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More than 600,000 companies are selling extensions for Magento platform stores, don’t you feel you’ve got too many selections to make the final decision? Maintaining an overload number of extension on one store also causes you having trouble integrating from different vendors? Are you looking for a new marketing solution that can handle thousands of products at the same time?

Welcome to Mageplaza, we are pleased to introduce a new product, many brand new outstanding features include two previous products Frequently Bought Together and Who Bought This Also Bought is waiting for your exploring!

And if you’re a newcomer? This post is for you obviously.


A module serves for the sake of Cross-sell/Up-sell/Combination of Frequently Bought Together and Who Bought This Also Bought will be your best recommendation tools in this issue.

A list related product will be performed under a slider/grid block form.

Imagine you will have at least 30 independent positions to display blocks. To manage the display game better, we need rules to unify all things work along together, and rules will be based on Conditions and Actions. Each of rule corresponds to each priority applying on the Product page.

Don’t you believe those brief description could take your store to the top of business art? Why don’t have a little look closer into those attractive function of this extension?

Highlight Features

★ Recommendation Orders

Based on the popular selling criteria, this extension will allow you to organize your products on cross-sell and up-sell purpose without requiring you to have an understanding of code modification. Such as

  • Related Products
  • Upsell products
  • Cross-sell products
  • Daily deals
  • New products
  • Featured products
  • Random products
  • Bestsellers Of course, you can totally make your own custom order list.

A/B Testing mode

Automatic Related Products for magento 2 by Mageplaza In displaying management, we’ll base on making “Rule” to engage with almost everything. Similar to “Parent product” and “Child Product”, an original rule will be called “Parent rule” and “Child rule” obviously have the same relationship. Child rule has a bit different content from Parent Rule but it can be also parallel generated and run simultaneously with its Parent Rule without causing any conflicts.

By setting and running rules, a set of tracking data will be generated, based on Impression (views), clicks and CTR (clicks/impression) to determine which rule will work better, this is really a good chance for practices thanks to those particular comparisons.

★ Unlimited block works

Automatic Related Products for magento 2 by Mageplaza If you were consider how many block you should have on one Product page that won’t effect to loading speed, then I can make sure this Automatic Related Products is definitely made for you. You can create as many block as you need in 30 different positions to choose. And no worries about them compatibility part, our extension also will work out with lots of custom theme for Magento 2 seamlessly.

★ AJAX loading technology

This is a progressive feature Mageplaza has been very successful in applying and has received a lot of support from customers because of many useful functions. When an action changes, other its related actions will be instantly loaded, and you will no longer have to press f5 to refresh the page.

It’s not that all I want to say, but how about your very own eyes in the demo? Let’s make Magento 2 Automatic Related Product great again.

Also, you can choose a combo Automatic Related Products for magento 2 combined with 2 extensions One Step Checkout and <a href=”” target=”_blank>PDF invoice</a> to help your store to optimization for sale online.

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