newly born and less popular. The main purpose of off-site SEO technique In terms of SEO, offsite SEO tricks are often used primarily to increase a number of quality backlinks pointing to a website and bring in large amounts of traffic as well as large amounts of new users and users to the website. In addition, offsite SEO can also be used to build trust in the user, viral marketing support, … Often, off-site SEO techniques are usually used after having good onpage on the page. Content on the page should be well done and quality and onpage good, so that when users are brought to the website, those quality content will keep them stay and interact more with the website, then back to Learn more about other new content. Currently, off-site SEO is also used as a tool to create and increase the bad reputation of the company, website or brand of the competitor. If no careful, it is possible that the investor will be the victim of this bad behavior. Rather than directing users to good information, these “dirty SEO” guys will direct users to some bad information and spread them widely among the online community. This is a behavior that greatly affects the company brand, the website or the individual victim. Some things to keep in mind when seo offsite Define a list of blogs, forums related to your topic: this list will really be “quality”. Once you have a list, it’s a good idea to regularly review the content on those pages to exchange commentary comments with readers on that page. Through exchange you can exchange links, guest exchanges, backlinks, etc Guest Blogging: One of the best ways to get high value and relevant links to your website is to post on other blogs. You can choose the blog you usually read or blogs with the same subject matter as yours. Promote your content effectively: If your content is high quality and shareable, this strategy can be profitable. The trick is to take the time to create quality content and share it with your readers through social networks. Please discuss the topic of social updates. The more social sharing on the web, the higher the chance of successful SEO for the article. Conclusion

  • SEO for Magento 2 store & Benefits of SEO

    What is SEO for Magento 2 is a great topic nowsday. Let me explain more details about it. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the process of optimizing text content and website structure so that search engines select the most suitable website to serve searchers on the internet. Simply, SEO is a set of methods to put the site on TOP 10 in the results pages of the Search Engine such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.

  • Importance of Influencer Marketing

    Social Media is growing, following the evolution of the form of PR, advertising through the goodwill of the most influential people on social networks as well as famous bloggers. A compliment, a favor or a call from these people, can have a much greater impact on consumer behavior than advertised. The term Influencer Marketing also came into being from here. What is Influencer Marketing? Influencer marketing is a form of marketing that uses influencers to send brand messages to the market. Instead of advertising directly to a group of customers, you will inspire and pay the influencers to help you do that. The influencers will spread their voices through social media channels either by compiled labels or by their own writers.

  • Importance of Internal links in Magento 2

    If backlink is the soul of SEO Offpage, Internal link is an indispensable part of SEO Onpage

  • SEO Factors

    On page SEO is one of the key elements in your Website SEO campaign. Understanding in more detail, seo Onpage is a synthesis of techniques that affects the structure of the content on your Web site, to optimize your Web more friendly to the Google search server. This job is very important. Because Google appreciates and ranks your website basing on the search results page.

  • Why are backlinks important?

    A backlink is a link placed on another web page that points to a page on your website. These links are placed on the characters, the anchor text, or the image or even the Url of your website, provided that when you click on them the user will be navigated to your page. Offsite-SEO together with Onsite-SEO are two biggest factors in Search Engine Optimization. And backlinks are of course the backbone of any offsite-SEO strategy. Let’s dive right in and see how can you leverage the power of backlinks to push your SEO performance beyond the greatness. Importance of Backlinks in SEO Backlinks are very important in the process of SEO, backlinks are like a vote for that website to become more credible and Google is more appreciated.

  • What is Anchor Text?

    Anchor text is a text that the reader can see and when clicked on the text, the user is redirected to a new link. In today’s browsers, anchor text is usually blue (or something different from the surrounding text and follows the site’s identity or theme). In SEO of Magento 2, the anchor text is usually highlighted and underlined.

  • Why Title tag is important in SEO?

    What is Title tag? Title in SEO is no different from the titles in books, but only other thing is that it has standards to help articles rank higher on the search results of the search engine. The task of the title writer is not only good but also attractive and must be SEO standards.

  • External links in Magento 2

    A link is named external links in Magento 2 when links point from this website to another website. In other words, if the webmaster places a link on the page to another website, the link is considered an external link. External links are links from different domains but it contributes significantly in assessing Pagerank and ranking of the website.

  • Magento vs WooCommerce 2020: Which One Is Better?

    Choosing a suitable platform for an online store has never been an easy task for an e-commerce business owner. If you are looking for a self-hosted e-commerce platform which allows you to unleash the full potential of your online store and manage everything in the store site, WooCommerce and Magento are the great choices for you. However, the question is, which platform is most suitable for your e-commerce site? Just spending a little bit of time on reading this article, you will know which solution, Magento 2 or WooCommerce, is right for you?

  • Magento 2 vs Wix: Which Ecommerce platform to use for online store?

    Nowadays, there are many website platforms like: Magento 2, Wix, Shopify, 3dcart,…and anyone who starts an online business all has the same question to face: Which E- commerce should I choose to start my online business? The fact that there is no solution suitable for all. The choice is to depend on a few basic decisions such as: the size of your online store, your budget, your design website,…

  • How to avoid SEO mistakes in Magento 2

    Magento 2 is considered a new bright star in the sky of Magento as soon as it is released. Unfortunately, besides a lot of advantages Magento 2 bring, it also has several common SEO mistakes for the online stores. Tons of unexpected reason might occur to our website in a beautiful day in a sudden. So, from the SEO point of view, we should be well aware all of the bad apples which has bad effect to your business in SERPs ranking. This blog post will list all of the SEO mistakes and I hope that the checklist of Magento 2 SEO mistakes can help and provide a new view for you before launching your online store or upgrading the existing Magento 1.X store.

  • On-site SEO in Magento 2

    On site SEO is the process of optimizing factors on a website to both search engines and users. From that, your website can be ranked higher and earn more traffic by search engines. In essence, on-site SEO is what you have to do so that search engines be able to understand the content and structure of your website. The more information search engines crawl your site, the more chances your website can be indexed and ranked higher. Billions of the unexpected things can occur on your website if you don’t check the elements on site regularly.

  • Magento 2 vs Volusion: Which one is better?

  • Magento 2 vs 3dcart: What platform I should choose?

    You maybe know some popular platforms such as: Magento 2, 3dcart, Shopify, Volusion,… but you don’t know what platform is the best suitable for your store? The fact that the success or failure of any store depends on your website platform basement. And if Magento vs 3dcart is what’s bothering you, worry no more!

  • Importance of Meta Description in SEO

    A meta description is an attribute of HTML that provides a brief explanation about the content of the website. A meta description is commonly used in search engine results page (SERPs) to display general descriptions for a given page and it is an important part of SEO. In essence, the description tag is a short paragraph that describes accurately and succinctly so that the users and Googlebot can understand what the content of the web page is about.

  • Magento 2 vs Weebly: Which is the Absolute Best?

    Nowadays, you can easily find some popular platforms such as: Magento 2, Weebly, Volusion, Shopify,…and you find it difficult to decide what platform is the best for your store. You may have seen this statement before:

  • Alt Text

    Alt Text (alternative text) is the text or hypertext used to describe and replace elements on the page that bots or users can not read specific content such as images, java scripts snippets. The publishers can create or not create Alt Text. However, creating Alt Text will bring a lot of benefits for the website in SEO, especially the websites use too many elements that the spider can not read. Google also encourages that you shouldn’t use too many images, and if possible use the text to replace the content of those images. Code example The importance of Alt Text

  • How to Config robots.txt in Magento 2

    If your website is like a house, the Robots.txt file is the rule when entering that house. The first thing when visitors come home is to read the rules of the house and to know whether the host allows it to visit or not.

  • How to fix duplicate content

    Most webmasters and SEOer understand that search engines do not like duplicate content. So how search engines will do when there are many pages like such as the content. According to some statistics, up to 29% of pages is actually duplicate content.

  • How to improve page speed

    According to some surveys from 73% of mobile internet users say that they’ve encountered a website that was too slow to load. 40% of people abandon a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load. The one-second delay in page response can result in a 7% reduction in conversions.

  • 8 Reasons Why Your Website needs a Store Locator

    When running an ecommerce business, it’s critical for any savvy owner to make it as easy as possible for the shoppers to find the store location and make their purchase. According to Nielsen, 70 percent of smartphone shoppers use a store locator to arrange their shopping trip. Hence, it’s undoubted that Store Locator is a must-have feature if you want to run a professional service and boost the sales.

  • Configure Gmail SMTP in Magento 2

    We will give you simple instruction How to setup Gmail SMTP service for Magento 2 It’s time to say farewell to procrastination sending email, we know it’s hurt that the default SMTP mode can not quite manage to set all the things in its right place, fact brings the truth that tons of sending mail was sent straightly to the… spam box, not customer’s inbox

  • Structured data takes care of all the structured data needs on your site. You can use it to mark up products, reviews, events and menu items so that search engines like Google can retrieve this data and present it in an advanced way. If you want detailed snippets, rich mobile tags, or listings in knowledge graphs, you need to mark up your pages with This ultimate guide gives you an overview of this extended topic.

  • Redirect 301 302

    Redirection is the process of forwarding a URL to another URL. There are two main kinds of redirects: 301 Redirect and 302 Redirect. A redirect is a way to turn both users and search engines to a different URL than the original request. Below is a description of some commonly used types of redirects. 301 Moved Permanently A 301 redirect is a permanent redirect. It returns the 301 error code in the header to inform the search engine or browser that the current web page has been moved to the new address. In most cases, 301 redirects are the best way to perform redirections on a web page. 302 Found (HTTP 1.1) / Moved Temporarily (HTTP 1.0) A 302 redirect is a temporary redirect. 302 Redirect notices the page has been moved, but the client must continue to use the old URL path. You can use 302 Redirect when you want to switch hosts, technical maintenance, or conduct major changes on the website but still want visitors to access the content of the Website. The most convenient way is that you can put all your content on a different server domain, and use a 302 Redirect to direct customers to this new page, while informing the search engine that the change is only temporary for the duration of your website maintenance. 302 Redirect is very convenient in this case and the search bots of Google clearly understand the meaning of 302 Redirect. You should use 302 Redirect in case of temporary migration instead of permanently switching to 301 Redirect. In this article, I will introduce with you more about 301 Redirect which plays an important role in SEO.

  • Canonical tag

    Canonical is a tag used by Seoer and this is considered a decent tag and helps us get a lot of work in the process of doing SEO. Let’s learn about canonical tags to see the effect of tags in SEO.

  • How to use hreflang attribute in SEO

    Hreflang attribute is an HTML meta element that helps search engines extract data in the language the website is writing. And thanks to the declaration of this language, Google can help the ranking of the website higher. It also helps Google show a suggestion to translate to the native language if your website has a different language than the visitor.

  • How to make sitelinks search box

    Several years ago, Google introduced the Sitelinks Search Box. Sitelinks Search Box is a search box above Sitelinks, introduced and implemented by Google to help users search content on your site more directly and easily. When enabled, this search box will appear below the main search result from a certain brand. So, after searching for a brand in Google, you can directly use the search engine of the online store or website where you want to search for something. Results will be displayed on the search results page of the relevant page.

  • Site down: How to resolve it

    For some reasons, the installation process may cause your store stop working or site down.

  • Introduce Magento 2 Frequently Bought Together

    What is Frequently Bought Together for Magento 2?

  • Magento 2 Automatic Related Product in must-have list, why not?

    More than 600,000 companies are selling extensions for Magento platform stores, don’t you feel you’ve got too many selections to make the final decision? Maintaining an overload number of extension on one store also causes you having trouble integrating from different vendors? Are you looking for a new marketing solution that can handle thousands of products at the same time?

  • Projections of Global Digital Gift Card Industry

    The projections of global digital gift cards are represented by the word “industry”. In the last few years, it was just a niche market, and now it has become not only a big market but an industry. This trend is expected to continue in the future.

  • Gift Card Statistics

    The statistics below are collected from several reliable sources and represented by Mageplaza. This is specially made for Magento suppliers and merchants for consult. For more details about Gift Card extension or any other extensions, please visit our website Mageplaza

  • The future of Digital Gift Cards

    A gift card or gift certificate is a card that contains a certain amount of prepaid money that is valuable to purchase at defined stores. The very first card voucher has been first known for more than 20 years and from then on, gift card industry has developed dramatically, especially digital gift certificates. Statistics from several surveys show an increase trend in the number of mobile gift token users as well as a prospective outlook for virtual gift card industry.

  • What Will Gifts Be Like In 100 Years?

    Gifting has existed in our daily life as a usual activity of human-being for millions years. It is unbelievable for people from 1900s that can imagine virtual gift cards instead of physical gifts. Predicting future is always fun and hard. What gifts will be like in 100 years is an interesting question which can relate to abnormal answers.

  • 5 Essential Things Everyone In The Gift Card Industry Should Notice

    In modern life, it can not be denied that clients are more interested in gift cards and generate billions of dollars in revenues each year. As statistical research taken by, nearly three-fourths numbers of users consume more than their cards’ value. Therefore, if any retail stores have not catched up with this new trends, they shall miss a great opportunity to increase sales and revenues. Additionally, gift vouchers also play an important role as a motivating factor that encourage customers to return stores again and again. Furthermore, when customers favor of gift cards, they tends to recommend them to their relatives that brings potential clients for stores. To help you gain more competitive advantages in managing gift certificate system, here are some suggested tools you should use no matter how long your stores have been opened.

  • What Is SEO?

    What SEO means?

  • How to take advantages of SEO Magento 2?

    SEO or search engine optimization is an important aspect for any online merchant’s marketing strategy. When you create a wonderful SEO, the numbers of customers visit your webpage will increase remarkably. However, making a good SEO is not a piece of cake, instead you need to put effort in your working. Following are some basic tips for you to maximize the advantages of using SEO in Magento platform.

  • 4 Tips for Optimizing SEO on Your Magento E-Commerce Site

    Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a technical term which has become increasingly popular among in e-commerce industry. The outstanding benefit of SEO is boosting the number of traffic visiting a website without being paid. How can online merchants take advantage of SEO to attract more potential customers? Here are some useful tips regarding content, theme, and template that you should remember to have a high quality SEO product.

  • Magento 2 Abandoned Cart Email - Save your e-commerce

    Unlike brick-and-mortar shopping with transactions in person, virtual sellers have to face an uncontrollable behaviour from consumers all the time: shopping cart abandonment. It comes from a simple action chain: shoppers come to shop, pick up their favour items and drop into the online cart, but then they leave without experiencing the checkout process properly, due to many reasons we can’t capture in any comprehensive ways.

  • What is Layered Navigation and Why you need it?

    In the computer age, websites are considered as an extremely powerful tool for business. It either brings revenues or causes loss of customers for your business. First and foremost, if users find it hard to look up for their suitable products, they will immediately abandon shopping carts. Therefore, it is important for you to stop challenging customers patience by unprofessional navigations managing skills. At the present, Layered Navigation Ultimate for magento 2 is the most updated and best versatile key for every business.

  • What's new in Mageplaza Layered Navigation Ultimate?

    Online stores either bring revenues or cause lost of customers to your business. To be successful, you should satisfy people at the first step of purchasing process, which is finding suitable products, or else they will leave your site straightaway. To help you optimize your site, Mageplaza developed the most advanced Layered Navigation edition called Layered Navigation Ultimate. It comes up with most progressive features as well as unlimited customization.

  • Mageplaza Layered Navigation Full feature list

    Together with technology development, shoppers prefer online web sites rather than traditional stores. However, if visitors cannot find suitable items among thousands of products in those websites, they will abandon shops without purchasing anything. That’s why you should apply one of layered navigation Ultimate by Mageplaza to retain visitors and generate more revenues.

  • SEO settings for Magento 2

    Generally, every website on the e-commerce platforms needs the aid of SEO to approach a wider range of visitors for potential sales conversion. For Magento 2, SEO helps increase the quality and quantity of traffic to engage more customers’ interest in stores’ products. An SEO-friendly website also improves the overall shopping experience under guarantee of efficient website visibility.

  • Magento 2 Review Reminder revamps your brand

    ★ How essential are reviews for Marketing?

  • 5 SEO tips Magento 2 Extension for beginners

  • Magento 2 SEO: A Breakthrough From Magento 1?

    We all know that search engine optimization (SEO) is of utmost importance for online merchants to increase their brand recognition. Although Magento1 has many features supporting the functions of SEO, Magento 2 is created with the hope to address all the drawbacks of Magento1. However, does Magento 2 SEO truly solve these problems? Let take a closer look to general default settings of SEO Magento 2.

  • 7 Wonderful SEO Tips and Techniques to Higher Position for Magento 2

    The outbreak of advanced technology and the fourth industrial revolution is on the verge of spreading globally. E-commerce, as a result, is a fashionable trend for global market. Among several strategies used to support online enterprises, SEO is significantly received special attention. SEO is a technique to naturally increase the number of traffic to a website. Therefore, if an online merchant can perform SEO well, they can gain more brand recognition; consequently, boost revenues. However, how to make SEO work effectively is a challenge for many online Magento merchants. There are some tips and techniques that online stores should take into consideration to improve SEO work, escpecially if you are a SEO novice.

  • 8 key Magento 2 SEO improvements

    Magento platform was born to support online merchants to launch their e-commerce. Among various outstanding features, SEO support receives special attention as it directly affects the ranking position of a product page on search engine result pages (SERPs). After several updated versions, Magento 2 SEO also improved to a certain extent. In the latest version – Magento 2, there are numerous important improvements. Let’s take a quick look over these outstanding features.

  • Mageplaza Layered Navigation for Magento 2: Comparison of 3 versions

    Are you looking for a professional and user friendly navigation to enhance your customers’ satisfaction and boost your sales? As a leading in Magento vendor in market, Mageplaza introduces 4 versions of layered navigation ultimates with brilliant features including standard, profesional, ultimate editions and Free Ajax Layered Navigation. To help you choose an appropriate edition for your online stores, a comparison of 3 versions will be taken into account.

  • How Mageplaza SEO extension works on Magento 2?

    For any online merchant, SEO is an important technique used to boost more traffic visit their website. If shop owners can take advantage of SEO, they will remarkably gain brand recognition without paying any money for advertising. However, even when Magento 2 platform has many useful features supporting the working of SEO, Magento stores still need a right hand to perfect their system. And it is sure to be Mageplaza SEO extension. Let see how SEO extension works on Magento store.

  • 9 Tips and Settings to Make Your Product Page Become SEO Friendly - Part 2

    5. Make URL for your product page become SEO friendly

  • 9 Tips and Settings to make your product page become SEO Friendly - Part 1

    1. Stay away from duplicate content

  • 6 most common default Magento 2 SEO issues

    E-commerce is a trend in our economy nowadays following the fast development of advanced technology. If you want to start launching a Magento online store, these following notes can help you significantly.

  • 4 reasons why Layered Navigation is must-have in Magento Stores

    According to Marketing Sherpa, 73% of visitors will abandon an online store in less than two minutes if they don’t find their desired products and 96% of them said that feature searching is important. These statistical datas show how essential you need to manage your sites professionally. Only by that way, you can not only attract people but also turn them into paying customers. Equipping your site with a great layered navigation is a must-have extension in any online store.

  • 4 Advanced Techniques to Improve SEO in Magento 2

  • Creepy Halloween Sales - Up to 100% on all Magento extensions

    Creepy Halloween Party - Mageplaza Treat or Trick

  • 5 Magento Online Stores Which Equip Themselves Good Layered Navigation

    Layered Navigation is always the most important part in any online stores since it provides an useful sitemap for visitors to find their desired products. In a website with thousands of goods, if users cannot find their wanted items within two minutes, they will instantly abandon that site. Layered Navigation either satisfies your customers, boosts your sales or causes loss of clients for your business. Here are the top 4 online stores having impressive layered navigation:

  • SEO Rebulding Announcement

    Dear Mageplaza’s customers,

  • Holiday Shopping Season Checklist - For a better preparation

    I know that it’s hard to set up a marketing campaign in this such a big holiday shopping season. To prevent any mistakes which can ruin all process, let’s go through this checklist and make sure that you will have all of these things done at least one month before shopping days

  • Email Marketing Campaign - Do it Right!

    Do I have to say it again? Black Friday) and Cyber Monday is so close, taking place on November 24 and 27 this year. And it will not be a good idea if you forget to set a perfect email marketing campaign seriously. Let’s start working now and see how sales can rocket this big holiday shopping season. In this article, I hope you can notice to some main ideas: Why BFCM Email marketing campaign is essential? What to do to boost your subscriber list Start BFCM early sales Optimize your subject lines Create urgency in your Black Friday email campaigns Send cart recovery email series

  • Do you understand your customers?

    Black Friday and Cyber Monday are perceived as two major holiday shopping days which can bring global retailers good money. Also, buyers take advantage of these days to get amazing snips, yet to big spenders, a huge amount of money can be spent without hesitation. Hence, having a better understanding about consumer behaviors toward shopping in both online and physical stores at this occasion will help merchants in holiday marketing campaigns.

  • Black Friday & Cyber Monday - Check your understanding

    What is Black Friday and Cyber Monday Black Friday is the friday after Thanksgiving. In 2018, Black Friday is November 24. This day is generally perceived as the busiest shopping day of the year. Also, the annual holiday shopping season will not really begin without a start of a vibrant Black Friday. For the economy, this day plays a crucial role which helps all types of companies from small/medium-sized to big ones increase revenues, improve brands and build up reputation as well as customer loyalty.

  • Ad Planning for Black Friday and Cyber Monday

    Cyber Monday and Black Friday are two most important events of the year for all retailers in general, and particularly for online retailers. In 2016, these events contributed over $6.5 billion to the total online spending, nearly 2% of the total American online spending of the same year.

  • 7 Amazing Marketing Ideas for BFCM

    Offer Hourly Deals Having specific deals in certain hours will work best for high traffic stores. Offering special deals will keep your customers stay and curious then come back your site more frequently to get your offers.

  • Product Recommendation - Boost sales and increase shopper satisfaction

    Table of Contents Why your ecommerce needs a product recommendation engine 9 most useful product recommendation techniques to improve sales for online merchants How Amazon succeeds with product recommendation


    Table of Contents I. The history of gifts Prehistory Gifts Striking Presents How Gifts Affect Us Gift Cards Gift Card Extensions II. What Will Gifts Be Like In 100 Years? 3D printed gifts Unusual Gifts from other planets E-gift cards III. Virtual Gift Cards – Huge Opportunities For Magento Merchants An increasing trend More flexible - More favorable There are some marketing strategies that can help online stores more appealing consumers IV. 14 Common Misconceptions about E-Gift Cards Only a few shoppers use e-gift cards E-gift cards are dull Your grandma won’t prefer gift cards E-gift cards are used in Western countries only Virtual vouchers are used only in special occasions A person is allowed to hold a gift card only E-gift cards are purchased by men rather than women E-gift cards are limited in country boundaries E-gift cards need fees to be operated Fixed and unlimited amount Only online transactions are carried out E-gift cards providers accept mastercard only Virtual certificates will be delivered right after purchasing Digital gift cards are not secure V. 5 Essential Things Everyone In The Gift Card Industry Should Notice A great point-of-sale (POS) system Social media Personality Products Gift Cards to E-Gift Cards VI. Gift Card Workflow on your store Identify the voucher’s theme Determine the gift card value Provide required information Text message Post office Print at home Decide the quantity of gift cards purchased Deliver gift certificate to recipient Use gift cards to purchase Manage gift certificates Apply gift codes to checkout Conclusion VII. What are unique features in Mageplaza Gift Card extension? Flexibility in number of vouchers and its values Easy-to-understand and attractive design Easy to customize and personalize Friendly and easy to perform Possible to deliver via SMS, emails, mail Different ways to store cards Supportive in Giving Message Convenient to use as card credit Conclusion

  • 5 detrimental factors for a Multichannel Selling Strategy

    Every e-commerce enterprise has a dream of making their business bigger as a demonstration of their talents and abilities. Once you decide to expand your business or your channels to sell goods, you are sure to need a detail strategy for your enterprise.

  • How to configure Amazon SES SMTP in Magento 2

    Magento 2 allows Amazon SES to send email using the SMTP, the most common email protocol on the Internet. You can send email through Amazon SES by using a variety of SMTP-enabled programming languages and software to connect to the Amazon SES SMTP interface.

  • How to configure SendinBlue SMTP in Magento 2

    In this article I’ll guide you How to configure SendinBlue SMTP in Magento 2, but first allow me to be chatty a bit.

  • How to configure Outlook Office365 SMTP in Magento 2

    Why should we learn How to configure Outlook Office365 SMTP in Magento 2. Being able to approach more customers means more chances to boost your revenues. Email marketing is all around contacting consumers, sharing knowledge bases, sending sales information, discount announcements, automatic marketing, etc to tie the engagement knot among parties. SMTP server is a technical key which helps you archive this automatic chain effortlessly.

  • How to configure Mailgun SMTP in Magento 2

    This is How to configure Mailgun SMTP in Magento 2 will show What you need is, make sure customers won’t miss any precious mails from your brand. It’s a well-known fact that most of consumers tend to be favoured of attention. Human beings love being noticed particularly, a personal email for distance relationships would be appropriate in this case. But the email system constantly marks your send-in-bulk emails as spam letters. How long will you let this worst scenario has your eyes roll back?

  • How to configure Mandrill / Mailchimp SMTP in Magento 2

    Before viewing How to configure Mandrill / Mailchimp SMTP in Magento 2, let’s take a quick look at learning this short description to get the idea about Mandrill provider.

  • How to configure MailJet SMTP in Magento 2

    It’s certainly true that sending emails in bulk is an ingenious key to reach customers at once, gold and it’s never old. As a result, a bit tweak in configuring DNS and SMTP server becomes such fundamental methods in order to deploy every email campaigns without worrying about being sent to the spam box. Indeed, the question is, which email infrastructure service you will entrust to launch the program effectively and effortlessly?

  • How to configure Zoho Mail in Magento 2

    The default SMTP in Magento 2 is great, but not enough, and when all you digital emails are stocked in the Zoho Mail provider, how you can connect the dots together as well as ensure the high reputation for thousands of letters at the same time? A 3rd SMTP server will be helpful, but is it true that the integration procedure will be difficult as hell?

  • How to configure Elastic Email SMTP in Magento 2

    In Magento 2, Elastic Email provides all the tools that are needed to create and send marketing or transactional emails. They offer a powerful API that gives you full access to reports and allows you to manage your contacts and data. Such existing advanced newsletter and marketing tools will let you measure engagement, track delivery, create lists and build your brand and connect with your audience.

  • How to configure Yahoo Mail in Magento 2

    Do you know that Yahoo SMTP can be configured in Magento 2 like other email deliverers? Each of us knows Yahoo - one of the earliest leaders in opening a new era for digital email marketing. Even though Yahoo has put an end for the legendary chat program also known as Messenger, the mail system is still running on their own business and having a new route to maintain the transactional email service amazingly.

  • How to configure Outlook/Hotmail in Magento 2

    What is the SMTP configuration Outlook/Hotmail in Magento 2? Undeliverable emails have been a distress taking place in Magento 2 in recent years, Magento 2 team has given out a solution - which is called SMTP server - to cure this sadness but didn’t resolve all the particular cases, glitches still happen unexpectedly. It’s vital that the procedure should be connected between Magento 2’s platform and the targeted transactional email that customer is running on. It’s our turn to solve this problem decisively.

  • How to configure SendGrid SMTP in Magento 2

    Transaction email open rates can be up to three times higher than other similar methods, especially with application-base company. To online shoppers, nothing they can expect but those transaction emails regarding event announcements, sale-off offers, new product updates. Consumers deserve a better attention. It’s about time to learn how to configure SendGrid SMTP in Magento 2.

  • How to configure AOL Mail in Magento 2

    Most of marketers tend to prefer accessing all their email through one program only, particularly, users in Magento 2’s platform. The email immigration works from their AOL Mail to the email system in Magento is a too time-consuming task, and in this specific task. Although AOL recommends using the IMAP protocol, POP3 is also supported. The SMTP settings are the same for both protocols. So which is the best way to configure AOL Mail in Magento 2?

  • How to integrate Zoho CRM with Magento 2 via Zapier

    You are a Magento 2 store owner, your store attracts a lot of customers and you are looking for ways to collect information and customer data from your Magento 2 store, Zoho CRM is a great choice for you.

  • How to integrate Salesforce with Magento 2

    Table of contents 4 Steps to integrate Salesforce CRM on Magento 2 Step 1: Sign up the Zapier account Step 2: Sign up the Salesforce account Step 3: Integrate Magento 2.x Step 4: Integrate salesforce CRM into this step to get all information from your Magento 2.x store

  • How to integrate Highrise with Magento 2

    You are looking for how to integrate Highrise with Magento 2, here is the article that you must know if you don’t want to be an old-fashioned store owner.

  • How to configure SMTP in Magento 2

    It’s vital to explore How to configure Mail. com SMTP in Magento 2 since SMTP server settings are needed to send email from a Mail. com account through a different email supplier. The settings are the same for any email client you use with Mail. com. If you want to collect or manage your email from a different email client, you have to enter all the right information into the client.

  • How to configure 1&1 Webmail SMTP in Magento 2

    Learn more How to configure 1&1 Webmail SMTP in Magento 2 in this article to have the best benefits from using SMTP server by its credentials in Magento 2. 1&1 Webmail is a free tool which can offer a wide range of Web hosting solutions for private users as well as high-end products for small and medium-sized businesses.

  • Define Your Customer Before Marketing

    Table of content Why build up customer profile is important? How to define appropriate customers? Create a demographic profile Navigate customer’s lifestyle and attitude Identify your competitors

  • A Situational Analysis of a Strategic Marketing Plan

    Table of Content Definition, classification, and function The SWOT analysis 5C analysis Porter analysis

  • What Are Internal & External Environmental Factors That Affect Business

    If a business wants to be successful in the marketplace, it is necessary for them to fully understand what factors exert impact on the development of their company. Once they know about both positive and negative effects within and outside the company, they can produce suitable strategies to handle any predicted situation. Therefore, examining internal and external factors is considered the most important task for an enterprise before launch any strategic marketing plan.

  • Top 10 Analytical Tools for Business Analysis

    Business Analysis is popular to many company owners with the functions to analyze, examine data, and figure out the most appropriate plan or priority for the company to achieve their goals. There are several analytical tools used to support businessmen to perform a business analysis. Here are 10 most effective analytical tools used in analyzing process of a business that you can take into your account.

  • SWOT Analysis

    Running a business is never a simple or easy task, especially when it comes to making a decision or planning a campaign. Going with your gut is not a thing here, so what to do when you need to make an important business decision? SWOT analysis can help, better than you expected - indeed.

  • PEST Analysis

    Running a business is never a simple or easy task, especially when it comes to making a decision or planning a campaign. Going with your gut is not a thing here, so what to do when you need to make an important business decision? PEST analysis can help, better than you expected - indeed.

  • How to Set Marketing Goals Based on Business Goals

    Every enterprise may have great marketing ideas and want to launch strategic marketing plans as soon as possible. However, defining marketing goals is among the most difficult tasks that all businessmen face when deciding to embark on a marketing strategy. If you are also struggling with setting goals for your marketing plan, following are 8 steps to help you identify your objectives more easily.

  • How to integrate Pipedrive with Magento 2

    It’s important to know how to integrate Pipedrive with Magento 2. If you don’t explore this issue for your store, it’s a pity. You won’t know how useful the Pipedrive is for your Magento 2 store.

  • How to integrate Insightly with Magento 2

    In today’s article, we will guide you how to integrate Insightly with Magento 2. Please bookmark this tutorial whenever you need them.

  • 4 Keys to Create a Marketing Budget that Gets Results

    Table of content Determine a marketing strategy Determine your budget spent on marketing Allocate budget appropriately Implement your plan In-house marketing team Freelance marketing team Hybrid team Every marketing strategy needs a certain amount of budget to perform. However, how much is enough for a strategic marketing plan is a difficult question for all enterprises. For almost every business, they use budget the same as the amount in the previous year along with an amount that they are willing to spend on marketing. If you are totally new to business and want to launch a marketing plan, how to spend your money appropriately is very important. Following are four tentative advices for you to make use of your marketing budget.

  • How to integrate Agile CRM with Magento 2

    Do you know the great benefits that Agile CRM brings to your store? So, how to integrate Agile CRM with Magento 2 store? This is a question for which many people are looking for answers.

  • How to integrate Workbooks CRM with Magento 2

    It’s high time for Magento 2 store owners to know how to integrate Workbooks CRMwith Magento 2. Workbooks is an application that plays an important role in every e-commerce store. It’s a shame if Workbooks CRM isn’t included in the critical software list of your store.

  • How to integrate HubSpot CRM with Magento 2

    You are looking for the answer to the question how to integrate HubSpot CRM with Magento 2, this article is for you. We can’t deny the importance of HubSpot CRM to e-commerce stores. If you still don’t understand the benefits that HubSpot CRM brings, read some of the suggestions below carefully.

  • How to Setup Facebook Livechat in Magento 2

    The sphere of Facebook and its community have solidified the platform as one of the biggest playgrounds for eCommerce business. Nowadays, it’s essential to integrate Facebook Livechat into any eCommerce website as it enables stores to respond and address customers’ queries more quickly than other forms of customer support.

  • Integrate Vtiger CRM with Magento 2

    How to integrate Vtiger CRM with Magento 2 - This is a question that most store owners are looking for. In this post, we will help you anwser it. After of all, let’s find out what Vtiger CRM is and what its benefits are for ecommerce stores.

  • How to configure GMX Mail SMTP in Magento 2

    In order to acknowledge How to configure GMX Mail SMTP in Magento 2, a little bit quick glance at the outgoing SMTP server setting is really necessary.

  • Pre-order PDF Invoice Announcement

    Hello folks, I hope you’re doing great in this up-to-ears season wonderfully. Today is the turn of a special offer in the series which are believed to deserve just quick 2 minutes to learn about it. Keep your breath :)

  • Introduce PDF Invoice for Magento 2: Save-time-up solution

    ★ Essential of PDF Invoice in Magento 2.

  • Customize Add to Cart button in Magento 2

    The product page is the most important aspects of any ecommerce store as it contains all the details about the products.

  • Integrate QuickBooks Online with Magento 2

    Unsurprisingly, QuickBooks Online is an effective application for your business. So, how to integrate QuickBooks Online with Magento 2? This article is the key you are looking for. Congratulations! You have reached your destination.

  • Integrate Capsule CRM with Magento 2

    Do you know the Capsule CRM and its benefits when we integrate it with your e-commerce store?

  • Integrate FreshBooks New with Magento 2

    How to manage your business finance is a question that any business owner is anxious to find answers. FreshBooks New is a great software that can help you easily manage your finances. In this tutorial, we will help you learn how to integrate FreshBooks New with Magento 2.

  • Christmas in Different Cultures

    Brief introduction about Christmas Christmas is an event celebrated by Christians all around the world to commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ. Therefore, it is mostly held in Western countries and Western-affected countries. Nowadays, Christmas has been becoming increasingly popular on the global scale and among the most favorable festivals yearly. Christmas holiday is an occasion for all family members to gather together after a hard working year. On this occasion, people usually decide to come back home as a traditional custom no matter where they are working. They have a tendency to present gifts to their family members and equip their houses with new facilities. That is the reason why their demands on this festival are also higher than any other occasions in a year.

  • SEO Best Practices For Ecommerce Product Pages

    The importance of SEO for any ecommerce enterprise is not deniable as it directly affects the amount of traffic access to the webpage. Because there are thousands of online merchants, how to attract people to your site is increasingly difficult for store owners. Once you want to have more customers to visit your website, you need to get higher position in the search engine result pages (SERPs). Following are some suggestions to help you optimize SEO in order to have top ranking in the SERPs.

  • Integrate Zoho Books with Magento 2

    Do you know that Zoho Books is a great accounting software for small businesses? In this tutorial, we will help you know how to integrate Zoho Books with Magento 2.

  • Integrate FreeAgent with Magento 2

    Integrating FreeAgent with Magento 2 store has never been easier. Let’s explore how to integrate FreeAgent with Magento 2.

  • Integrate Zendesk with Magento 2

    If you are looking for a great solution to easily reach customers, Zendesk is a must-have choice. In this post, let’s explore how to integrate Zendesk with Magento 2.

  • Integrate Freshdesk with Magento 2

    Are you wondering how to integrate Freshdesk with Magento 2? Congratulations! You have found the universal key to open that door in this article.

  • Integrate Marketo with Magento 2

    It’s important to know how to integrate Marketo with Magento 2. In this post, we will help you learn it. Remember marking this tutorial to apply for your Magento 2 store.

  • How to integrate ActiveCampaign with Magento 2

    How to integrate ActiveCampaign with Magento 2 is a question that attracts the interest of business owners in the field of e-commerce. Today, we will help you answer these questions.

  • How to integrate SendinBlue with Magento 2

    To know how to integrate SendinBlue with Magento 2, a good understanding of using a tool like Sendinblue is really necessary.

  • Amazing marketing ideas for holiday shopping seasons

    When the holiday shopping season is on the way to come, online merchants are busying preparing for their marketing campaign. Because at the end of the year people have a tendency to purchase more not only for themselves but also for their family, friends, and houses, almost all businesses want to take advantage of this occasion. It is considered to be among the most important periods of time for shop owners to boost their sales dramatically. Therefore, both retailers and wholesalers should focus on launching appropriate marketing plan to drive sales from customers.

  • Ad Planning for holiday shopping seasons

    Table of content Brief introduction about holiday shopping seasons Statistics about sales on holiday shopping seasons Projections on holiday shopping season 2018 Time for holiday shopping season Average spending 3 Steps to prepare for a marketing campaign Analyze statistics from recent year Determine your marketing strategies Attract your customer attention Brief introduction about holiday shopping seasons The Christmas season is a familiar term for not only people in the Western countries but also other parts of the world since we are now living in a global village. Christmas time is also known as holiday season that people come back home after a hard working year.

  • 10 tips for Christmas email marketing

    In this digital era, everything should be processed online, marketing included. Email marketing is beyond excellent to contribute greatly to your marketing campaign. Below are some tips you should know to have a better preparation as well as a better email campaign this holiday shopping season.

  • Integrate OpenERP with Magento 2

    How to integrate OpenERP with Magento 2 is important, yet it is not always easy to get it done properly. We have detailed and specific instructions to help you integrate this software with your Magento 2 store quickly.

  • Integrate Kayako with Magento 2

    It is difficult to find how to integrate Kayako with Magento 2. Don’t worry, we will help you to resolve these concerns through this article. A little knowledge of Kayako is very important before you integrate it with your Magento 2 store.

  • Integrate SugarCRM with Magento 2

    You have tried to integrate SugarCRM customer relationship management software with Magento 2 store and it failed. Don’t worry, we’ll show you how to integrate SugarCRM with Magento 2 in details in this article.

  • Integrate Infusionsoft with Magento 2

    Integrating Infusionsoft with Magento 2 store is something that business owners should do to help their business grow as many potential customers as much as possible. Because customers are the ones who will generate revenues for your business. We will show you how to integrate Infusionsoft with Magento 2 in just a few simple steps.

  • Layered Navigation best setting for SEO

    Magento 2 best setting for SEO friendly Layered Navigation

  • Integrate Xero with Magento 2

    Now there are thousands of different computational softwares. So how to choose the best accounting software for your business? We suggest Xero accounting software. Integrate this solution for your store to experience great features today!

  • What are unique features in Mageplaza Gift Card extension?

    What are unique features in Mageplaza Gift Card extension?

  • SMS Notification in Gift Card extension - A Unique Feature

    SMS Notification in Gift Card extension - A Unique Feature

  • Personalized Gift Cards - Why not?

    Personalized Gift Cards - Why not?

  • How to design a special gift voucher template with Gift Card

    How to design a special gift voucher template with Gift Card extension

  • How to configure notification emails in Gift Card extension

    How to configure notification emails in Gift Card extension

  • From A to Z: How To Create Gift Vouchers to Sell on Holiday Shopping Season

    From A to Z: How To Create Gift Vouchers to Sell on Holiday Shopping Season Related Post:

  • Mageplaza Top 5 Bestsellers

    The year 2017 is perceived as a successful year of Mageplaza as we released many outstanding extensions which were developed based on our realistic experience in Magento. Most of them quickly became our top modules favoured by thousands of merchants and developers around the world. After one year, thanks to our customers’ support and suggestions, we’ve made a great progress in perfecting our products. Hence, Mageplaza extensions have a good reputation among global Magento enthusiasts.

  • Gift Card Workflow On Your Store

    Gift Card Workflow On Your Store Related Post:

  • Enhance Your Customer's Experience With Ajax Layered Navigation For Magento 2

    The default Magento provides Layered Navigation to help customers pick up their desired items. However, it is deficient of Ajax functionality and advanced extension features. This unprofessional version may not satisfy users visiting your online shop. Therefore, it is important for you to set up a proficient website with Ajax layered navigation extension for magento 2 so that you can meet or even exceed customers’ satisfaction and boost your sales.

  • What are Product Recommendation Engines?

    What are Product Recommendation Engines?

  • Product Recommendation: How Amazon Succeeds With It

    Product Recommendation: How Amazon Succeeds With It

  • Introducing Instant Layered Navigation for Magento 2

    Introducing Instant Layered Navigation for Magento 2

  • How Product Recommendation Engines Work?

    How Product Recommendation Engines Work?

  • 9 Most Useful Product Recommendation Techniques To Improve Sales For Online Merchants

  • 6 Tips To Enhance Online Checkout Process

    6 Tips To Enhance Online Checkout Process

  • 4 Outstanding Advantages Of Product Recommendation Engines

    4 Outstanding Advantages Of Product Recommendation Engines

  • Related Products in Magento 2: Some Drawbacks and Solutions

    Related Products in Magento 2: Some Drawbacks and Solutions Related Posts: 4 reasons why Layered Navigation extension is must-have in Magento Stores 5 Magento Online Stores Which Equip Themselves Good Layered Navigation Why Your Ecommerce Needs A Product Recommendation Engine

  • How to add Google reCAPTCHA into Magento 2


  • How to add and remove related products in Magento 2?

    How to add and remove related products in Magento 2?

  • The Differences Between Cross-Sells, Up-Sells and Related Products in Magento

    The Differences Between Cross-Sells, Up-Sells and Related Products in Magento

  • How to Add Up-sell and Cross-sell Products in Magento 2?

    How to Add Up-sell and Cross-sell Products in Magento 2?

  • Massive update of related products, up-sells and cross-sells in Magento 1 and Magento 2

    Massive update of related products, up-sells and cross-sells in Magento 1 and Magento 2

  • Magento 2 migration – Make a move at the right time

    Follow our recommendations to define your perfect time for Magento 2 migration Doubts about the necessity of Magento 2 migration gave way to confidence once merchants got more insights into business benefits it provides. But migration is not a one-day process. Rather, it’s a creation of a new store based on the old database. Having addressed the question of migration timing seriously, a merchant ensures the process neither interrupts day-to-day operationnor puts the business at a disadvantage. Here are key factors to keep in mind while defining the perfect time for migration.

  • How to up-sell and cross-sell in retail?

    Upselling and cross-selling are considered to be two most effective ways to boost revenues for any merchants. Upsell is used when store owners want to persuade customers to purchase a more expensive version of the original product, while shop admins use cross-sell to encourage consumers to buy more products on impulse. Although these two recommendation methods have some differences in characteristics, they share the same purpose of increasing sales for a store. If you still do not know how to generate upsell and cross-sell blocks, find instructions here. In this post, I will focus on how to help store owners make the best of upselling and cross-selling in retail.

  • Auto Related Products: 9 Tips for cross-selling and up-selling

    Among several marketing methods used to boost sales, using auto related products is considered to be one of the most effective ways for any online merchants. To make use of auto related products, store owners often use an Automatic Related Products Extension which offers them various recommendation blocks such as related items, up-sells, cross-sells, and so on. And now, let find out some tips to make you become a master of using upsells and cross-sells for you stores.

  • Upsell and Cross-sell: Strategies To Boost eCommerce Revenue

    According to a researcher Sucharita Mulpuru, an average of 10 to 30% of e-commerce revenues comes from the help of product recommendations. In 2006, Amazon also stated that cross-sells and up-sells account for 35% of their total sales. Needless to say, these statistics demonstrate how greatly product recommendations contribute to a business’s profit. Therefore, an investment on recommendation tools such as upsells or cross-sells is necessary to any online merchants. And now, let figure out why do you badly need these product recommendations.

  • The Basics of Dependency Injection in Magento 2

    Dependency Injection is a unique design pattern that implements control inversion and provides the ability to follow the principle of dependency inversion. It is a technique that enables loose coupling. A number of latest software application frameworks support Dependency Injection including TypeScript, Spring, Google Guice, Microsoft Managed Extensibility Framework (MEF), etc.

  • Top 5 must-have extensions for Magento 2 on Valentine's day

    With the fast pace development of advanced technology, e-commerce has been increasingly popular and favorable to people. Shopping behaviors of people consequently changed remarkably from bricks and mortals to clicks and mortals. It is also expected to switch into pure online shopping in the future. That is the reason why every online merchant needs to facilitate themselves with unique marketing strategies, and of course supporting tools for their e-business. This post will introduce store owners five most effective extensions needed for any Magento 2 stores when Valentine’s day is on the way to come soon.

  • Tips to configure Gift card module without much-advanced coding skills

    Gifting is not always easy for most people. This is especially true during holiday seasons. Hence, gift cards are becoming more popular as they solve this problem effectively. However, creating gift vouchers to sell on a Magento store is not simple.

  • How to set up SMTP Email for Magento 2

    May every online merchant have been familiar with email sending system. In this post, I want to give a general guideline over how to set up default SMTP Email for Magento 2 stores. Not like SMTP module, the setting for default SMTP mode is quite complicated for newbies. However, I hope that this guideline will help you have a deeper understanding about Magento SMTP Email setting. SMTP an acronym for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol is a standard email sending system first introduced in late 20th century. There are 3 steps to set up SMTP in Magento 2 as following

  • How to configure Gift Card delivery in Magento 2

    Recently, gift vouchers have been increasingly favorable among shopping doers. Because of its useful features and convenience, a gift certificate can be purchased by shoppers for themselves as well as treated as a gift for other people. Hence, equip your Magento stores with a Gift Card extension is definitely a strategic investment that will beneficial to your business a lot. With Magento 2 Gift Card extension, there are various functions that can be configured to suit your demands. This post focuses on helping shop admins to configure Gift Card delivery function in Magento so that their customers will be much happier with more choices provided.

  • How Small Businesses Prepare for Valentine’s Day

    When the Valentine’s day is on the way to come soon, online merchants are now busy preparing for this occasion to boost sales. Because on this occasion, people have high demands for purchasing gifts for their lovers, it is absolutely defined as a good opportunity for small and medium enterprises to increase their revenues dramatically. Therefore, store owners need to equip themselves detailed plans to make the best of this chance. Following are 4 musts that marketers should keep in mind to be successful in this shopping season.

  • Gift options in Magento Enterprise

    Magento is not an uncommon term for marketers, especially who are running an e-commerce. The introduction of the latest version Magento 2 has created a new wave among business owners that encourage them to apply this platform for their stores. However, there are two versions of Magento 2 which are Community and Enterprise version that business doers struggle to select an appropriate one to match their company scale.

  • Gift Card in Marketing Strategies

    Technology is growing, and that is why there are countless ways to attract customers attention to the products from your store. You can use coupons, flyers, direct mails, advertisements, etc. However, these methods aren’t strong enough to encourage customers to make purchases or use your services. The question is: what is the way to attract customers as well as get them back to your store in the next shopping? We suggest that you use the Gift Card as a part of your marketing strategy. It is a simple but powerful tool to promote your brand as well as increase the revenues significantly.

  • How to take advantage of the bestseller block in Magento 2

    The application of recommendation products in upselling and cross-selling is increasingly favorable among business owners. Since using recommended items blocks enables customers to search for their wish products more easily and quickly, the store’s revenues can be raised dramatically. Following is a general guideline for Magento store owners, especially newbies about how to maximize sales when using bestseller block.

  • How to create gift cards to sell in Magento 2 default

    The customers are so busy with their work, and choosing the gifts for the friends, family, and relatives on holiday season is so difficult. They don’t have much time to purchase the gifts for them or even if they come in front of the store, they also don’t know that what gifts they should buy. Because there are many things and they are overwhelmed by that things. To resolve this problem, we are pleased to introduce Mageplaza Gift Cards for Magento 2 store.

  • How to create a gift card account in Magento 2 default

    Nowadays, Gift Card becomes more and more popular. Have you ever wondered that how to create a Gift Card account in Magento 2? In fact that, after completing purchase a Gift Card, a Gift Card account is automatically generated. The Gift Card’s value can be applied to the purchase of the product in your e-commerce store. Also, you can create Gift Card accounts from the admin panel.

  • How to boost sales by using daily deals and featured products blocks in Magento 2

    The marketplace has been becoming increasingly competitive since the outbreak of several online merchants. Therefore, how to make yourself outstanding to attract customers is of utmost importance. After that, to persuade customers to purchase your products is even a more difficult mission that requires store owners to put much effort.

  • Gift Card Configuration in Magento 2 default

    Gift Card Overview

  • Gift Card extension for Magento 2: The flexibility in configuration

    Although Magento 2 platform has just been introduced recently, it has been remarkably proved its position in e-commerce market. Along with the existence of this great platform is the help of several extensions. If you are not a newbie to e-commerce and Magento, Gift Card extensions is no longer an unfamiliar term for you. Especially, Gift Card is becoming more and more favorable among business doers because of its great effectiveness for their Magento merchants. Beside several outstanding features in boosting sales, its flexibility in configuration also significantly contributes to the success of any online merchants.

  • 6 Tips to Skyrocket sales on Valentine's day

    The critical holidays such as Christmas, New Year have just ended. You are happy to enjoy the success of your business during a year. Now is the time for you to get back to the routine as well as do the plan for your business for the success in 2018. We are here to recommend you that there is an essential event that brings potential sales, you can’t miss - Valentine’s Day.

  • How to use Gift Card Offline and Export Gift Codes

    Although digital gift cards have been increasingly popular among shopping doers, Gift Card extension by Mageplaza still offers printed certificates to satisfy more customers who want to own a physical voucher. Besides, store admins are also enabled to export gift codes to easily manage the performance of their stores. This function draws much attention from people who want to use and manage gift cards in traditional way. In this post, let figure out how to make the best of this function.

  • Drag and drop to design and preview design

    Among several outstanding features that make Gift Card extension be loved by a large number of both admins and shopping doers, gift card design for both users and customers seems to be the most favorable part. This function allows store owners to manage the structure of the card produced as well as enables buyers to personalize their own certificate in details. If you want to have a clear understanding about this incredible function, find it below now.

  • 6 Amazing SEO Tips for Online Stores on Valentine's Day

    For any online merchants, besides having high qualified products and services, obtaining a large number of traffic visiting websites is of utmost importance. The more traffic a landing page has, the more opportunities their goods and services are purchased. Therefore, almost all e-commerce enterprises put much effort in attracting more visitors to take a look at their websites. Following are some suggested SEO tips for your online stores to get more vistors when Valentine’s Day is coming soon.

  • 5 Marketing tips for Valentine's day

    Among several occasions yearly, Valentine’s Day is possibly the most looking-forward day since it is high time for people to present their love or strengthen their intimate relationships. As a result, people have a tendency to spend more on shopping this occasion as a preparation for a special anniversary. Hence, there is no reason for you not to start brainstorming a great strategic marketing plan right now. However, before taking any plans into practice, consider these following tips to maximize your benefit from upcoming deals.

  • Mageplaza Valentine's day promotion: Up to 32% off

    On the occasion of Lunar New Year (Tet holiday), Mageplaza want to wish you all our customers a year full of happiness and success. On behalf of this occasion, we also want to show our sincere appreciation to you for all your supports and feedbacks to make us better. When the threshold of the old year and New Year is almost here, we want to announce our most attractive promotion ever as a sincere thank you for accompanying with us for such a long journey.

  • First AMP-ready Magento Themes

    That’s not a secret that digitalization takes a new spin this year. The web is becoming even more convenient for the users. The websites are performing faster across a wide range of devices. Waiting for 3 seconds or more until a webpage loads is a long wait. Many users will turn to your competitors if they have to wait longer than a couple of seconds until your webpage loads.

  • How to start Loyalty Program for Magento 2

    Table of content What is Loyalty Program How your store benefits from Loyalty Program? Features in Loyalty Program extension Point-based system Flexible point label Set up the point validation Point Spending slider Point Indicators

  • How to Manage Your eCommerce Website Thoroughly: Pros and Cons of Magento 2

    These days each of us dreams of building a groundbreaking website. It is not unusual because that is how people present themselves now. With it, you can showcase some products, introduce various services, and tell your story to the web audience. Without a doubt, a strikingly created online project provides you and your business with limitless opportunities. Therefore, modern technologies become more and more convenient every day. It results in tones of pre-packed website templates from different platforms. All of them are easy in use and allow a user to manage a professional site without having technical skills. One of such platforms if Magento. As you may know, it has a second version, which is already quite popular. In this post, we are going to help our readers with their final decision making. What are the pros of Magento 2? What are the cons of Magento 2? Let’s see!

  • How to secure Magento 2 online stores

    Overview Technological crime is arising as a downside of technology advancement. Blackhat hackers can brutally attack websites which own valuable information. They can either destroy the data or commit a fraud. These break-in attempts are unpredictable and harmful to e-commerce business . None of existing E-commerce interface is 100% secured including Magento. On the contrary, Magento stores may become ideal prey for hackers as mid-sized and big enterprises are often built on this platform. And, multiple failed login attempts can be the very first sign for this crime..

  • Magetique vs. Porto Magento Themes

    In our today’s post, we will provide a contrasting analysis of two Magento themes, i.e. Magetique and Porto. Being created by two different web agencies (Magetique is Magento theme from TemplateMonster Marketplace and Porto is available for sale on ThemeForest), both themes are the best-sellers in their niche. Beyond a shadow of a doubt, Magetique and Porto represent the highest quality web products. (Just have a look at the number of positive reviews these two have already got!)

  • Magento Conversion Rate Optimization Strategies Article

    If you are an online merchant, or aspiring to be one, the obvious first step you need to take is to decide on what eCommerce platform you are going to us. If you are one of the many who have chosen to use Magento for that purpose, then it’s time to think about how to get the most out of your store.

  • How to Start Building a Magento Site: Step-by-Step Guide

    No doubt, Magento is one of the world’s most well-liked and respected eCommerce platforms. Top brands, including Nike, Ford, Samsung, Nestle, Christian Louboutin and Men’s Health, all opt for Magento without further hesitation. Indeed, they make a smart choice as this open-source platform lets them built powerful e-stores that they can fully adjust and control.

  • Quick Tips That Will Surely Increase Your Magento Sales

    There’s tons of information out there on the subject of increasing sales on Magento eCommerce stores and a lot of great advice on how to make your store more profitable.

  • How to Use Email Retargeting to Boost Sales

    Are you looking for a solution to get more sales from your existing customers? Or do you want a lot of potential customers who make short visits and then leave your site without purchasing?

  • How to Create An Automatic, Powerful & Economical Magento 2 Marketplace

    Are you a newcomer in online business? Do you want to save time and effort in building your own reputation?

  • Essential Video Training - Best e-commerce platform in detais

    Magento 2 nowadays known as one of the most advanced and powerful e-commerce platforms. However, the side effect of so solid functionality and flexibility is pretty difficult and time consuming entrance level for the end user. In other words, it’s not easy to understand how everything organized and works in Magento 2 because it has tons of features and different options. In order to make learning process of Magento 2 smother from the user standpoint, we would like to present you a Magento 2 video training made by Alex Kostritsa. This Magento 2 training gives merchants, marketing managers, and other admin users the basic information they need to manage Magento 2 store. Such Magento 2 course will make your Magento 2 journey much more effortless than if you were digged into all the things by your own.

  • How to improve shipping method organization?

    A store may have wonderful products, but what the use of it when they were lost during shipping or came a month later? This is the difference between web and conventional stores - a client can’t just take a product from a shelf and take it home when buying online. A good shipping method creates, in this case, a satisfied customer who is more likely to buy something from you next time. Here are some tips on how to improve your shipping and get higher customer satisfaction.

  • Magento 2 & GDPR 5 must-knows

    May 25 has come and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR for short) becomes active. This legal framework aims to enhance personal data privacy and increase one’s control over their own personal information in the Europe Union. It also brings great confusion to online vendors who now have to familiarize themselves with the new legislation and figure out a way to revamp their store policy accordingly. Below we would address five points that you need to know about in preparation for the GDPR and how they are related to your Magento 2 store.

  • How GDPR affects your Magento 2 stores

    As the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) becomes active, international companies around the world move into action with revamped privacy policy that is easier to understand and control for their end users.

  • One-Step Checkout vs Multi-step Checkout

    Which is better?

  • Magento 2 One Step Checkout vs. One Page Checkout

    While there is not much cart abandonment at bricks and mortars, this figure is double in e-commerce, according to recent research by Barclaycard. The reasons behind this phenomenon can be the lack of site navigation, poor service and more complicated checkout process or anything. Among these problems, an online store needs to especially concern about their checkout page as this happens to be the most vital factor when it comes to successful checkout.

  • Ecommerce Developers Share Their Biggest B2B Pet Peeves

    For the past 10 years, Redstage has worked with clients all over in the world, with regional offices in London, Chicago, Melbourne, Mumbai, Pune. Headquartered in right across the river from Manhattan in Jersey City, our agency specializes in B2B web development, design, growth and support with a vast array of capabilities for digital B2B businesses. With that said, we’ve seen a bajillion eCommerce sites, and using this insight, we thought we share the mistakes all too often found on B2B sites that prevent companies from making money online (TLDR at bottom).

  • When more means worse, or why Magento 2 integration can go wrong

    Smooth interoperation within a multi-component system is a key to its proper functioning. E-commerce players understand this very well as they might need more than just an e-commerce platform to sell online successfully. They can streamline the work by engaging other business software. The integration between them allows a company to work as a whole. We’d like to forearm merchants against possible mistakes they can make while building a bridge between Magento and other software systems they use.

  • Magento + Retail POS: Unify Sales Channels for Better Experience

    Before omnichannel becomes a trend and swept over the retail industry, Magento retailers with brick-and-mortar stores have already looked for ways to connect sales channels to synchronize catalog among stores, manage products, inventory and customers better as well as get all the sales reported in one place without less effort and paperwork. Such need becomes more and more urgent if they want to catch up with the omnichannel trend and stay ahead in this competitive retail landscape.

  • Magento 1 vs Magento 2

    Magento eCommerce Platform Overview

  • How to create a Loyalty Program in Magento 2

    That the job market is increasingly competitive drives marketers in a rush to gain as much attention from consumers as possible. Along with impressive marketing campaigns, online marketers also see a great need of raising customer retention for their businesses. However, not all online merchants can obtain success from their campaigns to gain customer loyalty that may adversely affects general revenues of those stores. Since the importance of having an effective loyalty for the success of any companies is undeniable, in this post, I want to recommend 3 tips for business doers when launching a loyalty program.

  • Magento 2 Image Optimizer comparison - PotatoCommerce, Tinify and Apptrian

    Almost all Magento stores face the challenge of improving performance. There are many aspects of the optimization (caching, server capabilities, Magento 2 version, optimization of javascript and CSS code), but in this article, we will tell you about image optimization. The thing is, the size of image files can reach hundreds and thousands of kilobytes, which according to various estimates, can be about 30-70% of the total page size. Thus, image compression can reduce the size of the page in half. It makes optimization of images one of the most effective ways to speed up Magento 2.

  • How to import Blog from Wordpress, Aheadworks Magento 1 Blog, Magefan Blog to Magento 2

    In today e-commerce world, it is undeniable that keeping your blogs frequently updated is one of the key points of content marketing. It will increase web interaction and make your website much more appealing to customers and visitors.

  • Mageplaza Is Now A Select Magento Extension Builder

    Mageplaza has become a Magento partner - We are now a Select Extension Builder

  • Big Data: A new trend in e-commerce

    Since the 5 megabytes IBM hard disk that weighed over a ton and ran 24-inch (60-cm) discs in 1956, technologies have leaped far with many breakthroughs in storage capacity. However, the amount of information created has also increased exponentially along with it. There comes a point where there are so much data, traditional methods of processing become inadequate to deal with them.

  • Online Shopping Cart - How does it work?

    These days, there is a growing trend of online shopping thanks to the convenience of internet usage. According to Rishabh Software, the global retail eCommerce sales have increased 0.52 trillion US dollars only in a two-year period from 2014 to 2016. We can’t deny that this trend creates significant changes in customers behaviors, or more clearly, the way people buy and spend on things. Customers can surf the web, find the products they want, purchase, and wait for those goods to be delivered right to their places while staying at home, sitting on their favorite couch, or lying on their comfortable bed. The easier online shopping is, the more demanding customers are towards the services. Therefore, e-stores have to force themselves to join in a competitive race, in which stores try to fulfill all of the customers’ need as perfectly and quickly as possible.

  • GDPR on Magento 2 - Comprehensive Step-by-Step Guideline

    This complete guideline is for ecommerce and Magento 2 stores with step-by-step instructions on general GDPR understanding, preparation, handy extensions and comprehensive compliance guide of GDPR.

  • Mageplaza Size Chart - Awesome features


  • July 2018

    Thank you for seamlessly supporting and trusting in Mageplaza. It’s our big honor to serve you on our store. We are striving every day to bring you better service and products.

  • A must-have tool for professional wholesalers


  • Better Popup - A better solution for leads collection

    Popups are becoming a phenomenon nowadays when almost online stores use it. Integrating popups into your store will be an amazing solution for visitors to pay attention to them. With the help of the popups, all latest and hot stuff on your site will be transfer to visitors in the shortest way.

  • August 2018

    Thank you for seamlessly supporting and trusting in Mageplaza. It’s our big honor to serve you on our store. We are striving every day to bring you better service and products.

  • Power of an effective FAQ page

    Do you always think that the contact page is one of the most important and valuable contents on your website? Yes, however, according to recent studies, your contact page is not the most valuable page. That is an FAQ page. The FAQ is short for Frequently Asked Questions.

  • An optimal solution for multi-channel online stores

    Selling your products through different channels such as Google shopping, eBay, Amazon, and Facebook is an excellent idea as they gain a massive amount of traffic every day. However, online stores often get in trouble with managing and inventory their stuff among those channels. Magento 2 Product Feed is born to solve this problem.

  • Boost upsell by Magento 2 Free Shipping Bar

    For online stores, the shipping cost incurred is mostly not included in their profit, and it even contributes to the cart abandonment rate. It’s because customers seem to hesitate to spend a little more money to receive their favorite products at hand without traveling. They enjoy the convenience of online shopping but do not want to pay the cost for that convenience; it is the truth, sadly.

  • Magento 2 Daily Deal - awesome sales motivation tool

    According to, there are nearly 83 million people who subscribe to a daily deal site to look for discounts. Naturally, when comparing similar products, the price difference is the first thing listed at the top of customers’ concern. Understanding this behavior, Daily Deal extension for Magento 2 supports your site to create and manage deals for multiple products with ease. Customers can’t help but visit your site every day to check on new bargains, which means that the traffic will dramatically raise.

  • How to Custom Order Number

    In Magento 2 default, stores can create an order increment ID by a 9-digit number which starts from 00000001. However, this order number system, in many cases, results in the ineffective management of stock. Therefore, store owners want to change this number structure as well as other invoice documents. As you can not do it with the original Magento 2, you may need another tool.

  • September 2018

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  • How to Upload Any File to Product Page

    Some recent studies show that Product Attachments play an important role in a product. They offer for customers more detailed information about the products that they have purchased. Thanks to this module, you can decorate the product pages with special attachments which will attract customers with ease by eye-catching file icons as well as well-documented attachments.

  • How to configure Product Labels in Magento 2

    As a customer, when you visit any additional store, you will be attracted immediately with the product labels. And in fact, I’m also a consumer and I always check and view the label of the products. As you have known, the labels play an important role for each product, so you have to ensure that every product of your store must assign the labels in order to draw customer’s attention.

  • Mageplaza appears as a Silver sponsor in Meet Magento Asia 2018

    Our friends,

  • SEO You Will Read This Year (in 2018)

    The growth of SEO is growing as rapidly as the world is growing. What was working five years ago might not work today as it has lost its credibility. SEO helps in optimizing the ranking in the highest by responding to the online questions. It has evolved a lot from the last 20 years, so understand to optimize the content.

  • Product Return Rate: Statistics - Infographic

    Check the following online return Rate Statistics and trends. According the the report, there are more than 30% of all products ordered are returned as compared with 8.99% with offline orders.

  • October 2018

    Thank you for seamlessly supporting and trusting in Mageplaza. It’s our big honor to serve you on our store. We are striving every day to bring you better service and products.

  • SEO in 2020 & What Google is looking for

    When first entering to the competition of SEO, you may feel confused about tons of need-to-know things optimizers are whispering out there. Furthermore, you would probably know that there are many optimization experts have been in the world of SEO for over a decade, constantly adapt to any Google new updates.

  • How to choose where to sell your products - Comprehensive guide

    There is a truth that the store owners often take major consideration about the placement of their products. The reason is that choosing the ideal location for displaying products can bring great benefits for any brands. That is why in “4Ps” Marketing Mix, Place is considered one of the key elements in marketing strategies, besides Product, Price and Promotion.

  • 12 ways to immediately optimize your SEO ranking in 2020

    The biggest shopping season is coming soon no matter how well your website has been prepared. While other marketing efforts are definitely worth your biggest concern, SEO ranking improvement of your website and product content should also appear among the top priorities if you want the sales to bloom.

  • How to be successful on Amazon

    Recently, selling products on multiple shopping channels becomes a new trend, which is considered as the must-have integration in the era of information and technology. However, there is not any common one-for-all formula for sellers to achieve success on such those multiple platforms. Choosing the online distribution should be based on market condition, company condition as well as specific target customers.

  • Configure Call for Price

    Do you know that the price of a product plays a decisive role in whether consumers continue buying your product or not? Magento 2 offers a lot of programs that motivate your customers to contact your stores such as sign up, call for prices, and a variety of promotions. And this can create great incentives for customers to purchase your store’s products.

  • 15 SEO tools for Magento to help you boost rank on Google

    Search engine optimization requires a massive amount of workload, SEO-ers need to be both quick and patient. Being quick to keep pace in the rank competition in which search algorithm is ever-changing with regularly updated ranking signals. Being patient to do optimization tasks in high regularity, make sure the quality of particular ranking elements can meet the requirement.

  • 3 Creative name ideas for your Loyalty Program

    It is common to see several couples thinking about beautiful names for their babies even they just got pregnant for a few months. In other words, people are often obsessed by names as they believe that a name can strongly affect the first impression and feeling only by hearing the name.

  • 3 Case studies of outstanding Reward Programs

    Since the market has been increasingly competitive, several online merchants are struggling in deploying an effective loyalty program to build customer retention among buyers. A loyalty program is necessary for business doers as it helps to remain a sustainable number of customers to make purchases at stores. In other words, loyalty program pays the way for the continuous revenues for a business.

  • November 2018

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  • Top 17 Ecommerce Marketplaces in the World

    Choosing the right ecommerce marketplace can be challenging at times, especially if you are a vendor or a merchant. It is, however, sometimes equally daunting if you are a customer wanting to buy a product via your smartphone. With ecommerce marketplaces, there are some variables to consider. These include:

  • Revolutionize Customer Experience With The Best AI Chatbots On The Planet

    Customer service is a crucial element of growing businesses and needs to be considered with utmost sincerity and care. In order to improve customer service standard and meet pressing demands of rich engagement from consumers, businesses are increasingly adopting AI chatbots for their customer support. AI-powered chatbots are disrupting the landscape of customer service to enable a satisfying level of automated conversations and interactions.

  • What are the most essential features in Call for Price?

    Tables of contents

  • How to Hide Price and customize Add to Cart button in Magento 2

    Have you ever in the circumstance that you fail in seeking for a product’s price on an online store? Everything that can be seen is Call for Price, Click to find more or Login to see Price buttons. Most ordinary customers cannot understand what is the actual purpose behind the effort to conceal prices. However, many store owners, especially who are in a high-competitive market, know exactly what they are doing and how they benefit from the concealment.

  • The utmost benefits of Free Shipping Programs

    Table of contents What is a free shipping program? Why does free shipping matter? Motivate purchases from potential customers Improve the competitivity Eliminate shopping cart abandonment Persuasive statistics about free shipping When to offer Free Delivery? All of your competitors offer it You want to make your store standing out from the crowd Your store sells high-margin goods that are easy to ship You want to cut down the customer service issues and complaints How to offer a free shipping program? Configuration for Magento 2 stores Options for profitable Shipping Cost Promotion Lower Your Shipping Costs Conditional Free Shipping How to make buyers notice your free shipping program Overview Configuration Conclusion

  • How to configure Store Locator in Magento 2

    With numerous people, locating the nearest store and getting the accurate direction to that store are extremely difficult and complicated. To help you solve the problems, Store Locator is released. Magento 2 Store Locator extension takes advantage of the development of Google Maps and GPS, which allows users to locate any destination in the world no matter how long the address is. Besides, you could also view around the destination like you are there. As a result, customers could find out the nearest shop location and get the direction in the blink of an eye. Moreover, if you use the fully responsive feature, you will be able to process on various devices such as computers, tablets or mobiles freely.

  • How to configure Magento 2 Banner Slider

    A banner slider is a graphical display tool which allows you to create a series of banners or sliders and show it on your website, which can grab your customers’ attention as soon as they see your website. As a result, it would help you to engage with your visitors much easier. With Banner Slider for Magento 2 designed by Magaplaza, store owners can now create and insert an unlimited number of lively eye-catching banner sliders on their homepage and website. This extension can improve the visitor’s visual effects and UX, which could help grow the CTR for your promotion campaigns significantly.

  • How to optimize the Average Revenue Per User

    To grow a business, the owner needs to both talk the talk and walk the walk. Firstly, you need to be good at making promises. The tempting promises, if being made to right audiences at the right moments, will bring you expectable customers with greatest buying power. That is the talking part.

  • December 2018

    Thank you for seamlessly supporting and trusting in Mageplaza. It’s our big honor to serve you on our store. We are striving every day to bring you better service and products.

  • The necessity of an FAQ page in Ecommerce website

    The obvious answer to the question ‘What is FAQ page’ absolutely is the place to show most frequently asked question, of course. However, that is just a part of this page’s possibility. There are many remarkable benefits from building an FAQ page, which this article is going to mainly discuss.

  • Do I need to SEO for the FAQ page?

    Most shopping lovers would have known about the FAQ page, as it is the same old destination whenever they have a question about the product, service or the purchasing flow of the current website.

  • How is Big Data Upgrading the Healthcare Industry Altogether?

    Every industry in the market has its own significance and healthcare is definitely one of the major ones among them. In fact, the healthcare industry is a huge one which is even equally complex where the patients constantly ask for better care management. Recently, big data has made a grand entry in this sector and big data healthcare is constantly on the rise. Researchers even say that the worldwide big data in the healthcare industry is going to be worth $ 34.27 billion by 2022!

  • Magento 2 Order Export - optimal solution for your sales management

    As you know, exporting the orders plays an important role in each Magento store. Especial when you integrate your store with 3rd parties, this feature is more necessary at all. Fortunately, it is integrated into Mageplaza Order Export extension.

  • How to configure Extra Fee in Magento 2

    At present, the default of Magento only supports several fees such as Free shipping, Table Rate or Flat Rate. Because of that, whenever an addition fee incurred, store owners might have to add them directly to products prices and customers might not aware of it. It would probably grow the price of the product significantly.

  • Magento 2 Payment restriction - 4 most common case studies

    Magento 2 Payment Restriction by Mageplaza is a supportive tool which helps store owners to restrict the use of payment methods based on specific conditions such as store views, customer groups, countries/states, product attributes and more.

  • Configure Shipping Rules in Magento 2

    Magento 2 Shipping Rules is a feature which allows you to create sets of conditions which control the way your orders are shipped to customers. It includes rules about weight, value, destination-based, SKU based, box and so on. With Magento 2 Shipping Rules by Mageplaza, you will be able to create unlimited shipping rates which followed several specific rules. Thank for Shipping Rules extension, shop owners can now adjust the shopping costs in order to make it suitable in different situations.

  • How Quick View + AJAX Cart increase CR & CX on your e-store

    Table of contents

  • Applicable case studies of Magento 2 Customer Attributes

    Customer Attributes offers all the information which is needed to support the order, the fulfillment and the processes of customer management. But in Magento 2, store owners are only allowed to collect name, date of birth and tax number of customers. Now with Magento 2 Customer Attributes by Mageplaza, you can add extra attribute fields to collect more valuable information of customers on registration and also on the account page.

  • How to take advantage of Order attributes in Ecommerce

    Have you ever seen the situation that a shipper does everything but fails to contact their customers? It is a really common circumstance that thousands of online businesses get in every day. Even though, this is just one in a thousand issues caused by the bad information transferring between stores and their own customers. No alternative address, lacking special notes, or information product/ service special requirement, all these problems can result in an unsatisfied final product delivered to the customer. That’s why a high informative checkout page is needed.

  • Store Localization - Solution for global ecommerce stores


  • 6 surprising benefits of an optimized Thank You Page


  • 3 Outstanding Benefits of Tiered Pricing Application by Better Change Qty


  • Required Login - When and How to restrict page access


  • 10 Digital Marketing Trends You Should Look Out For In 2020

    Contents AI that’s too good at its job Content Marketing Personalized E-mails Marketing Video advertisement marketing Chatbots for Marketing Facebook Marketing Voice searches marketing Accelerated mobile pages Influencers do their job Omnichannel marketing Conclusion

  • Magento 2 Multiple Coupons - Motivate customers to buy & Eliminate losing money


  • How e-stores benefit from Store Credit

    Contents What is Store Credit? Why online store must use this awesome tool? Compensation for a poor shopping experience Encourage sales for specific products or during certain periods Cashback to customers’ store credit as a loyalty program Highlight features of Mageplaza Store Credit Edit store credit balance with ease Buy store credit product with a better price Credit balance notification Full features list Store Credit for store admins Store Credit for customers

  • January 2019

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  • Also Viewed - Cross-sell effectively


  • 15 Most Popular Shipping Rules for Magento 2 stores

    Shipping expenses can be an appealing incentive for customers but also can be a money-wasting investment. It depends on how you spend. An unstrategic delivery cost expenses can result in an unexpected overpayment and badly hurt your budget.

  • Double extend to 60-day money back guarantee

    Working hard as a Magento 2 select extension builder for 3 years, Mageplaza has been always known for its good-quality extensions and excellent support services. However, we have never stopped striving to figure out the way to serve customers better and to bring them the best we could offer.

  • Magento 2 Product Alerts - Sales Driver for Online stores


  • Age Verification - How it works to protect your contents & customers


  • Document Management Software - Benefits of Converting to a Paperless Office

    Benefits of Converting to a Paperless Office Keep your employees happy Save the trees, save life on earth Easy for Audit Saving a huge time Flexibility Security Limitless storage No clutter in the workplace Everything in your fingertips Sharing knowledge is easier Top 5 Free document software management tools SutiDMS software OpenDocMan software LogicalDOC software OpenKM software Bitrix24 software So? Are you ready to go paperless?

  • 13 AI Terms Every Digital Marketing Professional Should Know

    Suddenly, artificial intelligence (AI) took a prevalent position in the world of digitalisation. If we look a few decades back when scientists were talking about artificial intelligence, was looking like a dream.

  • Future of Magento: The Impact, Success and Issues

    Magento is one of the most popular e-commerce platforms in the world. Being acquired by Adobe in May 2018, it has a high chance of getting equipped with a lot of highly effective features. As a result, it will be able to create a massive impact in 2020 and beyond in the world of e-commerce.

  • How Magento stores manage orders effectively using Order Archive


  • 5 Tips for a Successful Mobile Digital Marketing Strategy

    A marketing strategy is crucial for the survival of any possible business. But identifying the right approach is the challenge.

  • The Power of Better Product Reviews on E-commerce stores


  • February 2019

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  • How Import Export Categories reduces workload for Magento stores


  • Magento 2 stores - Attract more customers by Custom Stock Status


  • How To Optimize Checkout Page On Mobiles


  • Business Intelligence Market Research with E-commerce business growth

    Table of Contents Introduction E-commerce and the changing face of business The role of Business Intelligence and Analytics in online commerce Conclusion

  • How 95% Of Mageplaza's Users Are Satisfied With The Services


  • Add & Configure Gift Wrap in Magento 2


  • Better Wishlist - Greater Customer Experience in Magento 2 Stores


  • How to configure Import Export CMS pages


  • Google Mobile-First Indexing: Everything You Need to Know to Rank Well

    Tables of contents What is Mobile-First Indexing, Anyway? 1. Verify with Google Search Console Benefits of Using the Google Search Console Using the Mobile Usability Checker 2. Ensure Mobile-Friendliness 3. Use Responsive Design Using the Responsive Checker Tool 4. Optimize Metadata Final Thoughts

  • 4 Ps Of Marketing

    In the 1950s Neil Borden popularised the term marketing mix which contained more than ten elements of marketing. The fundamental among them was the 4 Ps of marketing. Later in the 1960s, Jerome McCarthy devised the 7 Ps model, refining the essentials from the marketing mix. Over time many Ps have been crystallized like 5Ps, 8Ps, etc. But the 4Ps of marketing is like the purest crystal which cannot be refined further. Every other Ps-model is either an expansion or modification of the original 4Ps. We may add two or more Ps to the 4Ps, but we can’t move a P out of it. Hence, it is the bedrock of marketing of any kind.

  • How to perform Mass Order Actions with a few clicks


  • Better Sorting - A Smart Filter for online stores’ visitors


  • Determining Factors to Improve Conversions Using Psychology in Web Design

    When trying to make a sale, what you’re doing is not trying to peddle a product or a service but to sell an idea. In order to get there, you need to A) identify what your audience wants and B) persuade them to get it from you. For this to work, they need to trust you, see your goods as something with a great price-to-quality ratio and be mentally prepared to make this leap of fate. Doing business with someone for the first time is a risk, which is why most people need to go through several stages before finally becoming paying customers.

  • How to secure data access by Catalog Permissions


  • The Outstanding Applications of Membership Extension

    Clarifying customers into different Membership groups so far is an excellent way to serve them better. Memberships will receive corresponding benefits to their levels. It is also a way that online stores encourage their clients to conduct more purchases so that they can be upgraded to higher levels with appealing incentives. In this blog, hopefully, visitors will get some basic knowledge of Membership plugin, a helpful tool for store owners to manage their membership programs effectively.

  • 5 Excellent Marketing Ideas For April Fool's Day

    Make Use Of April Fool’s Day To Prompt Sale And Marketing Real-time Marketing April Fool’s Day 5 April Fool’s Marketing Ideas Market A Fake Product Offer A Discount That’s Too Good To Be True Make A Fake Announcement Surprise Your Customers Fool Day- No Fool Traits Of A Winning April Fool’s Day Email Campaign Maximize The Effectiveness Of The Campaign Make Customers Believe Trick Easily Be Different Try out subject lines Use humor Be straightforward Attach your brand’s image Avoid Negative Pranks Do not cause harm to subscribers Do not go overuse brand image Conclusion

  • March 2019

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  • Quick Order By SKU In Magento 2

    The SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) of Magento 2 Quick Order module will create plenty of merits to B2B e-commerce businesses. If admins can fully take advantage of the SKU in Quick Order, it will become the stores game changer for owners who especially want their familiar customers to purchase products from stores sites with quick order.

  • How to make your online store stand out

    The e-Commerce market is expanding rapidly with an estimated number of 1.66 billion people worldwide who spend their money to buy stuff online. The growing trend of online shopping leads to the establishment of thousands and millions of online business in order to satisfy all of the customers’ shopping demands. Clearly, in that circumstance, your store might be a drop in the ocean. However, I believe that you don’t want your e-Commerce store to be just a simple, ordinary drop that can be wiped out easily in the fierce waves.

  • How to configure Shipping Restriction in Magento 2

    These days, sitting at home and place orders in online shops from distant, even from foreign countries, is not far more strange to us. In contrast, it is much more familiar and convenient than the traditional shopping way we used to experience before, especially with busy people. As a result, multiple shipping methods are introduced to full fill the customer demand and also optimize store workload. However, how to manage the various shipping methods in an effective way that do not make a mess? We will introduce to you a must-try tool on Magento 2 store: Shipping Restrictions. Let see how it brings your shipping system the best performance.

  • 5 Tips To Increase Sales By Creating Urgency


  • Quickly Update Bulk Products by Mass Product Actions

    Let’s think about several large websites such as Amazon, BestBuy or Alibaba who sell hundred thousands of products to online customers. How can they manage and update their stock in time and in the most efficient way? How many administrators and related people must work together to finish updating their products one by one? Almost they cannot do that way. People need to save their time to think and do the creative works that machines generally cannot replace. Hence, a Mass Product Actions tool seem to be indispensable for online websites. This blog helps you know well the importance of Mass product actions as well as its amazing features to be a great assistant of any store admin.

  • Magento 2 Excellent Ideas for Loyalty Programs

    According to the research from Colloquy Customer Loyalty Census, 2017, 54% memberships is joining inactively to their Loyalty Programs. This is an unfortunate number for every store who always tries to make their customer eager and happy with their reward systems. In this post, we would be delighted to bring users the most effective Loyalty program ideas which are learned from our long-term running business. Besides, for Magento 2 websites, we would love to recommend a handy tool which is Loyalty Program extension. Let’s see how amazing it is!

  • Better Static Block - Effectively Manage your Blocks

    Content management plays an indispensable role on Magento 2 websites. Yet, it is not always easy to handle as the way you want. Admins have various contents to deal with and to make sure that those can reach customers in the best way. Static Blocks take the majority of all content on your websites. Hence, in this post, we would love to help you know more about Static Block functions as well as suggest a Static Block extension supporting your stores effectively.

  • 10 Steps to Start a Small Business Online


  • How can you Migrate Magento Store from cPanel to Cloud Hosting

    Magento is one of the most renowned and successful platforms in the world of e-commerce development because of its useful and essential features. There are a huge number of online stores who use Magento for their online business stored that are hosted on various services.

  • April 2019

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  • Mageplaza is undergoing a bit of scheduled maintanance

    Dear our valued customers,

  • How to set up Tier Price in Magento 2

    Market and Business doers always try to create the most efficient pricing strategy which is suitable to their companies. Tier Price is one of the most popular and effective approaches to drive your sales dramatically. In this blog, we will, together, get to know why Tier Pricing is a profitable tool for Magento 2 stores and How to set it up on your website?

  • 3 Practical Ways To Offer Meaningful Personalization for Online Businesses

    Table of content

  • How the Progressive Web Apps Can Revolutionize the Entire Magento Experience

    Back in January, Adobe made the general release of Progressive Web Applications (PWA) Studio. It allows the developers to make Magento applications similar to mobile applications. In fact, the user experience will be so seamless that it will be hard to differentiate between the Magento PWA and the native mobile app.

  • How to Add Custom Field to Checkout Page in Magento 2

  • Why online store need Custom Order Number

    As the online stores have to handle hundreds or thousands of orders each month, the store has to face a significant amount of information about orders. Because of that reason, the custom order number will appear as an identifying code that will be unique for different orders. This will provide the ability to easily keep track of every single order along with controlling its status which can be a time-consuming task for the sellers.

  • Magento 2.3.2 Release Notes

    Table of contents Magento 2.3.2 Release Date Magento 2.3.2 Release Notes Increased focus on Security Performance Improvements Infrastructure developments Merchant tool improvements Vendor-developed extension enhancements Inventory Management enhancements GraphQL Storefront accessibility improvements BlueFoot to Page Builder content migration Magento 2.3.2 new features Support Policy from Magento 2.3.2 How to Download Magento 2.3.2 Magento 2.3.x Demo Wait for Magento 2.3.3 Release

  • How to Add Multiple Products to Cart on Magento 2

    Adding product to cart in bulk, which is one of main features in Quick Order M2, is available to fulfill the demand for any B2B store owners who want to simplify the ordering experience for store clients or partners. The feature helps to design for wholesales buyer a private page for ordering in order to enhance the convenience and satisfaction to carry on having long-lasting relationships with your business partner.

  • Magento Imagine 2019 - Recaps and Personal Experience from Mageplaza

    Table of Contents Overview New Challenges & Opportunities Progressive Web Apps - the future of mobile shopping are here PWA Studio to have a native and robot integration to Paypal Braintree Integration with Adobe Commerce Cloud Magento Roadmap Power of Adobe Sensei to be brought to Magento Commerce Amazon Sales Channel Integration Google Shopping ads Channel Integration Omnichannel Order Management Future of Magento and Adobe

  • Shopping Holiday Season Calendar - Essential Element For Marketing Plans

    Holiday dates are great opportunities for e-commerce stores to run marketing campaigns and boost sales effectively. This is the most profitable periods which every store make great efforts to draw customers attraction and increase sales as much as possible. This article will analyze the key benefits of holiday dates in marketing and the tip to keep track of all holiday dates in multiple nations.

  • May 2019

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  • How to Add Order Labels/ Notes/ Tags in Magento 2

    How can store admins optimize their order management process, with thousands of orders and will increase everyday? Being able to create Order Labels is one of the best ways to reduce admins’ workload and the chaos on your order system. By giving a deep knowledge of Order Labels and its benefits to administration tasks, this post is written for you who are looking for a great solution of managing orders effectively. Let’s see how can we add Order Labels in Magento 2 stores.

  • How to Integrate Moneris Payment with Magento 2 stores

    Canadian and American customers who usually buy stuff online certainly have exposed to Moneris Payment Method, which is used by almost shopping websites within their countries. Moneris is known as a cheap cost, high security and user-friendly payment gateway. If you are a website owner and you are considering of Moneris integration on your checkout page, you found the right place! We would love to provide some statistics for Moneris payment at the beginning of this post. Then store admin will be guided on how to integrate this payment method into your website using Mageplaza Moneris extension, the ultimate solution for a professional checkout process.

  • How Magento stores Process Worldwide Payments by Stripe

    Payment is considered to be the last step on the customer purchase journey. It will decide whether a visitor becomes your customer or not. Hence, provide them the most convenient checkout process is the priority purpose of online stores. Mageplaza is eager to introduce a famous payment gateway: Stripe. How it works, and why people choose it for their websites?

  • 9 Ecommerce Mistakes That Can Bleed Your Profit To Death

    Table of contents Rushing Your Business Math Product Returns and Fraudulent Purchases Not Understanding Your Target Audience Fixed Shipping Costs And Using The Wrong Packaging Making the Wrong Investments Inconsistent Ecommerce Branding Choosing The Wrong Platform Underestimating the Power of User Experience Brushing Aside Customer Feedback Conclusion

  • How to Switch Customer Groups Automatically by Milestone Extension

    Are you running a Magento website with a huge and diverse customer base? Is it hard to arrange and control all customers groups yet still keep them motivated to purchase more on your stores? It’s time you need a solution to deal with customer groups management. In this post, we would love to introduce Milestone extension, or often called Auto Switch Customer Group. How powerful this extension is and which functions make it so outstanding rather than other modules? Let’s explore together!

  • How to Manage Orders Effectively by Better Order Grid

    Are you looking for an effective tool to manage the Order Grid on your Magento 2 store? Since the Default functions supported by Magento is pretty limited, with the huge number of orders to deal with, admins sometimes cannot handle their order data. Hence lower your administration performance, which directly affects your sales and revenue. In this blog, we want to introduce Better Order Grid extension by Mageplaza, one must-try assistance for your stores.

  • How to Set Up Configurable Products Preselect on Magento 2

    You are running a website with a significant number of Configurable Products. Your customers take time to select the product attributes and waiting for loading the new outlook of your configurable products. Do you want to provide them a better shopping experience and boost up your conversion rate? If yes, we believe that your store needs a Configurable Products Preselect extension with the advanced features and easy to set up at backend. Now let’s see what we have here!

  • Understanding Of Micro And Macro Factors That Affect Your Business

    Table of contents What is the micro-environment? What is the macro-environment? Micro-environment factors: Customers Suppliers Resellers Competitors The general public Macro-environment factors Economic factors Demographic forces Technological factors Natural and physical forces Political and legal forces Social and cultural forces SWOT analysis In Summation

  • How to Integrate Google Analytics in Magento 2

    According to W3Techs, Google Analytics is being used by 52.9 percent of all websites on the internet, more than 10 times the next most popular analytics option, Yandex Metrics. Why Google Analytics takes this high user number from website owners over the world. In this post, we will typically give out the most important reasons for that question. Also, we will guide you on how to integrate the highly recommend Google Analytics extension for any Magento 2 store.

  • How to Integrate Progressive Web App in Magento 2

    To be successful in today’s business world, it’s crucial for Magento e-commerce stores to approach potential customers who had shopping habits on mobile devices. Although there are many solutions to appeal to mobile users such as create a responsive website, build a native app or hybrid app, develop Progressive Web App - PWA in Magento 2 seems to be the hottest trend. Let’s figure out what this technology can bring about and how we can apply it to existing Magento stores.

  • Plan Of Your Value Chain To Deliver Your Products

    In the world of business, organizations of all shapes and sizes are swayed by the competitive environment, which has been more challenging than ever before. For many companies, continually examining the value they create is vitally important if they want to retain their competitive advantage. Value chain analysis is a proper method for drawing a critical path to increase customer value but with lower cost.

  • 6 Steps to Define your Internal Resources: What Can You Sell?

    Starting an online business has never been easy, but deeply understanding your internal resources can help run your company more smoothly. It is necessary to be aware of what factors you can control which affect your strategy and decision-making process of selling products. Therefore, examining all capabilities within your business will better equip you to grow a prosperous one.

  • Integrate Sage Pay in Magento 2

    For online shoppers, the things they truly concern when making payment online is no doubt the security of their card information. Understanding the importance of protecting customers’ private data, especially payment data, Sage Pay is born to handle the customer and online business worry. In this blog, users can have some basic views about Magento 2 SagePay extension gateway as well as be guided simply to integrate Sage Pay Extension for your Magento 2 websites.

  • June 2019

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  • Instant search for products to quick order in Magento 2

    Bulk purchasing is a widespread method for wholesalers to maximize profit. When it comes to e-stores, the importance of an instant search box for goods to quick orders is undeniable. Instead of wasting much time looking for something in a wide range of products, customers can capture what they need in the blink of an eye.


    Have you ever felt being unable to express your self through online e-commerce? Do not want to attract customers to buy your product in bulk? Where can you show price for bulk buyers? As Mageplaza saw the demand of sellers who wants to have several methods to motivate customer buying behavior. The Magento 2 Upgrade Price On Quantity Change featured in Magento 2 Better Change Qty help you to update your price easily through few steps in your store sites backend to encourage customer change to buy more than one item of your stores.


    View Full Holiday Guide


    Purchasers love flash sales, obviously. The business strategy is common to everyone; nevertheless, not all online stores still conquer this form of sale successfully. Some business doers find it hard to make daily deals really work and convert visitors to customers.


    FAQ pages seem to be a small part of online stores. In fact, to develop a strong e-commercial business, it is important to consider every single page of your website. It is missing without mentioning Questions & Answers sections that make a range of benefits for both sales and customer services. Some valuable tips below will assist administrators to optimize Q&A pages with ease.


    Magento 2 Custom Order Number made by Mageplaza is well-known as an indispensable tool which supports store owners to customize the default string of Magento 2 to the sophisticated one to manage and protect business data. The most useful feature of this module is generating the same invoice number based on the purchase number. This function helps shop admins save time to control their work.


    Q & A sections play an important role in motivating customers to complete the checkout process. Customizing page designs is one of the key functions of Magento 2 FAQ extension stores to raise more readers’ attention. In addition to the design customization, the FAQ extension provides the terrific functions of optimized FAQ homepage and question categories, bringing a range of benefits to storing owners.


    It goes without saying that everyone has a wishlist. When it comes to e-commercial businesses, the wishlists are considered a useful tool to improve customer experiences as well as enhance conversion rates.


    Before making any decision like performing orders, calling for price or bargaining for mass orders, visitors just want to search and compare to have enough information. Web browsers often use Quick View function to narrow down the range of products and add them to a comparison list showing characteristics of several products in one place to view quickly their pros and cons.


    The order number is critical information that customers will receive after each successful purchase. Shoppers use it to easily keep track of the shipment while store owners utilize it to control the statistic number of orders, internal checking. This is the reason why online stores need Custom Order Number appearing as a unique code for different purchases to identify buyers. Adjusting the order number is an essential task for store admins. Mageplaza Custom Order Number extension is a useful solution that helps e-commerce stores set order ID system flexible and improve sales management.

  • How to use CartaSi Payment in Magento 2 stores

    Do you really want to be successful with your e-commerce businesses on the Italian market? How can you reach the majority of customers using Italia Banks and related services? In this blog, we would be glad to introduce the most commonly used and trusted payment gateway for Italian: CartaSi. Integrating this payment into your Magento 2 store is so simple now with CartaSi Payment from Mageplaza which ensures that your Italian customers can pay using a familiar and secure payment method.


    Ultimate Guide for Holiday Shopping Season 2020 An A-Z guide for your marketing and sale campaigns this shopping season Download PDF

  • The Best Incentive: Free Shipping

    Ultimate Guide for Holiday Shopping Season 2020 An A-Z guide for your marketing and sale campaigns this shopping season Download PDF

  • International Online Business Laws you need to know

    With the ever-changing Internet, currently, there are more and more online businesses that appear in many industries around the globe. If you are coming up with the idea of an online store, it would be much wiser to be aware of what international online business laws you need to comply with.

  • How to offer convenient shopping with Magento 2 Save Cart And Buy Later

    Do you know that 84% of buyers always make a comparison between different items from various brands before they can truly buy one? Understand the customers thought and behaviors, Magento also offers Shopping Cart function, allowing customers to add their favored items to cart and buy it later. More than the default functions provided, in this post, Mageplaza introduces the advanced feature in Save Cart for Later module as well as it’s outstanding applications for online stores.


    With the considerable purchasing power of global consumers, the proliferation of social media users, and the continuously progressing technology, the future of Ecommerce in 2020 and beyond is still more vibrant as ever. It is obvious that the holiday season is a big opportunity for you to get more revenue! In this article, we share with you 2019 shopping holiday season statistics and predictions for a new year. We hope that this useful information can help you get ready to elevate your Ecommerce business in 2020 holiday season into a new level.


    Are you having to work with a huge number of orders every day? Have you ever got trouble in missing information or take too much time to find related order data in different pages? Our website has been through this situation before. As a need, Order History extension is introduced to helps store admins deal with a large number of orders in Magento system. We would love to give you some ideas about this helpful module and hope you can have a solution for your administration job.

  • How To Build An Easy-to-use Website Which Reaches Customers Most?

    “Websites promote you 24/7: No employee will do that.” -Paul Cookson


    Being outstanding among your competitors require Magento 2 stores many distinctive features that make your customers stay with you. The competitions become denser since the number of digital websites increases with unimaginable rate. Hence, provide customers appealing and unique promotions is a must-do-thing with us. In this post, we are going to give you some ideas about the need for Special Promotions module in your online shops.

  • 11+ Pros and Cons of Net Neutrality in 2020

    Ah, the good ol’ internet, with its abundance of information. Those who say they hate it are lying and those who cannot use it are considered illiterate in today’s day and age.

  • Get ready for the early birds in holiday shopping season

    Ultimate Guide for Holiday Shopping Season 2020 An A-Z guide for your marketing and sale campaigns this shopping season Download PDF

  • Complete guide to build an effective loyalty program

    Ultimate Guide for Holiday Shopping Season 2019 An A-Z guide for your marketing and sale campaigns this shopping season Download PDF

  • Get Your Online And Mobile Platforms Ready For Holiday Shopping Seasons

    View Full Holiday Guide


    Ultimate Guide for Holiday Shopping Season 2020 An A-Z guide for your marketing and sale campaigns this shopping season Download PDF

  • A Flexible Promotional Calendar for Holiday Shopping Seasons

    View Full Holiday Guide

  • Upgrade wishlists to make your customers happy

    Ultimate Guide for Holiday Shopping Season 2020 An A-Z guide for your marketing and sale campaigns this shopping season Download PDF


    Ultimate Guide for Holiday Shopping Season 2019 An A-Z guide for your marketing and sale campaigns this shopping season Download PDF

  • Auto and manually approve registered accounts by Customer Approval

    Have you ever faced any trouble in handling the problems on your site getting swarmed by fake customer accounts? Have you ever seen your store’s performance is so slow because of an overload on your server or database as a result of spam customer registrations? If you are really in this trouble, your website need a tool to selectively approve the new registered

  • Assortment Optimization - Create What Your Customers Want

    Ultimate Guide for Holiday Shopping Season 2019 An A-Z guide for your marketing and sale campaigns this shopping season Download PDF


    Free shipping is considered as a growing trend in the e-commerce industry to remain competitive and increase customers’ shopping cart size. There are some reasons behind offering to deliver without cost. The first one is that customers like to get something free. High transport expense often causes the cart abandonment, which negatively affects the stores’ turnover. Free Shipping Bar extension was born as a solution to increase the number of sales and lead to a reduction of the bounce rates. It works as a reminder informing visitors the benefit of getting products without paying an extra fee on shipping or the lacking amount of money to reach the threshold for free delivery. When shoppers have an awareness of being offered free stuff, they are willing to buy a little more. With a considerable amount of “a little more” from buyers, online stores can increase its revenue.

  • How to Programmatically Replace Add to Cart Button

    When visiting online stores, users catch some displayed products without the Add to Cart button and have no idea about the circumstance. They only view some available options of Call For Price, Click to find more and Login to see price. There is obviously not on the wrong track! E-commerce businesses tend to use this helpful way to make a private negotiation with customers as well as prevent threats from the competitive market.

  • How to Attach PDF to a Product in Magento 2

    Demands of customers for learning more product-related information have an impact on their purchasing decisions, so it is essential for Magento stores to link PDF files to their products. An appealing icon and an informative file draw guests’ attention and motivate them to complete the checkout process.

  • Hide or Disable Add to Cart Button in Magento 2

    In some specific circumstances, store owners put products on display without selling, and they need to hide Add to cart button. Via the helpful extension named Magento 2 Call for Price, administrators are able to manage the products with ease.

  • How to Customize Size Charts in Magento 2?

    For clothing and accessory online businesses, the sizing system is incredibly complex as they often left shoppers to confuse and wonder whether the products can fit them or not. These issues mainly stemmed from the differences in nations where the unit of measure and body shape can vary in numerous ways. Although your sites have reached to certain groups of customers, your stores might still unable to gain the highest revenue from them. Because they are hesitant when there is no standard sizing system available.

  • How to Configure Instance Search on FAQ Pages

    A quick search box is regarded as an effective tool for visitors to look up questions on a particular topic. With the aim of reducing time in finding information, Magento 2 FAQ by Mageplaza is published to meet the shopper needs immediately. In addition, some outstanding features such as SEO-friendly FAQ sections and Question Categories have considerable effects on the information search process. Thus, conversion rates of e-stores will increase remarkably.

  • How to Add Customized Size Charts in Magento 2?

    Customers often find it difficult to choose which size of the items to purchase due to the inadequate information from the online stores. Therefore, adding Customized Size Charts is a great way to provide specific instruction to the customers which are featured in Magento 2 Size Chart module.

  • How Product Feed Helps Boost Sales across Online Marketplaces

    Online marketplaces are a favorable environment for eCommerce businesses to achieve successful sales results. To take advantage of marketplaces, a product feed is what e-stores need to increase sales faster and make more profits. Mageplaza Product Feed for Magento 2 is an advanced tool that generates and runs product feeds on shopping channels. Via the module, online businesses easily draw customers’ attention, improve conversion rates and boost sales faster.


    When your business selling clothing or accessories, it is fundamental to create a well-informed Size chart for your visitors. Also, fast and convenient is also critical for admins when creating size charts. With that demand in mind, Mageplaza has created 6-most used size charts templates provided by Size Chart extension to enhance your experiences.


    Does Magento 2 default is enough to satisfy you? If not then you have come to the right place.

  • 12 Best free Image Optimization Tools

    Want to make your websites appeal with high-quality images? But you worried that beautiful pictures can hurt your page loading speed so badly. Fear no more because there are tools existed for you to solve it for free.

  • How to set up Exit Intent Popups in Magento 2

    Nowadays, Exit Intent Popups become a popular trend that online stores often use as a marketing strategy to retain customers on their site and convert non-login visitors to their potential clients. Popups ensure its content gets read because it jumps out on the screen in front of web browsers’ eyes. Store owners can notify discounts, coupons, and hot deals via popups to get the attention of shoppers. Integrating popups into your ecommerce stores is an effective solution to make visitors have an awareness of your brands. Developed by professional experts in Mageplaza, Better Popup extension with its similar name is Exit-Intent Popup has a crucial role in improving customer retention and conversion rates.

  • How to Customize Popups in Magento 2?

    Popups are well-known as a tool of online marketing with the purpose is to attract web traffic and collect visitors’ email addresses. Store owners often use popups to make web browsers stay interested and bring them more curiosity and willingness to explore their websites. Visitors can leave your site for many reasons. If you let them go away without leaving any information, you will not apply further marketing steps to make them come back. The returned shoppers is an essential factor for any e-commerce stores. Exit Intent Popup attempts to get the visitors’ attention while they are going to leave away. Popups have the primary role in keeping visitors stay longer on your site and collect their information. So they need to match with your website’s theme. Otherwise, clients will wonder if they have accidentally navigated to a different website. Store admins need to try to tie their popup’s design to the rest of their site via some attributes: color, font, logo, imagery.

  • How to customize design for Magento 2 Quick Order Page

    Wholesales customers are considered as a crucial factor of online stores, especially for B2B business. Instead of spending time going shopping in a brick and mortar shop in a traditional way, customers can stay at home and click to buy their preferred products online. Clients can encounter some issue in purchasing in bulk. They must use multiple steps during their shopping journey to complete their purchase, such as searching, selecting, and adding to cart. This process causes time-consuming and mistakes for customers because they need to deal with a massive quantity of products. Mageplaza Quick Order extension appears as an effective solution. This extension allows wholesales customers can add products in bulk with several clicks. The improved process keeps clients on a single page to hinder their abandonment.

  • July 2019

    Thank you for seamlessly supporting and trusting in Mageplaza. It’s our big honor to serve you on our store. We are striving every day to bring you better service and products.

  • How to configure question categories on FAQ pages

    When shopping online, consumers tend to look for more information on FAQs before making purchasing decisions. Buyers love to see transparency. Hence, creating a clear list of question categories is necessary for e-commercial businesses to boost sales and reduce time-consuming burdens for service departments.

  • 30+ Best Beautiful Free Stock Photos & Images Websites

    Photography has been a crucial part of any design as optimized images and photos not only help beautify your design but also help speed up the page load of your website. Fortunately, high-quality Free stock photos and images do not have to come hand in hand with high price tags. To prove it, we pick of 30 best free stock photos, images and videos shared by talented creators. From excellent working offices to stunning scenery, we are sure you will find what you want with the help of this impressive list.

  • How to create Multiple Wishlists in Magento 2

    For many online merchants, add to wishlist has become one of the must-have features to make the customer experience better. However, a regular wishlist is not good enough to support your store. With the tendency of most stores offers the same feature, customers want something more, something innovative to support their shopping journey.

  • How a merchant find Magento 2 extensions?

    The market of Magento 2 can be seen as chaotic by newcomers. Are you a merchant who tries to find the right extension for your online stores? With a variety of provider offer you hundreds of product with great features this, and great features that. It will be quite a headache if you read all of that product information and compare it with each other. Before you know how to run, you have to crawl first. So you need to be patient and get to know how to find Magento 2 extensions, I am delighted to provide you step by step guide to find the best modules for your store sites.

  • 30+ Best Software Outsourcing Companies in 2020

    Nowadays, a lot of businesses are on a tight race to gain a competitive advantage of minimizing cost, enhancing customer service, and maximizing efficiency. However, not every company has enough in-house staff who can take on the tasks which are not their strength. A common situation that many companies get into is a lack of expert software developers to build and maintain an excellent online presence as well as for other e-commerce purposes. So how to deal with this issue? The best solution is using software outsourcing. Take a look at the following list, then vet, and consider the best software outsourcing company you are looking for!

  • An Ultimate Guide Of Cost-benefit Analysis

    Business managers have to face dozens of decisions that need to be made every day. Good managers do not just make decisions based on instinct. Whenever you make a business decision, you have to weigh one option against another. Cost-benefit analysis is the simplest way which helps you to compare two options to decide which option is best for you. Performing a cost-benefit analysis is critical to any project. By using cost-benefit intelligently, you can minimize risks and maximize returns both for your project and your business.

  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

    In this day and age, corporate social responsibility has become increasingly important to companies. More and more businesses are integrating corporate social responsibility (CSR) into their business strategy. If you wonder why you need to pour your money and effort into CSR, keep reading, and you will find the answer!

  • Differences between Magento Commerce and Magento Open Source

    Magento is in the habit of constantly updating its features. It is popularly known that Magento has two different editions which are Magento Commerce and Open source. They are also often called Magento Community Edition and Magento Enterprise Edition.

  • SSL certificate for eCommerce Website?

    Imagine your bank details getting leaked to unauthorized internet users or hackers. It would be the worst nightmare, right? To make sure this never comes true, your eCommerce site should have an SSL certificate. Your eCommerce website is a platform that handles sensitive information of users and data security is a critical element in maintaining a trustworthy relationship with your customers. Without an SSL certificate, there is no other guaranteed way to maintain communication between the users and keep the website private from attackers. An SSL certificate ensures that all the sensitive communications on your website occur through a secure channel using data encryption.

  • How to Integrate Worldpay in Magento 2

    Are you afraid of losing customers due to unsafe payment on your site? You know how much the importance of your security on customers’ information. And you are wondering of which payment gateway can you trust to use on your Magento website? There are many choices for business owners today. Having worked on the e-commerce industry for many years, we had used the services from several popular payment vendors all over the world. One of the best we can say is Worldpay. In this post, Mageplaza will give you the basic information of this vendor and recommend you Magento 2 Worldpay extension which brings your stores advanced functions and promises to transform your customer experience dramatically.

  • How to implement 2Checkout in Magento 2 payment?

    Looking for a trusted payment gateway turns into a confounding fight to figure out which companies offer the best rates. Or which of them are accommodating for handling payment in various countries and how the frameworks coordinated along with your claim online store. The 2Checkout payment serves as a brilliant choice coordinated well with Magento stores.

  • How to display size chart buttons in Magento 2

    When it comes to the layout of the clothing and accessories stores, it is incredibly important to show the store’s sizing system.

  • Top 16 Magento 2 Agencies - Magento development agency in the world

    Do you want to create a high-quality online store for your customers to experience? However, you are still dizzying scrolling through a list of agents and do not know who to choose?

  • Show lively notifications and promotions with Promo Bar extension

    It is an undeniable truth that one of the foremost compelling ways to dispatch your advancement campaigns is to show pertinent notices to your target customers conveniently. Especially with a Magento 2 store, eye-catching Promo Bar is something you cannot disregard since they can offer great benefits such as Capture customer’s impression. Engrave the brand pictures profoundly in customers’ mind. Encourage clients to purchase products.

  • 4 steps to create Magento 2 Promo Banners with most clicks

    Not only designers in particular but also all online business doers want to have an effective banner for your marketing campaign. But the question is:

  • How to integrate CommWeb Payment in Magento 2 stores

    For eCommerce websites, payment security is an essential part of a convenient and trusted checkout process, which decides your customer’s enagement rate. If you are wondering to find the best payment gateway for your online store integration, you can continue to read this blog.

  • 36 Ways to optimize conversion rate & boost sales instantly

    These days, eCommerce businesses have been flocking to the extent of a commonplace idea. Starting up a business requires a motive strategy to make store visitors withdraw a purchase, after product sourcing, store set up and advertisement campaign. The process is called conversion, in the provision of conversion rate illustrating how well brand sites turn web traffic into revenue.

  • How to manage return requests by Magento 2 RMA

    Return is an inevitable situation in business. Allowing buyers to return unfavored or defective products is a way to attract and assure the product quality and stores’ services to their customers. Online shops can get trouble in return management activity because this process is pretty complicated and affect directly to both sites’ benefits. Understand the need, Magento 2 RMA extension is built to help all Magento 2 stores handle customers’ return requests and exchanges easier to protect customers will and eliminate business risk.

  • AI Marketing: What, Why and How to use Artificial Intelligence in Marketing

    When we think of artificial intelligence (AI), movies like the Terminator or–for the younger generation–Wall-E come into mind. Depending on which movie you watched, your perception of the future of AI can be scary or beautiful.

  • How to generate Barcode for Magento 2 products

    For business owners, it is not strange when we talk about Barcode. Since this small sign is used widely all over the world to manage and identify your product data, most of stores both online and offline need barcode assigned to their items. In this post, you are going to have better understanding of barcode origin, classification and functions in use. Also, you are recommended to use the Magento 2 Barcode from Mageplaza in the last part of the blog.

  • 6 Best eCommerce CMS for Online Businesses in 2020

    The growth of e-business is increasing like never before and it is expected to boom in upcoming years. To build an online website, considering an eCommerce CMS is a wise choice. From the article, we introduce the most outstanding platforms that are used popularly in 2020. Building a strong foundation from the beginning will help you boost sales and hit business success quickly.

  • How to show Magento 2 Configurable Products via table grid

    Do you know that, on average, three over four shoppers abandon their shopping cart in all industries? And one of the top causes of this number is “the complexity and time-consuming purchase process” as researched by

  • How to bargain Magento 2 products by Name Your Price extension

    As an online shopper, have you ever thought about your bargaining power when shopping online? It seems to be relatively strange if you can think about bargain since everything you are looking for is at a fixed price. However, there is no limitation for online business compared to the traditional market. Now shoppers can definitely offer a price to sellers, and in converse, suppliers also can consider the bargained price flexible. Both sides will be beneficial with Name Your Price function introduced in this post. 

  • 7 Things to Consider before Choosing Payment Gateway for your business

    As a business, you need to find a way to secure payments. But with so many choices in financial services when you start your e-commerce site, it can be incredibly daunting especially to new entrepreneurs.

  • August 2019

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  • How to define the best platform for your website

    Are you thinking to build your own business website? Does making the website seems daunting to you? Well, there is nothing more to fear as this article is going to get you a brie guide about building a website by implementing a few simple steps.

  • Magento 2 hide price if not logged in - hide price for guest

    Price has always been transparent when it comes to online ecommerce. It is a significant factor that helps your stores reach customers the fastest and engage with them better in the buying process.

  • Magento 2 guest checkout (Checkout as guests)

    As checkout always has the number one priority to optimization. It plays a considerable role to decide whether customers finish the conversion or not. It is the final stage before the money delivers to your store sales.

  • Why you should choose Cloudways Hosting for Magento 2 website?

    Let’s start with a fact - Magento powers more than 200,000 online retailers around the globe.

  • What is B2B sales? 3 Steps to a more successful B2B sales

    B2B is a complicated transaction that always being considered to be an offline business. To maintain their business, it requires the store to pour 100% devotion to nurturing long-term relationships with other companies with frequent contact, dinners, and presents. Also, it requires the sellers to bring the top-notch experience to the client (the companies) via a dedicated sales team.

  • How to Customize Minicart using Magento 2 Minicart extension

    You want your customers to be able to view all related information of their cart right on the minicart. They can even process to checkout without moving to any other page. That’s why we develop and introduce Magento 2 Minicart extension for your store. Via this blog, hope that you have a better view of this solution then make the wisest decision for your business.

  • Mageplaza x Cloudways: Grand Ecommerce giveaway 2020

    In eager anticipation for this year’s Holiday shopping season, we’ve joined the Grand Ecommerce Giveaway 2020 held up by Cloudways. The giveaway also gathers many different giants in Magento landscape bringing along with appealing premium tools. Make your entries and take a closer step to go big this Holiday season!

  • E-commerce Tips to Boost Sales - Sales Pack for Magento 2 stores

    If you want to make money online (MMO), it is a great choice to start building a website on Magento 2 platform - an easy and supportive way to go.

  • How to configure Search by SKU in Magento 2

    The more quickly customers find their needed products, the more likely they will make a purchase. As customers, you also might be afraid of being drowning in your products. If your store is a big one with a massive number of products, you must need a solution to track your inventory items and their variants easily. That’s why SKU is essential!

  • How to add & configure Search by category in Magento 2

    If you have an online store with several products, there is a good chance your customers will want to search within specific categories and not others. Come with the solution for this problem, Magento 2 Ajax Search includes search by category feature helping your online store searchable by categories.

  • Best tools for lucrative big data analytics

    Using Big Data analytics helps you dig into significant amounts of information to find hidden patterns, data connections, and other useful insights to help your business discover new opportunities.

  • What is B2B marketing: Meaning, Tools and Trends

    The B2B business is having a changing phrase where they have to satisfy the new generation of customers. The typical direct communication between sales and prospects or dinner and present will no longer suitable for the Millenials. Instead, the growth of B2B ecommerce will take place significantly in the future which will increase to exceed the B2C sales.

  • September 2019

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  • An Ultimate Guide for B2B Content Marketing and B2B Copywriting

    Would you like to reach more prospects, boost engagement, generate more leads and rocket your conversion rate? What better marketing tool to satisfy your needs than B2B content marketing? Content is a critical key to the success of any business. In this article, I will show you the definition of B2B content marketing and how it differ from B2B copywriting. Furthermore, you can also explore the process of creating a successful B2B content marketing strategy. Jump into this article right now!

  • Top B2B Marketing Strategies to Maximize your Growth in 2020

    Marketing to business is very distinguished from marketing to individual consumers. That is the reason for the existence of an entirely different marketing method - B2B marketing. With the changing expectations of customers and the maturation of marketing technologies, B2B marketing is fast evolving. To get the most bang for your buck, you need to keep updated with the latest B2B marketing strategies. Spending a few minutes of your time on this article, and you will have a deep understanding of B2B marketing and 4 best B2B marketing strategies for 2020!

  • 13+ Best Royalty Free Images Website to Download

    Having a bundle of catching and relevant images is a great tool to shine your content and engage your visitors. If you have spent time looking for these images, you have probably seen the term royalty-free. What is the difference between royalty-free and free of charge? In this article, I will show you what royalty-free images are and 13+ websites where you can download whatever royalty-free photos you want.

  • What is B2B e-Commerce? Trends & 5 Successful Examples

    Mentioning the significant presence of the e-Commerce world, people are familiar with many big names such as Amazon or eBay, which are Goliaths of the B2C e-Commerce business. However, the development of e-Commerce will not just stop at this version since there are a plethora of B2B e-Commerce companies that are now growing around the clock. Statistics have shown that B2B e-Commerce sales are expected to reach more than $6.6 trillion worldwide by 2020.

  • 6 Tips to deliver an ideal eCommerce customer experience

    Placing yourself in your customers’ shoes to offer them an unimaginable ecommerce customer experience is crucial. The way out is to simply improve shopping experience on your website and deliver to your customers an ideal ecommerce marketplace with these 6 tips.

  • Clever ways to succeed in eCommerce marketing campaigns

    Talking about eCommerce marketing, it is actually the practice of using promotional strategies and tactics to draw customers’ attention, drive traffic to your website and converting those potential visitors to your paying customers. Furthermore, marketing purpose also is maintaining loyal customer relationships.

  • 22 Tactics to create the best E-commerce Shopping Experience

    The meteoric bloom in e-commerce is undeniably shifting the market’s consuming habit tendency. People are having the propensity to buy goods and services from online sites rather than brick-and-mortar stores to take the utmost advantage of e-commerce convenience. Many businesses have been allured to put a step into this digital platform, but not all of them are lucky enough to achieve a sense of accomplishment.

  • Mobile pages that load 1 second faster see up to a 27% increase in conversion rate

    Walk down the street, and you will likely see people walking around with their eyes fixed on their mobile phones or with their fingers glued to their tablets. In these days and age, mobile devices are becoming essential shopping tools for more customers than ever before. To find out the nuances of mobile site shopping, Google partnered with SOASTA, a leading and analytics company. The key finding of this case study is that mobile page that loads 1 second faster see up to a 27% increase in conversion rate.

  • How to prepare your store for Halloween

    It is coming! The “scary-good” time of the year, and it is the Halloween day. Some people believe that it is just a minor holiday compared to Christmas and Easter, but they don’t know such small holidays as Halloween can bring significant growth in sales to their e-commerce business. Since many people of all ages are going to get into the Halloween spirit, there will be a surge in internet spending in this time period. So, if you don’t want to miss an opportunity of boosting your revenue, just spook out your website to join this amazing season trend and engage with as many customers as you can.

  • Magento 2 custom Product Collection with Layered Navigation

    The digital age has revolutionalized the ways for business operation and when the website is used streamingly as a powerful tool for its success. The more advanced technologies are, the more convenience store owner is supposed to offer their customers. Of course, no one wants to challenge their client’s patience and make them find it hard to look up for some of their favorite items in millions. As a result, they will immediately abandon shopping carts as their online purchasing is time-consuming and unsatisfied.

  • Avoid these 7 mistakes when you first start your online store

    In this modern day, you can easily be your own boss just by starting a small business online. However, it is difficult to run your business successfully since there are plenty of issues arise in the company’s development journey. Many store owners have been struggling to maintain their profitability and sustainability due to several mistakes they have made. So, if you are a newbie in the industry, having an understanding of the e-commerce common mistakes may help you survive in this competitive world of online business.

  • 7 Incredible ways to boost B2B sales

    Whether you have the best product, or your product and service have the most competitive prices, if people are clueless about it, they won’t buy it. This happens to both B2C and B2B selling, so there are many strategies and solutions needed if you want to increase the sales. Especially for B2B customers, they are way more complicated than B2C buyers because they are a group of decision-makers who make a detailed plan before purchasing your product. When it comes to B2B clients, it is more difficult to generate sales leads. But, don’t worry too much since this article is written to suggest you 7 incredible ways to boost your B2B sales for growing a business sustainably.

  • Magento 2.3.3 Release Notes

    Table of contents Magento 2.3.3 release date Important notice Magento 2.3.3 new features & updates Security is enhanced more sustainably Upgrades to core platform Performance boosts Enhancements in infrastructure Improvements in merchant tool Improvements in Inventory Management GraphQL PWA Studio Google Shopping ads Channel Magento Shipping Vendor-developed extension enhancements What’s fixed in Magento 2.3.3 Where to find the full Magento 2.3.3 release notes and support How to download and install Magento 2.3.3 Wait for Magento 2.3.4 Release

  • An ultimate A-Z guide for entrepreneurs to start a business

    Announcing the start of business means getting yourself prepared for a massive amount of work waiting ahead. Being a business owner is taking a step into the risk and return trade-off. The path for a finished business formation unfurls with horns, and entrepreneurs have to overcome those hindrances to trade for flowers. Recent business failure statistics have indicated the competitiveness and trickiness of this particular market. Still, higher risks can bring about higher returns and broaden the opportunity range at the end of the tunnel.

  • B2B e-Commerce Sites: 8 Tips to Boost Buyer Experience

    Business to business (B2B) platform, “is a form of transaction between businesses, such as one involving a manufacturer and wholesaler, or a wholesaler and a retailer. Business to business refers to business that is conducted between companies, rather than between a company and individual consumers.”

  • How to Export Categories in Magento 2

    Export and Import categories is an important feature that any Magento 2 stores frequently have to use every time admins updating or managing the category data.

  • 15 Best B2B marketing strategies

    B2B marketing is changing, and you can no longer afford for your marketing to be boring as the most successful B2B firms are embracing the digital transformation, and the very best is thriving. B2B marketers keep learning and absorbing the newest strategies and tactics to catch up on the ever-changing B2B space.

  • How to Import Categories in Magento 2

    Due to the continuous development in virtual technology, you should not only paid attention to customer experience but also notice to optimize your site’s user experience. Despite there is no increase in conversion or traffic, the enhancement in user experience will maximize the effectiveness when managing the store’s information system.

  • How to Create & Configure Dependent Attributes in Magento 2

    There are many questions that you always ask yourself over and over again which are:

  • How to build B2B Marketing for Startups - Step by step

    It is the age for B2B businesses to grow bigger and better with the help of ecommerce sites. For B2B startups, there is so much on the plate for them to handle. Therefore, there is only one thing I believe is a must-have, which is a proper marketing strategy framework.

  • How to update orders easily with Magento 2 Edit Order?

    The development in technology helps e-commerce industry optimize their products and services hence enhance customers experience which exactly the final thing bring you money. Talking of the convenience and flexibility of service offered to customers, allowing them to edit their order information is the top of the function concerned.

  • How to organize category page logically by Table Category View extension

    Have you ever thought about shortening shopping journey of your customers right on Category page? The key thing to do that is optimizing category sites’ content and design so that customers can convert sales most quickly and conveniently. In this blog, we would love to share with you the effective and logical way to organize your category pages by Table Category View extension exclusively for Magento 2 websites. Let’s dive deeply in to it!

  • How to equip advanced search options for Magento 2 by Product Finder

    Imagine that you are a shopper who are looking for a very nice shoes which you caught up on accident when scrolling your Facebook new feed. You cannot remember exactly the name of that shoes. Instead, you can recall the brand and its color only. How can you find your products with those little information?

  • 15 Amazing Online Jobs you can Start today

    We live in a world where it’s possible to have coworkers from around the globe, and have a profitable career from the comfort of your home. Cloud technology has changed how the world works, from major corporations all the way down to aspiring entrepreneurs.

  • How to offer more flexible shipping methods by Table Rate Shipping module

    Have you ever, as a Magento store, got no profit or even got lost since you have to pay high delivery cost compensating for customers? Since there is limited options for shipping rate calculators, online stores have troubles in offering flexible and reasonable shipping methods for certain orders. We believe that the Magento 2 Table Rate Shipping will be the great solution for your problems. Let’s explore it’s function right below. Before that, it is recaped with some limitations of Default Magento.

  • Magento 2 add custom attributes to customer grid

    It is vital for businesses to come back to the root cause that creates your wealth now which is the customer pain point. Basically, your products are the main solution that solves customer demand. However, due to the harsh competition created by rival firms. The demand of the customers has increased to a new level. As time had passed, the demand no longer focuses solely on the product itself but also on other criteria that come along with the products. To understand which areas the customer wants to optimize the most, you need to conduct research directly on your sites.

  • How to add Customer Attribute to Checkout page in Magento 2

    Checkout is the most important stage that always the place that makes you concern. It is the final step to create a successful conversion and the product is only one step away from arriving at the buyer’s home. Therefore, it is a suitable opportunity to collect more information from the client. Maybe you want to gain 2 email addresses, additional personal details or simply leave a review about their shopping journey.

  • Customize Options Flexibly by Magento 2 Product Options

    Are you finding a way to add options for bundle-products? But it looks like it is mandatory to add products to each option with Magento Default. What should you do? You properly need an extra module in this case. Hence, this blog is published to give you more information on Magento 2 Product Options extension which is designed to make your product options more informative and appealing to customers.

  • Create Custom Form in Magento 2 with module

    You are looking for a tool to collect customers’ feedbacks, contacts, and ideas to build your Magento 2 stores? Our blog today will help you find a good solution for your requirements. You are going to know deeply about Custom Form extension and how it works to nurture your customers leads. Let get started right now with me!

  • October 2019

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  • Mageplaza extensions are NOW compatible with AHT Claue themes - Exclusive discounts included

    Main Content

  • How to integrate SecurePay in Magento 2 stores

    You are wondering which to choose among various payment providers for your Magento stores? Your biggest concerns and priorities are safety and simple integration process for your e-commerce websites. You might want to listen about SecurePay - a famous payment gateway from Australia. In this blog, we are going to bring you the highlight information of this payment method as well as its integration tool for M2 store. Eventually we want to help you make the best decision on building and improving your checkout process.

  • Mageplaza extensions and ArrowHiTech Supro themes - Full compatibility with Exclusive offers

    Main Content

  • How to Custom Maintenance mode Page

    Sometimes a store may need to work and upgrade the site in a period. For example, you may want to build new themes, fix the site problem, or add new plugins that change the behavior of your sites. During the adjustment stage, your website may seem broken to the visitors. If you have a lot of traffic, then it is best to prevent customers from seeing the maintained sites. It will create a bad user experience and makes people feel your brand is unprofessional.

  • How to custom layered navigation in Magento 2

    As you may or may not know, Layered Navigation created by Mageplaza is one of the essential extensions for any eCommerce store. If you have a list of endless products and afraid that your customers can feel tired of scrolling to find their desired items, you can upgrade your system with this handy extension.

  • How to use LinkedIn for B2B marketing

    LinkedIn is known as one of the most fast-growing social media networks and a powerful platform for B2B marketing. It effectively builds a solidly professional network that every business is seeking and already becomes an inevitable part of digital marketing. The number of its users is over 600 million by 2019 and still growing. Additionally, 46% of the social media traffic to B2B company sites is from LinkedIn.

  • How to show featured products slider anywhere on your store

    Unlike bricks and mortars, ecommerce stores have no sellers to suggest or advise customers what to buy. When the decision-making process takes place, customers often wonder should they purchase the item that they can only look via some images. The time to make consideration like that can takes time and make your customers bounce off the site.

  • How to create & custom a Coming Soon Page in Magento 2

    Do you want to create a coming soon page without coding? However, it has to be beautiful with additional functionalities? Then Mageplaza Coming Soon page is an essential solution for you. It helps you to spread the anticipation of your upcoming items.

  • How to manage Magento 2 user roles by Admin Permissions

    If you want to arrange your backend tasks fluently and make different admin users work together smoothly, Magento 2 stores need a special tool to assign the various permissions to each admin individually.

  • How to drive sales sharply by Sales Pop extension

    Have you ever seen the message like “3 people have just bought this bag” while rolling in a website to look for your favored items? I am sure that it is much popolar used than you think. Why?

  • 7 Magento security tips to keep your Ecommerce store safe & secure

    When starting an eCommerce store using Magento, the primary issue that should really bother you is how to secure a Magento website. Magento comes with some powerful built-in security features, but you must do something to strengthen your site and keep if free from potential attacks or data loss.

  • How to Write a Follow-up Email?

    If you neglect the importance of writing a Follow-up email, then you are about to lose a great number of potential clients. Strangely enough, according to a SupperOffice survey on 1000 firms, less than 3% of companies attempted to send a follow-up email to their customers. But why? Is this because they think follow-ups are simple and not a big deal? In fact, a follow-up email is so important that it is becoming one of the biggest customer complaints. So, how to write a good follow-up email for better customer service? Let’s find out.

  • When to send a Follow-up email after the Interview?

    An interview is the hardest part of any employment process, and when you finish it, you can relax a little bit and wait for a response from recruiters. But, things don’t go so easily that way. There is still some work that should be done after an interview if you want to stay on top of the interviewers’ potential candidates list. And, writing a follow-up email is a great practice that can help you draw recruiters’ attention and also show them that you are a very competitive candidate to be a part of their company.

  • Send a Follow-up Email after no Response

    Nobody wants to be rejected after sending a follow-up email. Statistics show that 44% of salespeople stop following-up after getting one rejection. It is hard to get a response right at the first time, and this can make you want to give up. But, if you have a clever follow-up strategy along with great persistence, your prospects will send you a reply for more conversations that can lead to further sales. So, how to send a follow-up email after no response?

  • Send a Follow-up email

    When you finish writing a follow-up email, the next step is sending it to your prospect or your targeted audience. But, the story does not end here. If you want people to read your follow-up email, or more efficiently, respond to it, then you should know how to send it wisely. So, how to send a follow-up email that helps achieve your initial purpose at its optimum? It depends on many factors such as the right timing, right recipients or the ways you manage your emails before and after sending. Thus, this article is going to take you through these aspects in a clearer view in the hope of helping you and your team with the follow-up email sending process.

  • Mageplaza x Ambient Infotech Partnership Announcement

    Partnership Statement

  • 12 Tips for optimizing a Landing Page to boost conversions

    Your landing page needs to be optimized to increase traffic, boost conversions, and encourage customers to make a purchase.

  • Enable Notify me when this product is in stock in Magento 2

    There will be times that you are unable to fully provide the customers with certain products. However, customer can not sympathize with your store defects. They will feel frustrated and dissatisfied which can hurt your relationship with the customers.

  • Black Friday - The Biggest Sale of the Year - How You Can Save up to 40% on Mageplaza Store

    Let’s kick off the holiday shopping season with Mageplaza Black Friday Sale! One of the biggest sales that you should not ignore.

  • What is B2B and B2C? Differences between B2B and B2C

    Is there any idea of starting a business that springs in your mind? If you have ever thought about opening your own company, you might first decide which products to sell and which customers to target. Then, it will expand to which type of business you should be.

  • Magento 2 B2B solutions for rocketing sales and conversions

    Are you a B2B Magento websites? And you are looking for a complete solutions for improving your business? This blog is absolutely for your sites and even other B2C owners. Here you can find the accurate definition of B2B and B2C businesses. Moreover, we are going to analyzing and introducing Mageplaza all-in-one B2B Solutions package for Magento webstores.

  • How to Reduce Abandoned Carts by Magento 2 Shipping Cost extension

    Have you ever quit your purchase just because of the extra fee of shipping cost charged on the checkout page? The thing is, you haven’t expected about that amount before you jump to the last step since there is no pre-notification from the website. That is exactly what happened to a large number of shoppers and online-sellers.

  • How to synchronize Magento 2 data by Zoho CRM extension?

    If you are using Zoho CRM and would want to synchronize your Magento data into that platform, then you found the right documents here. Since Magento default do not support integration to third party module/system, an extension is needed in this case. We are delighted to introduce an ultimate integration tool for Magento 2 websites in this blog. Let’s see how Zoho CRM Integration helps you with synchronizing a complex amount of data.

  • Ultimate checklist for an ecommerce website to launch

    Compare design and reality: Make sure your platform fully provide customers with values as planned.

  • How to Add & Config Google Tag Manager in Magento 2

    Google Tag Manager is an essential tool for online marketing activities. Having a proper tracking code installed into your site system will help you get analytics data easier and more accurate. The final result of the analytics will be the fundamental criteria to evaluate and make important decisions.

  • What is B2B sales experience?

    For many years, customer experience has become the heart of every business and maybe more familiar with buyers than sales experience. According to a study by Walker, customer experience will become the most influential buying factor surpassing the price and product. If many businesses are wondering how always to create the best customer experience, they’ll surely scratch their heads about sales experience.

  • Top 10 Mageplaza best-selling extensions in 2020

    Magento keeps it up at the top of the most popular platforms for online stores. With the launching of Magento 2, many businesses have been putting their efforts in moving to the new version to protect their store and use advanced functions of it.

  • How to Choose The Best Magento Hosting?

    If you want to host your Magento store, you will require a powerful cloud hosting provider. With a solid hosting service provider, your web store can handle unprecedented traffic spikes. A powerful hosting service provider can also help you minimize server downtime. A managed hosting platform takes care of server management issues and provides you the flexibility to focus your energies on achieving your business goals.

  • How to create delightful shopping time using Magento Free Gifts

    Customers’ experience is the always-hot topic in eCommerce. In many approaches to improve this term, giving your customers free gifts should be mentioned as a priority tip. In this blog, we are eager to draw some typical and most easy cases to apply using Free Gifts tool in Magento stores. If you do not know how to create a delighted shopping experience for your customers, let keep going with us!

  • Holiday Announcement: We're still supporting during Christmas and New Year

    The holidays are just around the corner! Many of you have already had Christmas decorations up. In this heartwarming time of the year, we would like to express our deepest gratitude to all of you. Thank you for choosing Mageplaza and being here with us for a long time. We wholeheartedly appreciate your trust in our products and support.

  • How to do B2B marketing on social media - B2B social media marketing strategies

    Technology is moving at a faster pace, and social media is no exception. Social media statistics in 2019 show that there are almost 3.2 billion social media users around the world. Changes in social media are happening daily and affect the way marketers use social media to connect with the audiences and captivate their interests.

  • Top 6 Best Payment Gateway for Magento 2

    The efficiency level of running an e-commerce store can be measured by how customers are satisfied with the support they get during their customer journey. And a smooth check-out manipulation will surely guarantee customers an enjoyable experience in the very last step of this process. A superior check-out experience should come down with a proper payment gateway to make final transactions seamless for both companies and clients. In fact, some survey analytics have proven the utmost importance of payment types in determining customers’ final purchase decisions.

  • December 2019

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  • How to integrate Canada Post shipping into Magento 2

    Have you ever thought about outsourcing your shipping service? Actually, third parties doing deliver is very popular nowadays because of the many benefits for all the participants. In this blog, you will be introduced to Canada Post delivery service, a well-known company in Canada and American.

  • How to integrate Barclaycard payment into Magento 2 stores?

    Barclaycard is the ancient payment gateway based in UK, which has reached customers and clients all across 40 countries. Barclaycard payment facilitates every online payment with all major credit cards including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Maestro, Diners Club and JCB.

  • Optimization tips for Magento shopping cart to boost conversion

    Conversion is undoubtedly a mutual destination for every e-Commerce store to achieve, with cart abandonment being the number one conversion killer that every store would want to avoid. Both objective and subjective reasons why customers remove what they have added to the cart should be thoroughly taken into account. In analyzing a Magento shopping cart, this article will provide some solutions and optimization tricks to help stores improve conversion.

  • How to serve customers personally using Request For Quote

    Bargaining can be conducted in shopping online? You might not think about it yet, but with the development of technology, now customers can raise a quote for their loved items even when they are buying them online.

  • How to set up SMS Notification for Magento 2 stores

    If you are a busy online store with a bucket load of order hour by hour. I understand you are struggling to manage communication with your customers regarding any change in each order or customers account. In this blog, we mention the benefits of using Magento 2 SMS Notification module for your websites. Let explore whether you should equip your stores this useful tool or not?

  • How to create rule-based Follow Up Email for Magento 2 stores?

    Why do you choose Email Marketing for your business? In case you didn’t know, in term of ROI, email marketing is the top of all marketing tools with a 4400% ROI and $44 for every $1 spent.

  • How to auto-synchronize Magento 2 data to Freshsales

    You are wondering how to update your data from Magento webistes into the Freshsales system so that you can start to nurturing their customers and utilize all of available your data? You can find our best advice in this blog.

  • How to secure and faster payment with Westpac PayWay extension

    This blog is suitable for Magento 2 stores owners who are looking for an ultimate solution for connecting their checkout page with Westpac PayWay payment gateway. With the fast and secure payment process, your customers can always be protected and checkout easily in your websites.

  • How to integrate WePay with Magento 2 stores?

    WePay by the Chase coporation is known as one of the most popular payment methods used in the world. In order to connect Magento 2 stores with this payment gateway, you need an ultimate tool such as WePay Integration extension.

  • How to integrate ABN AMRO payment to Magento 2?

    ABN AMRO bank is very popular in Netherlands and EU countries since it provides the great products and various banking services fo users. In order connect with this hosted payment gateway, your Magento 2 stores need an helpful module acts as a connector. In this blog, we are delighted to introduce ABN AMRO integration extension from Mageplaza, one of the best solution with stunning features followings.

  • How to edit product data quickly via Product Grid in Magento 2

    There are many more tools built to helps Magento 2 admins optimize their tasks. Beside Magento 2 Order Grid extension, now you can find the Better Product Grid module, which contributes to minimize the time to manage your products at backend, hence improve the site performance significantly.

  • Automatically synchronize Magento 2 data to Quickbooks Online

    Financing and accounting is the ulmost crutial department within a business. For Magento 2 websites, this is much better taken care by the third party platform such as Quickbooks Online. In this blog, you are going to know how amazing the Quickbooks Online system can helps in managing your accounting tasks and optimize the cash flows for your businesses.

  • 7 Must-do Steps to Create a Secure Website

    I have all the reasons to advise you to create a website for your business. Some people are still resistant to having one citing issues such as the many insecurity threats the internet is facing today, high costs of building and maintaining websites, and lack of technical know-how required to build and maintain a website.

  • How much to budget for CRM Software?

    As per a report, CRM usage has increased by about 56% from the past few years and there seems to be no stoppage to this.

  • What is B2B SaaS? Top 10 B2B SaaS companies

    Have you heard about the “SaaS” term? In fact, this is a model that is rapidly growing in use in our world today. According to a survey announced by BetterCloud, there is at least 80% of applications used in responded businesses will be SaaS-based. The percentage is also estimated to rocket in the following years.

  • Top 10 Ways to Maximize Magento Website Speed

    According to rankings, the average global internet speed is 27.69 Mbps for mobile and 63.85 Mbps for fixed broadband speeds. Internet connectivity is getting faster and faster and now reaches a wider audience with every passing day.

  • Mageplaza Lunar New Year 2020 Sale

    On the occasion of Lunar New Year, we want to send peaceful and happy wishes from Mageplaza to all of you, our customers, and your family. Wishing you love, luck, and longevity in the New Year. We also want to show our appreciation for your supports and feedbacks in the past years that make us improve and become a better version of Mageplaza today.

  • January 2020

    Thank you for seamlessly supporting and trusting in Mageplaza. It’s our big honor to serve you on our store. We are striving every day to bring you better service and products.

  • How to Choose a Magento Hosting Provider to Boost Your Sales?

    Deciding on the perfect Magento hosting provider is not as easy as you might think.

  • Ways to Earn Customers Trust When You Have Zero Sales

    Earning customers’ trust when you have zero sales is the hardest situation an entrepreneur has to face. Having zero sales means that you do not have any review from past customers or any social proof of the business whereabouts. Marketing has, in recent years, transformed from face to face methods in the shopping centers to online businesses where the buyers and sellers are located in different geographical locations. Each online enterprise is trying to impress the customers and earn their trust in order to make more sales and earn more profit. These online platforms need to adopt some techniques that will earn customers’ trust even when they have zero sales.

  • The Types of Emails Every B2C Company Needs

    B2C abbreviation speaks for itself: the core of this sector marketing are communications between companies and clients. We mean both actual end-users and prospects.

  • What is a Good eCommerce Conversion Rate?

    If you are interested in business publications and online e-commerce forums, you might have heard the buzzword “conversion rate” dozens of times. You see this term float around in the business world, but have you wondered what it is and how to consider a conversion rate to be “good”?

  • How to Sell B2B? Best Tips for selling B2B!

    Welcome to the future of unprecedented B2B selling strategies!

  • How to Calculate Conversion Rate on e-Commerce Websites?

    Why is conversion rate such an attractive term to many marketers?

  • 6 Tips to boost your B2B mobile marketing campaigns in 2020

    You might have heard that time spent on mobile devices surpasses time spent on desktops, but do you know that 72% of mobile users say it is essential to them that websites are mobile-friendly?

  • What is B2B Marketing Funnel and How Does it Work?

    Do you know that 54% of B2B Marketers see creating engaging content as a top content marketing challenge. So you may not need to worry that you are in the minority. The process of matching the audiences’ needs with content takes a lot of time, money, and resources. That’s why we need a scientific approach to generate good results effectively. In this article, we will see how a B2B marketing funnel works and its implementation in every marketing tactic.

  • B2B Loyalty Programs: Top 5 Successful Strategies for Businesses

    What pops up in your mind when a customer loyalty program is mentioned? Points, cards, promos, exclusives, discounts or tiers?

  • B2B Event Marketing: Everything you need to know

    Have you ever proactively prepared, planned, set up, and organized a business event by yourself? Has the event gone the right way as you expected? If yes, congratulations, you have already owned something fundamental of how to operate B2B event marketing. If not, because you still desire more booming results, don’t worry; this article will show you striking ways to sell out your event, leverage your event data, and more.

  • What is a B2B website? 4 Factors Affect the B2B Website

    When designing an eCommerce website, it is necessary to keep in mind who your buyer is. Are you selling to a business or a consumer? If you already define business organizations as your target customer, it’s time to start architecting a website which 100% serves for that purpose.

  • What Is B2B Wholesale? Benefits, Features, Challenges & Platforms

    The B2B wholesale industry is a powerful drive contributing to the development of global business. In the US alone, the wholesale industry, which just consists of around 750,000 organizations, has yielded 8.3$ trillion of annual revenue in 2018 with a projected 1.9% increase from 2018-2023. With only a few numbers of data in mind, it is no doubt that running a B2B wholesale business can be a commercially lucrative proposition for any entrepreneur! If you are already operating actively in the wholesale platform, the time for innovation to boost your enterprise revenue has come. If you are not, the opportunities are too big to ignore.

  • What is User Interface (UI)? The Difference Between UX And UI

    The user interface design has grown exponentially over the past few years and bloomed into one of the most creative fields in technology. The impact of Internet-based-living has a profound influence on online users’ behavior in which website design and usability become determining factors to a website’s quality.

  • How to set up Google Analytics eCommerce tracking in Magento 2

    If you have a website, you should be using Google Analytics.

  • An ultimate guide to set up Google Adwords dynamic remarketing in Magento 2

    On average, as you may know, most people visit your online shop and will leave without converting. You may also try to contact them and persuade them to come back by email offering discounts or everything else but failed.

  • Cost of goods sold: Everything you need to know

    When business owners want to increase their bottom line, they usually try to increase their sales. But does this way always work best?

  • What is Marketing? Types, roles, affecting factors, dominant trends in 2020

    Businesses all over the world are changing, which results in increasingly intense competition between firms. To thrive and expand business scale in such an environment, there must have a tool, which sets your business apart or even shines brighter than your competitors.

  • How to choose & buy a good domain name?

    Do you know that the global online shopping market size is predicted to hit 4 trillion in 2020?

  • How to implement Facebook Pixel in Magento 2

    The social network algorithm’s update has a significant impact on the Facebook marketing world. To sustain engagement and drive traffic to a website through the platform, brands can’t ignore Facebook Ads.

  • Avoiding amateur mistakes is the key of digital marketing

    Digital marketing trends seem to be the way to go these days. And why shouldn’t that be the case? With the entire world, along with the consumer base shifting to the online world, it is the best place to make sure your business flourishes enough to knock back the competition. Now, to help you out with this newer trick when it comes to the digital advertising campaign, there are several tools.

  • What is the conversion rate? Definition - Calculate - Example

    In the 21st century, with the proliferation of online shopping, how to bring your products and the store’s name to customers’ attention is one of the critical questions of store owners. The conversion rate is one of the most important criteria to know if your site has an excellent performance, which can bring good sales.

  • Mageplaza x Ethos Binary Partnership Announcement

    Partnership Statement

  • 25+ Best Magento Responsive Themes

    You are planning to open a Magento website but do not know which theme is the most suitable for your site? Otherwise, you are running a Magento store with an unresponsive theme? It means, your theme may not show, or it conflicts with any new installed extension and functions. All of these problems can be solved if you know how to choose the best fit and flexible theme for your site.

  • Customer Retention Rate (CRR)

    What is the most effective way to grow your business?

  • What is Bounce Rate? How to improve it quickly?

    Let’s start with an ugly fact: We can not convince all the traffic on our website to stay. We can’t. If our page doesn’t have what they want, they will leave immediately. Therefore, in his talk named “Bounce Rate: The Simply Powerful Metric”, Avinash Kaushik emphasized that “We came, we puked, we left,” which became a very famous saying to define the bounce rate.

  • What is a blog? Benefits of blogging for business

    Since blog was first created in 1994, it has become so popular that every Internet user gets familiar with this word. For recent years, blogs have covered both non-commercial and commercial use. Have you ever wondered what exact definition of blog, blogging and business blogging? In this article, we would like to put everything you need to know about blogs. Let’s get started!

  • Mageplaza x Webiators Partnership Announcement

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  • Digital Marketing

    Marketing has experienced dramatic changes over the past few years. The traditional marketing approach seems to step back and make way for a new norm - Digital Marketing.

  • Customer Service

    Customers are the core of every business. Excellent customer service should be a goal for all business owners and managers. Delivering excellent customer service is critical to retain customers, then ensure business growth. Customer support is not merely answering customer inquiries. It is making the brand promise come true.

  • What is B2B Payment? Kinds, Challenges, Top Providers & Best Practices

    Thanks to the ease, convenience, and availability of modern technology, financial business management has been a lot easier than it was a decade ago. Although there are many businesses still conducting their transaction by cash or check, we have seen the rise of companies which have adopted electronic B2B payment methods.

  • Website Title

    As we all know, Web optimization is one of the keys to boosting brand visibility and business development in general. You must optimize your website to help search engines understand your pages, serve it up to the right people, and make it easier for customers to navigate and find out what they want. One of the simplest methods of achieving this is to create useful title tags for all of your website pages.

  • 10 Best eCommerce Platforms

    Many businesses take the process of choosing a platform into account as their business foundation. That’s absolutely right! Now, building an eCommerce website is not difficult, but if you start with a wrong eCommerce platform, it’s going to harm your business soon.

  • Top 15 Magento Development Agencies for hire in 2020

    Magento is one of the top eCommerce frameworks for a reason. Just take a look at the statistics, according to BuiltWith, 777,788 websites are using Magento ecommerce platform. With such massive popularity, many developers and development agencies have adopted the Magento platform.

  • Product Marketing

    Marketing, in general, is a set of activities to attract customers and build relationships with them. Content marketing involves increasing brand awareness and nurturing visitors into customers via blogs, e-books, webinars. Brand marketing highlights your brand to promote your products and services. All kinds of marketing operate at the corporate level.

  • Top 10 IoT Trends That Can Guide Your Business Decisions in 2020

    In this digital era, Internet-of-things or IoT is one of the most talked technologies. With the advent of the new year, more and more tech enthusiasts and businesses are looking at the latest trends in the internet of things 2020. In this blog, we will look at emerging trends in IoT and how this technology is gonna affect you this year. Before starting, let’s have a look at some facts and figures about IoT:

  • Magento Security Audit

    Magento is a very popular and widely used CMS for ecommerce. If you have an online store then chances are that you are familiar with Magento. Online stores and e-commerce sites are one of the most targeted websites by attackers. An online store must have strong security to not only protect itself but also its customers’ data which includes their personal and payment details. Thus, to ensure complete security, regular Magento security audits are required.

  • Business Plan

    No matter if you are running a pizza store, a flower shop, a factory, or an online business, you might have been told a lot of times that “you need to have a solid plan.” Perhaps you’ve heard “all successful companies own a business plan.” Or maybe, “if you want to attract potential investors, you need a business plan.”

  • 8 Common Ecommerce Challenges and Practical Solutions

    The booming of digitalization has transformed the way that business operates. Enjoying such an ideal condition, E-commerce business has exploited with the fruitful growth of millions of online businesses worldwide. Although this new trend has made shopping much more convenient for both sellers and buyers, some unique challenges, which form the online business bounce to struggle, also come along the way.

  • What is a Marketing Plan? Steps, Rules, Traps you should know

    “A marketing plan is such a waste of time”

  • Rising Trend of Subscription Business Model in eCommerce

    Subscription Commerce is growing at an exponential rate. According to research conducted by McKinsey & Company, 15% of online buyers have signed up for one or more subscription services. That’s a really big number — considering the projected number of online shoppers as 2.14 billion by 2021.

  • February 2020

    Thank you for seamlessly supporting and trusting in Mageplaza. It’s our big honor to serve you on our store. We are striving every day to bring you better service and products.

  • What is a Landing Page? Landing Page Optimize Tips

    Searching on the Internet, you may see the term “landing page” everywhere. It raises a question in people’s minds that what exactly is a landing page, why it is important and different from other pages. The definition of a landing page would not be completed, but it is not just a word or a form to show.

  • Top 12 Best Magento 2 Mobile themes in 2020

    The majority of your customers accessing your Magento 2 stores via mobile devices? You are losing conversions and sales due to the bad website performance on those small screens? Then it proves that you need a better mobile theme for your online stores.

  • What is CRM? 5 Best CRM Software in 2020

    Nowadays, no sales department is complete without a customer relationship (CRM) system.

  • What is Affiliate Marketing?

    About two decades ago, businesses spent a huge amount of money on TV, radio, and print ads intending to grow their businesses. However, depending on solely paid advertising is not a smart strategy. Currently, all companies are trying to find new ways to increase their customer base, then ensure their growth.

  • How to setup Recent Sales Notification for Magento 2

    Are you finding a way to increase sales on your new Magento 2 store? Recent Sales Notification (or Sales Popup) is a great solution to draw new customers by using Social proof and FOMO (fear of missing out).

  • 10+ Examples of Magento PWA websites

    Have you ever been concerned about how many customers are accessing your Magento website via mobile and other devices rather than desktop? In fact, on Cyber Monday ($9.2 billion in online revenue of 2019), 54% of visitors were from mobile devices, and around 33% purchased there. It can be seen that optimizing the mobile shopping experience is of utmost importance for your Magento stores.

  • What is Public Relations (PR)?

    Do you know that public image makes up some 63% of the value of most companies today?

  • Add Social Proof to Landing Page

    Can you prove to your customers that the product you are offering is worth their money? Nowadays, customers have access to information right on their fingertips, and it is getting harder and harder to persuade them. Most customers research in and out on a product or service before deciding to even engage with a brand.

  • Cross-Selling

    Have you ever started shopping, only find yourself buying items totally unrelated to what you originally intended to purchase? Whether you are tempted by a clever salesperson or a carefully placed advertising, there is a good chance that you are under the influence of cross-selling.

  • What is a Call To Action?

    Getting potential customers to do what you want them to do is no more than herding cat. They leave shopping carts before checking out, they do not sign up for appealing promotion campaigns, and even they do not have the intention to read your blogs all the way to end.

  • Benefits of eCommerce marketplaces

    Remember the times when moving to the web became an almost mandatory step for your offline business? Well, simply shifting to the web isn’t going to be enough anymore. A conventional eCommerce website is not going to ensure a growing trend for your business in the times ahead. Online marketplaces are the latest buzz in the industry and it cannot be ignored if you’re looking to scale your business.

  • 10 Important elements of a website you must keep an eye on

    In this digital world, businesses could be missing out on a significant opportunity to reach potential customers if they don’t own a website.

  • What is Marketing Automation? Software & Tools

    In the digital era, everything is shifting to automation. Soon, when you order something online, it can be delivered to you by a robot. It’s fast, convenient, and labor-saving!

  • Lead Generation

    Lead generation is not only a vital step in the marketing process but also an essential element to business growth. Even large international firms and small startups depend on leads. Every company knows that they have to generate more leads, but not all of them know how to do it.

  • Inside Sales

    Inside sales is one of the most popular sales models till now.

  • Bi-weekly Pay

    When you have employees, you have to run payroll so they can receive their wages.

  • 5+ Best Resources to Learn about Magento for eCommerce Merchants

    Running an eCommerce store is not an easy task. It requires sound technical expertise to build a successful online store.

  • Social proof: Definition, Types & How to use

    When it comes to eCommerce, social proof is a powerful tool to convince your prospects to make a purchasing decision. If you want to truly understand this, reflect on how you decide to buy as a consumer.

  • Top 30+ Social Proof Examples which increase conversion rate instantly

    It’s great to bring tons of traffic to your website, but it will be a waste of (a lot of) money if that traffic converts poorly, or worst, doesn’t convert at all. So, how can you increase your conversion rate?

  • FOMO Marketing Techniques to rocket sales

    Have you ever browsed Facebook during a night of losing sleep only to see pictures of your friends partying, and that filled you with anxiety because you’re missing out all the fun? If you have, you have experienced FOMO.

  • 25 eCommerce companies use social proof successfully

    Imagine yourself as a customer and wondering what to choose between two similar products, how would you decide? On the left hand, you have an item with positive reviews and a friend’s recommendation. On the right hand, you have an item with no feedback at all. The answer is pretty clear, and that is why so many eCommerce companies use social proof to attract customers.

  • 10 Ways to Create FOMO in Marketing

    FOMO is one of the most popular techniques when it comes to marketing, so you must have heard of it; Fear Of Missing Out. So, what does FOMO mean to us as humans? And, what is FOMO marketing?

  • International Business

    Nowadays, in the age of globalization, most companies want to expand their market abroad. Taking your brand overseas can bring many advantages, benefits, and perks. However, many companies fail in their international expansion journey for several reasons but principally because they have not prepared as well as they could.

  • What is Inbound Marketing? And How Does it Work?

    You are trying to sell and advertise your products to customers desperately, but there is a little or no sales even when you are introducing your products via many cold calls and other media. The cost is high, while the benefit you acquire is too low. That is time you should put yourself in customer’s shoes to understand what they are caring about rather than make every effort to push their products to them.

  • Use FOMO In Social Media Marketing

    Have you ever scrolled through Instagram stories in your room and feel like the whole world is having fun, but you? It is probably one of the worst feelings out there. But it is common. We all have experienced the fear of missing an amazing experience.

  • 11+ Best Magento PWA Providers

    According to PWA Stats, the Starbuck new web app resulted in double daily active users and the order volume from desktop users is nearly the same as that from mobile. These incredible results are also achieved by many other websites using PWA to bring their customers excellent experiences. So if you have heard about PWA, or have been searching for PWA solution providers, this blog is for you.

  • What is Shopify? How to start your e-commerce with Shopify?

    Owning a professional online sales website and creating a stable source of income is always the desire of businesses. They are often looking to expand their sales channels as well as for those who are selling online through social media like Facebook, Instagram, etc. and want to own a website to take your brand to the next level.

  • What is Seeding?

    If you google “what is seeding in marketing?”, you might get hardly any 100% matched result. Indeed, it’s never been a top-searched marketing term on Google. However, brands and companies are carrying out seeding campaigns every day on the internet. If you are a marketer or a business owner, you cannot ignore this trend.

  • 14 Marketing Tip to Drive Traffics for New Entrepreneurs

    As a new entrepreneur that has probably just opened a blog or a website for your business, it is important that you are able to get people to read your content and drive traffic to your blog/website. But how do you do this?

  • Mageplaza x Sinners Projects Partnership Announcement

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  • What is Market Research? How To Do It Properly?

    Almost all big international companies like Apple, Amazon, Microsoft invest a vast amount in market research. Why do they have to do it? Market research enables them to grasp every information in this changing environment to adapt and adjust instantly. As a result, they can succeed and stay ahead of their competitors.

  • Typical FOMO Examples

    “FOMO” - shortened for the Fear Of Missing Out, is a psychological phenomenon that says a person often feels anxious or motivated to take actions because he/she doesn’t want to miss out on an amazing experience. This is a common trigger that has been used as a great technique to make your visitors eager to buy products or services.

  • How Does FOMO Affect Social Engagement?

    What is everyone doing right now? Am I the only one not having fun? This is a common phenomenon in people’s minds - which is called FOMO. If you participate in social media, you probably have experienced the term, even if the name sounds unfamiliar. Just think about it, have you ever felt anxious because people are throwing a party without you, or your favorite band playing in town when you need to study for a test.

  • What is Service?

    Have you asked yourself a question: What is a service? It seems to be a strange and easy query. Everyone has their imaginary and their own answer in their minds as they have encountered different types of service in daily life.

  • What is a SKU? How to build your SKU system?

    Whether you are new to retail or you have been managing inventories and product catalogs for a long time, you will already be familiar with this code and its strange name: SKU.

  • Gross Sales

    Understanding financial performance in a particular period of time is one of the critical features of any successful business strategy even it is a long-term or short-term plan. Entrepreneurs never ignore their financial statement because they all know that failure or bankruptcy can naturally happen as a result of the imbalance in return on investment, for example.

  • FOMO: Secret to increase conversion effectively

    Social media marketing is undeniably effective when it comes to raising brand recognition and driving sales. One reason is that it can bring your content to a massive chunk of audience, but this factor only does not make a successful marketing campaign. The bigger factor in play is psychology, and FOMO is one of the primary psychological approaches that you can tap into in order to increase the likelihood for success of your marketing campaigns.

  • Tips to Use FOMO In Email Marketing

    How have your marketing campaigns been doing lately? Have they brought you your desired results? Or are you trying to improve them? If the latter is the case, incorporating a FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) in your next marketing campaign can help you boost profits hugely. In this article, I will introduce to you 13 methods that you can use to successfully add FOMO to your marketing campaigns.

  • What is dropshipping? The definition and best practices in 2020

    Nowadays, we have witnessed a dramatic growth in online marketplaces and eCommerce platforms. Everyone can start an online business. And when you decide to launch an online store, the very first element you have to look into is about your products. What will you sell? Where can you get them? How can you sell them?

  • Best website builders

    For small businesses, growth has always been a challenge, and building a website is daunting, which we know that from our first-hand experience. Because of the tight budget, hiring a web designer or developer to build a website can seem to be unaffordable. However, thanks to the support of website builder software, you can totally build your small business website yourself in just a few clicks.

  • Use FOMO in e-commerce store site

    Have you ever followed a crowd somewhere because you were assuming that they were going in the right direction? I have, many times. This is a psychological phenomenon known as the herd mentality. The herd mentality is a human tendency to do something just because they see other people doing it, and it is a common type of behavior.

  • COVID-19: Mageplaza supports young e-businesses during the pandemic

    Businesses are hurting, especially new firms - And Mageplaza has duties to support

  • Infographic - COVID-19 and e-Commerce through statistics: Understand challenges & opportunities

    Time to sit down and have a look at the recap on COVID-19 and its impact on many aspects of the world business. You might have seen it has shifted the purchasing behaviors desperately. There are two sides to every coin, you can choose to look at one or both sides of this crisis. Whether you like it or not, you probably have to stay with it and find the best way to eliminate the damage of this novel virus. Let’s talk about the negative and positive impacts of COVID-19 on the e-commerce realm.

  • Retained Earnings

    Running a business is not only about ideas, plans, strategies, or tactics, but also about dealing with numbers. Before starting a business, you must build fundamental knowledge of financial indicators.

  • March 2020

    Thank you for seamlessly supporting and trusting in Mageplaza. It’s our big honor to serve you on our store. We are striving every day to bring you better service and products.

  • What is a purchase order?

    Using purchase orders is a necessity in the current shopping process. It helps store owners control the process of acquiring goods and services. An efficient purchase order (PO) system is a useful tool for the management team to keep track of pending, completed, and future purchases.

  • Exciting new partnership announcement with West Point Digital

    Mageplaza is thrilled to announce that we have teamed up with West Point Digital - a full-service Magento and Shopify eCommerce agency. Our common goal is to help the eCommerce world better. Mageplaza and West Point Digital will be working on innovative ideas to bring in more helpful solutions for clients to achieve their business goals.

  • 53 Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for E-commerce Beginners

    Measuring the right KPIs is vital to understand the performance and the health of your business, especially for newly established e-commerce. By analyzing the numerous KPIs, you can make crucial adjustments in the execution to achieve your strategic goals. Useful KPIs are essential metrics to make sure that you can accomplish any business objective.

  • 25 Best products to sell online

    With internet exploration, e-commerce is one of the hottest industries for both home-based and traveling entrepreneurs. We have seen many successful businesses across the range have hit a home run with their first idea while the others are getting back and forth, still trying to figure out 25 best products to sell online.

  • What is a QR code? Everything about QR codes in 2020

    Millions of users are using QR codes now. Coupled with the fact that Apple has incorporated the QR code scanning camera app with the latest Android smartphones being able to do the same, QR codes have a lot to do with.

  • What is a 502 bad gateway error (and how can you fix it)?

    Do you frequently face the 502 Bad Gateway errors? Whether you are a user, a developer or a store owner, you still want to figure out how to fix this error, Don’t you?

  • 25 Best Trending products to sell in 2020

    One of the most popular reasons causing the failure of a majority of eCommerce stores is choosing the wrong product.

  • What is gross income? Business gross income & individual gross income

    Gross income is one of the most crucial financial concepts you have to learn either when starting a business or working as an employee. Gross income is a metric that is used to evaluate a company or calculate taxes.

  • 10+ Best Free Social Media Management Tools for Business

    Social media has exploded into a world of digital living. It now becomes an indispensable part of digital marketing. However, just because over 3 billion people are using social media worldwide, doesn’t mean it’s easy to leverage social media to its potential.

  • What is a Logo? How to develop a professional Logo?

    An e-commerce logo is one of the most important things when you start your online store. It brings a communicate message about who you are, what you do, and the reflection of your organizational culture.

  • The importance of WordPress site speed optimization in the time of COVID-19 crisis

    Whether you like it or not, most of the world is in the lockdown mode due to the global pandemic. If you put aside the side effects, we are most likely spending our days close to TVs, tablets, laptops, and smartphones. Online shopping also became more popular, especially in countries with protective measures that include movement restrictions. This means that people expect to buy everything they need online since most of the shops are closed or have a long line of people waiting in front of them.

  • What is an Invoice?

    For any business, invoicing is an unreplaceable process, ensuring the smooth operation of the accounting department. Without an invoice, the agreement between the buyer and seller of the goods or services can not be recorded and specified clearly.

  • How to find products to sell on Amazon?

    “With approximately 50% of online users starting their product searches on Amazon, in comparison to just 35% on Google, there is no doubt that Amazon is one of the profitable platforms to make money online”.

  • What is FOMO - FOMO in eCommerce Marketing

    During quarantine times like this, I cannot count how many times I have looked out the window and imagine all the fun of the outside world. It takes me back to when I was a child, being locked inside my room and feeling bummed because my friends are all playing under the sun. And looking at Instagram for the thirteen times doesn’t help either. Because that left-out feeling is really hard to be shaken off.

  • What is a Case Study? An effective Marketing Tactic for Business

    Since you might be familiar with the statement “Content is king,” you might already know that there are many types of content used in marketing out there. In order to stand out, you may ask, “what kind of content should you leverage?”

  • How to start an Online Bussiness?

    Do you know that multi-billion-dollar brand Virgroup, now operating in industries ranging from aerospace to communications, was started in the late 1960s by Richard Branson when he was a teenager with a nose for entrepreneurship? Only 200$ and his wits, that amazing story has been a powerful motivation for anyone who dreams about build their empire or just start their own business.

  • What is Adjusted Gross Income? And How to calculate?

    As long as you do something to earn money, then you have to report several different types of income. It is critical to understand the concept of adjusted gross income when preparing your own tax return. Adjusted gross income is known as a determining factor for many tax rules and privileges.

  • The impact of COVID-19 on e-commerce shipping & tips to stand out among your competitors

    COVID-19 has hit the world throughout the first quarter of 2020, and its impact will remain at least until the vaccine is developed. Many countries have already witnessed the tremendous disruption of the economy. Businesses all over the place had to manage to survive through the crisis.

  • How to Add a new Custom Option Text Field in Magento 2?

    Configuring product custom options is a fantastic feature of Magento 2. Providing your customers with various choices for specific products means that you are serving your customers better and generating more revenues.

  • Why are PWAs increasingly selected by online stores?

    Originally called into existence by Google in 2015, Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) already exerted an influence on the movement of global leaders of online technologies, such as Apple, Pinterest, Forces, and Alibaba. They soon caught on to the relative ease of development and potential capabilities of PWs. And until now, they continue going all-in for building a new generation of web apps.

  • New Partnership Announcement: Mageplaza and Elogic Commerce

    Mageplaza is glad to announce our strategic partnership with Elogic Commerce, one of the most dedicated and outstanding Magento Development company in the industry. With the sets of goals in common, Mageplaza and Elogic Commerce will strive to work towards valuable ideas and provide innovative solutions for customers through up-coming cognitive collaboration offerings.

  • Magento 2: Adding Quantity Increment Button in Mini Cart

    The mini cart is one of the most crucial elements of every online store, and the Magento 2 site is not an exception. Adding the quantity increment button, which allows shoppers to change the number of items in the mini cart quickly and conveniently, will obviously improve customer experience and boost conversion rate.

  • How to Start an Online Store? A step-by-step Guide

    Amazon and Alibaba have made impressive strides to expand their online stores internationally until now. Look at these two models; it’s like a fascinating road to success from online business. But it’s a bit difficult to know where to start an online store.

  • How to Migrate from OpenCart to Magento 2

    Magento 2 and OpenCart have become the most stable and powerful shopping carts on the market today. They resemble each other a lot: both are open source platforms, built in PHP, and support multiple languages. Besides, they all have assembled large numbers of users and developers, resulting in the production of many custom-made extensions.

  • Magento 2 Manage Sales Reports in Dashboard

    Statistical data that is collected from customers, orders, and products can bring useful information to store owners. They will analyze the performance of the company and take the necessary action to have further marketing steps to their leads. Knowing the importance of the data, Magento 2 Report extension will help online shops to track and manage their business with advanced customizable reports which show the overall data in the dashboard.

  • What is Integrated Marketing? How to build a powerful campaign?

    Due to Philip Kotler, in his book Marketing Management (2014), today companies must integrate communications tools to present to existing and potential customers, because individual communication has not been successful for a long time.

  • How to Migrate from Magento 1 to Magento 2?

    The so-called “Magento 1 End Of Life” which has been widely acknowledged among online merchants and e-Commerce experts is now around the corner. With the birth of Magento 2, it has been helping merchants with a set of brand new innovative features and extensions, which plays an important part in saving time and efforts then facilitates their business growth. Right now, if you are still operating your store on Magento 1, bear in mind that this version is going to receive no support very soon, and upgrading to the latest version is a pressing important task, as well as a significant opportunity to experience the most up-to-date version offering the best functionality. Therefore, this article will shed some light on the proper roadmap to a successful upgrade from Magento 1 to Magento 2.

  • Add a New Column to Orders Grid in Magento 2?

    Magento 2 Order Grid module with useful functions helps store owners add more columns and reorganize them in a better view in the order grid. A well-organized order grid can support admins to manage and process orders better and more effectively. The detailed information in the admin panel is one of the essential keys to increase the accuracy in the order process and managing the system.

  • April 2020

    Thank you for seamlessly supporting and trusting in Mageplaza. It’s our big honor to serve you on our store. We are striving every day to bring you better service and products.

  • How to install a language pack for Magento 2?

    Language is one of the essential elements of all online stores because it is the best way to convey your message and help customers understand your store and products. If you want to introduce your items to the global audience, more than one language should be implemented on your site. As Magento stores support multiple langue installation, it is not easy to set up a language pack on your website.

  • The Best User-generated content strategy for eCommerce business in 2020

    Customer trust in advertising and marketing content provided by companies has been decreasing in recent years. Who is not speaking well of themselves? In order to attract customers, many brands do not hesitate to exaggerate their products (some even fake them). As a result, user-generated content is a more effective way to pursue your customers. User-generated content (UGC) is not the new term for online businesses nowadays. However, not anyone can apply them in the right way. This article will provide you comprehensive knowledge about this trending marketing tool and the best user-generated content strategy for your business in 2020.

  • Partnership announcement: Mageplaza and Codilar

    Mageplaza and Codilar are pleased to announce that we’ve entered into a strategic partnership - combining Mageplaza’s high-quality and cost-effective Magento 2 eCommerce solutions with Codilar’s best Magento eCommerce technology and development services. This promising partnership brings exciting opportunities for us to reach out to more global customers who want to develop their eCommerce business.

  • Magento PWA Highlights: What Stores Have Been Missing Out

    Looking at the recent trends within Magento, there’s no doubt that store owners are becoming increasingly adaptive to the changing eCommerce landscape. Of those emerging trends, the most popular one right now must be the Progressive Web App movement which is poised to be the future of online shopping. Said who, you ask? Said Magento themselves, of course:

  • How to speed up Magento 2 sites with Lazy Load

    As now website speed is a Google ranking factor, the slow loading speed of a site can negatively impact its rankings on search engines and vice versus. And that’s really bad if your Magneto 2 website is taking too much time to load.

  • 5 Magento Personalization Strategies to Boost Revenue

    Nowadays the consumers have a very complex decision buying process. They research prices and specs online, try the products in physical stores, compare eCommerce sites for the trustworthiness (those offering glitch-free payment gateways and stress-free refund policies) and ease of checkout.

  • How to Get Verified on Instagram?

    Perhaps the Instagram verified status is one of the most desirable things on every marketer’s wishlist. However, it can become so confusing to figure out how to get that little blue tick for yourself!

  • What is a Good Bounce Rate? 4 Ways to achieve Good Bounce Rates

    When running an online business, you depend largely on the performance of your ecommerce website. In other words, metrics - indicators of your website performance can tell a lot about the health of your business. Bounce rate is one of the most deserved to be watched figures. It tells you the truth about your website: whether people like it or not.

  • Why 2020 is the Best Time to Start Content Optimization and Delivery for Your Ecommerce

    In the middle of one of the biggest crises to hit America in the last century, you might ask why 2020 is the best time to start content optimization for your e-commerce. It’s a fair question; everyone from small business owners to CMOs and CEOs is busy fighting for the survival of their companies, and content optimization doesn’t sound like a critical task.

  • How to add Quantity Increment and Decrement in Magento 2?

    Getting more information about the incentives and multiple appealing options when choosing quantity will encourage consumers to spend their budget on your e-commerce stores. Customers are able to select the quantity that they want to buy and know exactly how many discount amount that they will receive if they make a genuine purchase. This will enhance customers’ satisfaction during their journey.

  • What Type of Fraud Prevention Does Your E-Commerce Business Need?

    E-commerce merchants may think they’re too small or too niche or too unknown to be the victim of fraud. But today, fraudsters prey on businesses of all sizes and in all verticals, and they’re becoming increasingly sophisticated about the way they design and launch their attacks. Fraud prevention is the first step in being proactive with an e-commerce business.

  • How to generate XML and HTML Sitemaps in Magento 2?

    There are billions of websites competing for visibility in the search engines. You should leverage different tools to improve your SEO performance. Sitemaps are one of the essential elements which may help you achieve this goal.

  • What is Lazy Loading

    For many websites, slow page loading time is one of the critical issues that have a negative impact on user experience. Among many reasons leading to this undesirable situation, images - the most popular type of content on the web are also cited.

  • May 2020

    Thank you for seamlessly supporting and trusting in Mageplaza. It’s our big honor to serve you on our store. We are striving every day to bring you better service and products.

  • Magento 1 Is About to End, What's Your Plan?

    In September 2018, Magento announced that it would stop supporting Magento 1 by the end of June 2020.

  • How has covid impacted ecommerce?

    It is safe to say that COVID 19 has proved to be a huge turning event for businesses, small and large alike. Regardless of whether the impact has been big or small, the fact that changes are happening across all business domains is mostly certain.

  • Mageplaza Stand with #BlackLivesMatter: It’s About Time to End Racism

    To our valued customers, partners, friends and fellow employees,

  • 13+ Best Magento POS systems in 2020

    If you’re running an eCommerce business, it must be really thrilled every time you see someone makes a purchase and fulfills their payment. But, suppose your customers have trouble during the purchasing process that disables them to buy anything, or your store can’t handle any sales transaction, then what?

  • What is B2B PR? 5 Strategies to Promote B2B PR Campaign

    We all know that every B2B company has its own brand identity, target market, products, or services. But all have one thing in common: They want to be considered as a thought leader in their specific market space.

  • How to Sell B2B Services? A Comprehensive Guide!

    With spending on B2B services is about to increase by 20% next year, you can’t afford to be left behind. Perhaps you’ll need a lot of preparation to take an effective B2B service sales approach.

  • How is B2B Used in Healthcare?

    It’s undeniable that the healthcare sector is increasingly expanding, which makes it especially attractive in terms of investment for both B2B and B2C.

  • B2B Advertising: Everything You Need to Know

    Boring! That’s what 48% of B2B purchase decision makers describe B2B advertising in a recent study by WHM Survey. And up to 82% wish that B2B sellers were as creative as their B2C counterparts.

  • 7 Best B2B Websites that Will Inspire You a Lot

    Years ago, face-to-face meetings and exchange of business cards were the very first interactions that a prospect would have had with a company. Time flies and everything has changed a lot! Websites have taken over as the top way of making a business introduction.

  • How to Use Ecommerce Metrics to Boost Sales (7 convincing cases studies)

    Is your business on the right track, or are you stuck scratching your head as you look at ecommerce metrics? With the wealth of tools and data, it can be hard to determine what’s useful and what’s not. To help you do a little light analysis and laser-focus on what’s important, we’re presenting five of the top considerations for your ecommerce site. While we will have some averages for things like cart abandonment, your goal is to use this data to understand your current customers and what they want. From there, experiment, test, and grow.

  • 12 Best Platforms to Sell Your Products Online

    Before the emergence of the Internet and E-commerce industry, if you wanted to sell brand new or used items, you were limited to some local places, such as garage sales, bazaars, flea markets, or consignment. Nowadays, with a wide variety of websites and apps, you can make extra dollars selling anything, without having to leave your house.

  • What is a Value Proposition? Create a Compelling Value Proposition

    Have you ever asked yourself these questions?

  • June 2020

    Thank you for seamlessly supporting and trusting in Mageplaza. It’s our big honor to serve you on our store. We are striving every day to bring you better service and products.

  • Knowledge Management Systems: A Comprehensive Guide

    We’re living in a knowledge economy, making knowledge one of the most precious assets of the modern company.

  • Do I need a business license to sell online?

    As a new entrepreneur, there are several things to consider for your online start-up business, from choosing products, platforms, the marketplace, inventory to preparing for financial resources, web designing, branding, or marketing. When you’re enmeshed into the excitement of starting a new business, you tend to forget about the legal formalities and never really consider them. And for an online business owner, the situation appears more common since you usually don’t have a physical store. It’s one of the most prevalent mistakes that e-commerce entrepreneurs frequently make.

  • 12 Best E-commerce Platforms Compared and Reviewed

    Before starting a new E-commerce venture, we have to consider a lot of factors. We need product photos, customer acquisition, payment gateways, social media usage, SEO, and much more.

  • What is Domain Authority? And How Can you Boost it?

    If you hang around the SEO world long enough, you’ll find one term come up over and over again: Domain Authority. The higher your domain authority ranks, the more likely you are to earn a higher search engine ranking and better web traffic.

  • What is a Sales Engineer? How to Become a Sales Engineer

    Have you ever had a thought that all sales jobs are the same? If yes, think again. Sales jobs can vary greatly depending on the types of products and services being sold.

  • How AR and VR can transform the gaming industry?

    With the introduction of user-focused technology, every aspect of our life seems to change at a fast pace every single moment. Incredibly, AR and VR have brought a revolution in the gaming world that was once considered to be impossible. The gaming industry has displayed fast growth in recent years. The gaming industry’s growth is predominated by Smartphone users who spend a maximum number of hours playing the game over phones or new gaming technologies. Globally, it has been assumed that smartphones and the latest technologies have caused a total transformation in the gaming experience.

  • What is SAAS in eCommerce? Pros, Cons, Future, Practices

    Have you ever come across the term SaaS (Software as a Service)? Probably not! But what if I say have you ever used software through the internet rather than installing it locally? That’s what this is all about. The following post emphasizes the significance of software as a service in the eCommerce realm these days.

  • The Best Affiliate Marketing Books

    Affiliate marketing is one of the highly accessible business models available these days. You can even search and access these models online. Its accessibility is given, but individuals have to note that merely accessing it is not enough. You need to gain knowledge and develop skills set to succeed in affiliate marketing. In that case, the best affiliate marketing books can be your best sources of information. The best books can help you get started.

  • How to design content for better user experiences

    Going backdate and fitting content to the design seems like Cindrella’s sisters fitting their feet to her shoes. However, content and design are extremely important to create a powerful website. But the question is what needs to be done at first? Creating the content or the design. I mean without the right content in place, all that well-planned and laid out design and development will be of no use. It will all be a waste of time.

  • What is WordPress? A Comprehensive Guide for Beginners

    Creating a new website is not an easy task. You want to build something your visitors will love, but you don’t want the setup to take so long or be so technical that you need a developer for every copy update.

  • What is SaaS? 10 SaaS Examples & Trends to Watch in 2020

    Every business faces the same challenge: to generate a consistent profit while continually growing and improving customer satisfaction. The way businesses reach this goal has changed a lot in recent years, especially with software at the core of business success.

  • UX Ecommerce tips that will take your online shop to the next level

    Driving traffic is half the battle of all e-commerce websites. Once they have won it, the most challenging part of the battle is how to turn visitors into clients and then into recurring buyers.

  • What is a Splash Page? Splash Pages vs Landing Pages

    Perhaps you’ve heard many times that first impressions are everything, especially when it comes to conducting business online. Tiny details can actually matter just as much as the big picture.

  • What is a Sales Consultant? How to Become a Sales Consultant

    When talking about sales consultants, many people imagine it like that: They open the phone book or buy a list, begin calling, talking to prospects, and closing the deal. Rinse and repeat. Then, top sales reps become managers. Senior managers become executives. Eventually, some venture into entrepreneurship and start their own sales training or consulting business.

  • What is a Press Release? 8 Tips for Writing an Active Press Release

    About ten years ago, people still relied heavily on morning papers for news. Nowadays, they just need to hold their mobile devices, scan headlines on Twitter, and see what’s trending in their Facebook feed, even when they’re lying in their beds.

  • What are Net Sales? How to Calculate Your Net Sales

    Understanding financial metrics is one of the most critical things while setting up any business plan, no matter if it is short-term or long-term. Business owners never ignore their financial operations and the bottom line, as they know, just a minor mistake can make them lose a great deal of money.

  • 7 Common Email Marketing Mistakes You Must Avoid

    Unlike the popular conception, email marketing is no way going dead, it’s going places instead. It gives a solid 4400% ROI and marketers are getting serious about it like never before. 306.4 billion emails are being sent every day in 2020. So, one thing is for sure - you can’t afford to go wrong.

  • What is Phishing? How to Protect Yourself from Phishing?

    Let’s face the truth: Phishing attacks don’t show any sign of slowing down. In its 2019 Phishing Trends and Intelligence Report, PhishLabs found that total phishing volume increased by 40.9% throughout 2018.

  • What is an Executive Summary? Definition, Components, Tips

    Whether you’re a business owner looking for investors for your small company, or the CEO of a large corporation, a business plan is a critical component for long-term growth and contributes a lot to your success.

  • Mageplaza and NaviPartner: Partnership Announcement

    Mageplaza is glad to announce that we’re currently in a new exciting partnership with NaviPartner - an innovative POS and eCommerce solution provider helping worldwide clients optimize and grow their business.

  • What is a Push Notification? The Ultimate Guide for Beginners

    If you’ve got a mobile application, you might have received push notifications at least once.

  • What is a Good Profit Margin? 7 Ways to Increase Profit Margins

    Your profit margin is a metric that should always be on your radar, and for a good reason: it answers essential questions about your business, such as whether or not you are making money or if you are pricing your products correctly.

  • Top 30+ Must-have Shopify Apps For 2020!

    Shopify is a powerful eCommerce platform that helps you build and easily start an online store. Now only that, it has a whole lot of necessary tools and apps that help you meet your business objectives. Most of these apps can be found in the Shopify App Store, which has over 4000 apps developed by both Shopify and third-party companies. There are still many more apps being developed and expanded by passionate app developers, like us, Avada.

  • July 2020

  • What is Brand Equity?

    The competitiveness of the market has changed customer’s behaviors and the decision to make a purchase. Businesses have been focusing more on brand equity rather than just concentrating on the quality of products. It makes brand equity become one of the most significant assets of each business. Companies are trying to find the best strategies to build positive and powerful brand equity.

  • Mageplaza x NeoSolax: Partnership Announcement

    Mageplaza is excited to include NeoSolax as one of our partners. NeoSolax is a privately-owned technology company focusing on eCommerce solutions, especially on Magento. Mageplaza and NeoSolax have a common mission: we’re striving to help our clients grow their business.

  • Top 10 Best B2B wholesale platforms in 2020

    If you have decided to start a wholesale business, you will need to build a website first. And all start with an intuitive platform in which you can set and place the first brick for your eCommerce website. You can find a lot of platforms out there with a simple click. However, it must be tiring if you just go to the search bar without any particular concept and standards for the platform you are looking for.

  • What is a CTR? 6 Tips to Improve CTR

    In online marketing, click-through rate, or CTR, is one of the essential indicators that gauge how well your keywords and ads are performing.

  • Best Social Media Marketing Books

    A big portion of the world population is now spending most of their time online. The easy access to the internet has paved the way for enormous internet usage of individuals from all walks of life. Social media platforms have been one of the highly used platforms of millions of internet users all over the world. Social media is now being used for many different reasons and one of these is marketing. Social media marketing has become the secret weapon behind the success of business individuals and larger companies. This has helped them create a significant mark on targeted audience. Through social media platforms, individuals are able to promote and establish flawless and solid online presence.

  • Printful Review: New Printing and Dropshipping Era in 2020

    If you have been in the printing business for more than, let’s say, one month, you can understand how challenging it is to find a printer that provides high-quality prints, delivers on time, and answers your customer support questions.

  • Top 15 Best Free CRM Software in 2020

    Let’s start with a few warm-up questions: Does your business use notebooks or spreadsheets to manage customers? Would you like to modernize your sales operations? Do budget constraints prevent you from applying a full software suite?

  • 3 brilliant ways you can build customer trust with videos

    E-Commerce solutions are a channel that most of us use to solve our day-to-day problems. But compared to traditional shopping venues, e-commerce has some critical challenges to overcome.

  • Namecheap vs. Bluehost Comparison – What's the Best Choice For 2020?

    As an online entrepreneur, you might know that choosing an appropriate hosting provider is crucial. That’s because it’s a lot easier to carefully analyze your options before committing than to switch providers later after realizing you’ve made a wrong choice.

  • 9 Best Magento Development Courses Online 2020

    Magento is undoubtedly a popular open-source and on-premise solution all around the world. This platform is trusted by many global giants such as HP, Canon, Nike, P&G, and Cisco.

  • Positioning in Marketing: Definition, Types, Examples, Benefits & How to

    Let’s think about it: there are thousands of companies out there, many of which offer the same products, promise similar results, and are generally positioned the same in the market.

  • What is an Account Manager? How to Become an Account Manager

    At some point, most business leaders have looked at the list of their best clients and thought, “It would be really terrible if we lost any of these accounts.” These clients represent a disproportionate percentage of your revenue, refer new prospects to your business, and give you credibility in their space.

  • What is a Customer Service Representative? Job Description, Skills, Summary

    Serving customers should be everybody’s job at your company. No matter if you provide customers with the latest products, outstanding services, or an efficient E-commerce experience, their satisfaction should be every employee’s goal.

  • Magento 2 sort by popularity

    If you own an e-commerce store, having the sort by popularity is a must-have feature since it plays a crucial role in e-commerce stores. As a store owner, you always want to show your customers to know that your products and services are outstanding and appreciated by most people. Displaying items that have most views or have top ratings is one way to promote customers to purchase. They tend to trust products that have been bought by many other people or get good reviews.

  • The Best Network Marketing Books

    There are many different types of business marketing models existing these days, and one of these is network marketing. This particular type of marketing and business model depends on a person to person sale through independent representatives wherein most of them are working from home. Network marketing businesses might require you to establish a network of salespeople and business partners to help you with lead generation as well as closing sales.

  • What is a Fixed Cost? Example, Formula & More

    When you review your company’s expenses or make a business budget, chances are you’ve heard of fixed costs and variable costs at least once. Both of them live on the income statement and reveal quite a bit about your company’s profitability.

  • Top 11+ Best Free Website Builders to Choose in 2020

    Having a business website is undoubtedly critical in today’s digital ecosystem. It’s almost impossible for an enterprise to succeed without setting up some digital presence, no matter if it is a website, blog, social media channel, or local listings online.

  • What is a Workflow? Everything You Need to Know

    Do you know that inefficiencies make businesses lose 20-30% in revenue every year? Well, a pretty significant figure, huh?

  • 5 Reasons Why Multilingual Customer Support is So Important

    Table of Contents

  • Top 15 Best Blog Name Generators in 2020

    Blogging isn’t just for bored people anymore.

  • 10 Best Magento 2 page builder extensions in 2020

    No need to master coding or hire developers, you can still create a stunning landing page for your Magento 2 website. I am not exaggerating! What’s the point in training yourself to be a page builder from scratch, struggling with complicated commands when you can find all-inclusive tools to help you get things done easily?

  • Mailchimp Reviews: Is This Email Giant Your Best Choice?

    As a business owner or marketer, learning how to master email marketing is essential. And a critical part of making this happen is to invest in an excellent email service provider (ESP).

  • Is Magento free? Everything you need to know

    The dramatic development of digital technologies has transformed global commerce entirely. The demand for online shopping has been continuously increasing. Regardless of your industry, as long as you want to obtain more customers and generate more revenue, you definitely should have a strong online presence.

  • How to create an eCommerce website using the Magento 2 platform?

    These days, when Internet connectivity penetrates our lives, online shopping becomes increasingly popular. In 2019, there were around 1.92 billion digital buyers. This figure is expected to be 2.05 billion in 2020, and 2.14 billion in 2021.

  • Bluehost Reviews: Is This Web Hosting as Good as They Say?

    If you’re creating a new blog or starting a new website, one of the first things you need is a trustworthy, high-quality, and secure website hosting service.

  • August 2020

  • Mageplaza officially becomes Adobe Innovate Exchange Partner

    Mageplaza is thrilled to announce that we have joined the Adobe Exchange Program and officially become an Innovate Exchange partner. This exciting partnership will extend Mageplaza to more innovative technologies and will enable us to create more values for clients around the world.

  • What Is a VPN? What Does a VPN Do?

    If you’re still working from home like many of us because of the COVID-19 pandemic, remote VPN access is much more essential than ever.

  • ExpressVPN Review: Is It The Best VPN Around?

    ExpressVPN has been at the top of the VPN game for a long time, and rightly so. The company has been around since 2009, and truly knows what they are doing.

  • 19 Best VPN Services in 2020 (Free & Paid)

    In her annual Internet Trends Report, Mary Meeker - the renowned venture capitalist from Bond Capital - often reveals the most critical topics that business people need to know about.

  • 8 Ways eCommerce Businesses Can Stand Out in a Crowded Digital Space

    According to some estimates, there are over 20 million eCommerce stores in the world. In the fourth quarter of 2019, Amazon alone reported revenues of $87.4 billion. With platforms like Shopify or BigCommerce, you can start selling online for as little as $9/m.

  • How to Solve Magento Error 503 After Upgrade?

    If you or your visitors are facing error 503 – service temporarily unavailable, there are some problems with your website. It also means that the server cannot implement the request at the moment because it cannot respond, it may be busy, or it may be in the maintenance state. You might see the following message.

  • NordVPN Review: Details, Features, and Pricing

    A glance at NordVPN reviews on the Internet might convince it’s one of the best VPNs available today. It seems to tick all the boxes - speed, security, no logging, streaming sites, torrenting, and many more. But if you look at the top VPNs, you will find that they make similar claims.

  • How Much Does it Cost to Build a Basic Magento eCommerce Site?

    Are you planning to run an online website? Are you wondering whether Magento would be the right option for your store? If yes, it is crucial for you to consider the cost of establishing a basic Magento eCommerce website.

  • How to Build a Magento Website from Scratch!

    You want to run a business, but you’re afraid of the threat of Covid-19 pandemic, your business cannot survive through this crisis.

  • How to Build a Hotel Website in Magento?

    If you are searching for a manageable online booking platform for your hotel booking website or just a web builder requiring a solution for setting up a hotel site in Magento?

  • What is The Average Time to Build a Magento Store?

    Like anyone who plans to run an online store on the Magento platform, you will always have a question in mind, “How long will it take to establish a store?”.

  • Why Should You Upgrade to Magento 2?

    Magento is considered the dominant eCommerce platform for open commerce innovation in building e-commerce sites. This incredible platform provides numerous practical benefits and amazing features. That’s why more and more merchants, enterprises, and companies are going for Magento. Over 750,000 sites all over the world use Magento until 2019.

  • Top 9 Best Magento Upgrade Services in 2020

    Magento has been the most prevalent eCommerce platform thanks to its modular architecture, overall scalability, and a vast number of customization choices. Magento releases its version upgrades on a regular basis to improve performance, security fixes, and scalability.

  • CyberGhost VPN Review: A Thorough Inspection of the Specter's Respectability

    When talking about ghosts, what immediately springs up in your mind?

  • Avast SecureLine VPN [2020 Review]: The Untold Story!

    We seem to take the Internet for granted these days. As it’s so common, we don’t think twice of using it to manage every aspect of our lives, from pet images and memes to health records and financial information.

  • Touch VPN Review: Free, But Is It Really Safe?

    Touch VPN is a new face in the VPN market, and what makes it particularly interesting is that you can use it without paying a dime.

  • What Is A Sales Funnel? A Comprehensive Guide For Beginners

    Tell me your thought after reading all the statistic below:

  • ProtonVPN Review: What You Need to Know Before You Buy

    When it comes to VPN services, all providers claim to be experts in privacy, but there is not usually much evidence to back that up.

  • 13+ Email Marketing Best Practices for 2020 and Beyond

    According to Statista the number of email users in the world was around 3.9 billion. And when it comes to 2023, this figure is set to increase to 4.3 billion. That’s an extraordinary number, which is half of the world’s population.

  • What is Clickfunnels? And How Does it Work?

    As a store owner, you might always find ways to improve and grow your online business. Have you ever heard about ClickFunnels before? If yes, do you really understand it? Have you ever wondered what ClickFunnels can do for your business and how you can leverage it?

  • Builderall vs Clickfunnels: Which One is The Better Option?

    Builderall and Clickfunnels are incredible sales funnel platforms that help businesses promote, sell, and deliver their products and services.

  • 9+ Best Social Media Marketing Tools in 2020

    92% of marketers said that social media marketing is vital to their business.

  • 10 Excellent Affiliate Marketing Courses That You Can Learn From

    Do you want to take advantage of your affiliate website? Are you having difficulty making your online store profitable?

  • 10 Types of Digital Marketing Vital to Your Business

    Digital marketing is no longer a new term for those who run businesses. It can be stated that every company in the globe needs digital marketing to grow and thrive. However, each business will use different types based on their short-term and long-term purposes.

  • 20+ Trustworthy Online Marketing Agencies Across The World

    If you’re not content with your current marketing campaign, you need some support for a new plan, or you just want to hear some consultancy, an online marketing agency can offer you the assistance that you need.

  • 13 Brands With The Best Digital Marketing Campaigns

    In the ever-changing context of digital marketing, it can be challenging to find out what works and what doesn’t. Thus, let’s look at the brands leading the digital world and analyze what worked for their businesses. We don’t need to reinvent the wheel.

  • How to Increase B2B Sales by Using B2B Company Accounts?

    Are you having problems converting B2B sales? Are you customers sharing with you about group purchasing difficulties? Do you want to improve your B2B buying experiences?

  • BigCommerce vs. WooCommerce: Which Platform Wins?

    The arrival of technology and the Internet led to the eCommerce revolution and has dramatically transformed the way people go shopping. A lot of retailers and wholesalers have built their online stores to serve savvy online buyers, even if they still stick to their physical shops.

  • Top 10 Best Marketing Books every marketer need in 2020

    In this day and age, you can find any information in seconds by googling it.

  • The Best time to Send Marketing Emails

    Now it’s getting challenging to grab the attention of customers who have tens of promotional emails daily. Therefore, the success of email marketing will depend on not only what you send but also when you send your emails.

  • Turbo VPN Review: Is It The Right Choice for You?

    On its website, Turbo VPN is very proud of the number of people who have downloaded its service - a staggering 300 million users worldwide. If you look around the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, you can see lots of great reviews from satisfied users.

  • ConvertKit vs MailChimp - The Battle Between Email Marketing Apps

    Unlike various digital marketing tactics such as ads, social media, blog posts, emails open a chance to personalize your communication to consumers. With email marketing apps, like ConvertKit or MailChimp, your emails can go directly to your customers’ inboxes, generating one-to-one conversations.

  • Windscribe VPN Review: Read This Before You Buy

    In this high technology era, the word “anonymity” seems to lose its original meaning. Through your online traffic, third parties like Wi-Fi hotspot owners, Internet service providers, government, or even hackers can get gigabytes of your personal information.

  • Shopify vs Squarespace: Which Platform Should You Choose?

    If you plan to start an online store for selling goods or services, you will look for the best eCommerce platform that satisfies your demands.

  • 12 Best Password Managers for Business & Personal Use - Free & Paid

    If you’re tired of remembering passwords for all of your online accounts and services, a password manager might be a decent choice for you!

  • AVG Secure VPN Review: Is It As Secure As Its Name?

    AVG Secure may be a name that sounds familiar. Not the VPN itself but the first name that pops up - AVG. That is right; one of the most well-known names in the antivirus market has extended its reach towards privacy in the online world.

  • What Is A Marketing Funnel? A Step-By-Step Guide For Marketers

    What if I say that you’re in the marketing funnel of a brand, do you believe?

  • Shopify vs Woocommerce vs Magento: What Works Best for Your Online Business?

    It is crucial to choose the most suitable e-commerce platform for building, managing, and maintaining an online shop. That could be the factor deciding whether your business will succeed or fail in the future. This consideration is particularly essential for small businesses because they have restricted budgets and resources.

  • BigCommerce vs 3dcart: Which Option is Best in 2020?

    There is a wide range of renowned e-commerce platforms for you to choose from, including Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, eBay, Amazon, Squarespace, 3dcart, etc. Each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages.

  • The 21 Best Marketing Tools You Should Not Miss in 2020

    Marketing has been growing at a surprisingly rapid page with the enhancement of new technologies and tools. Marketing tools come in various forms, including social media campaigns, automated email marketing campaigns, and many more.

  • September 2020

  • mSpy Review 2020 - The Most Dominant Monitoring App for Parents

    Mobile phones and social media are vital elements of a modern child’s life. According to the Common Sense Census, 84% of American teens aging 13-18 had their smartphone in 2019. They spent 7 hours and 22 minutes every day using social media.

  • Codecademy Review 2020: Is It Free & Good?

    In this advanced technology age, who wouldn’t want to expand their talents to include computer coding?

  • 20 Best Online Marketing books to level up your marketing strategy

    Did you know that 88% of financially successful people read at least 30 minutes per day? Tom Corley figured out and told us this result in his book “Change Your Habits, Change Your Life” about the daily habits of self-made millionaires. He concluded that reading is the key to success.

  • 13 Best Digital Marketing Books to Read in 2020

    Nowadays, marketers and business owners always have to deal with the risk of being left in our competitors’ dust.

  • 7 Best AliExpress Product Research Tools for Winning

    We understand that finding products to sell in your online store can be challenging, most especially when you’re new to the game.

  • 13 Most Popular Phone Monitoring Apps

    The Internet was such a revolutionary invention to the world. It helps people have access to unlimited knowledge and entertainment. However, everything has two sides. The Internet, along with smartphones, makes people indulge in unhealthy or even illegal activities.

  • 9 Best Sales Funnel Software & Tools Should Not Be Left Out In 2020

    If you’re searching for a tool that helps you create a high-converting sales funnel, then this post is for you.

  • 11+ Best Marketing Strategies to Fuel Your Business Growth

    Growing a business isn’t a simple task.

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