Learning SEO basics: How it Helps Students to Boost their First Business

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Studying in College is hard enough. But if you are trying to start a business, it might be even harder. You will need to find ways to develop, promote your new business, and studying at the same time. So, we are going to look at such instrument as SEO (Search Engine Optimization), which can help you boost your business online, attract new customers and retain existing ones.

learning seo basics helps students to boost first business

We will discuss what it is, give some tips on how to boost your first business in college, and what you need to know in SEO to do it by yourself or find a great specialist to help you.

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What is SEO, and why do you need it?

SEO is a set of actions for internal and external optimization for increasing the position of the site in search results. This means that your site will be obscured by the plethora of others with the same subject matter if you don’t use SEO. Users will never be able to find it using search engines.

SEO tools are aimed at improving the position of the site in the search engine for selected search queries. Its purpose is to increase traffic, increase the popularity of the project, and the number of sales and leads.

As a consequence of the contextual adverts, some visitors will be diverted away from organic search results. The fact that your site has made it to the top of the search results doesn’t mean you should stop working on SEO. Your rivals are also employing this tool, so you’ll soon find yourself on the losing end of the competition.

Furthermore, you should be aware that SEO doesn’t provide results immediately. It is designed for a long-lasting effect — you will be able to see the first results no earlier than in 2-3 months.

Difficulties of running the first business while still in college

Yes, it could be tricky, but rewarding too. These are some problems you might face, boosting your first business:

  • Not enough skills on how to do business.
  • Not enough knowledge on how to promote it.
  • Not enough time because you have your studying too.
  • Not enough money to develop it.
difficulties first business while still in college

But you can overcome all these difficulties and turn them into your advantages. Here is some advice on how to do that:

  • Ask your colleagues and teachers for help. They can give you great advice or feedback on your product. Or just a problem, you are stuck in at the moment. Look for startups with small start-up capital, especially if you don’t have much free money.
  • Use crowdfunding. Once you have a working idea for your business and some experience, you can turn to crowdfund platforms to raise funds for your business.
  • Take time to test your idea. Beginners are often spending a lot of time and money on an idea that doesn’t work. It is quite a common mistake. And at the university, you have the opportunity to test your idea before the big start. Ask teachers and other students what they think of your idea. Make a prototype and ask them to test it.
  • Examine competitors. This will give you the opportunity to come up with something that will make you different from them.
  • Find a mentor. A business mentor will help you with professional advice and support.

Also, if you are just thinking about your business, and decided to write an essay on this topic and are looking for online help, you can find a lot of interesting and necessary information on the Internet, including professional assignment writing service, on which there are topics both with starting your own business and with SEO. Moreover, try searching for articles from various university publications or online media.

As we mentioned earlier, the SEO tool will come in handy if you started your first business and have your own website (or it is on the way). Next, we’ll give some tips for students and look at how specifically you can improve a resource’s position in search engine rankings with SEO and thus gain new customers and grow your business.

How can SEO help you boost business and make more money?

There are several steps you can take to begin the process of optimization. This is very important for attracting new customers to your site. The more customers come to your site — the more orders, and therefore more money you will make.

There are important things to learn about SEO as well. To be successful with it, you need to complete these 8 steps:

Stage 1: Niche analysis and competitor audit

It is necessary to study sites of similar subjects that are in specialty as a whole and high positions. Doing this can help you discover which of your primary rivals’ optimization strategies are most successful. Your company’s success will be boosted by the use of current technology.

Don’t forget to look at the website’s structure, usability, the number of “donors” who link to a rival site, the website’s attendance, the age of visitors, and the marketing of the site on social networking sites!

In order to get the most traffic, where should you look, and what extra channels should you be using? As a consequence of this research, you’ll need to devise a strategy for promoting your project as well as a thorough work schedule.

Stage 2: Technical audit of the site

If you created your website a while ago, you need to check its current status and evaluate progress over the past period. Your website will need to be linked to web analytics tools while it is first starting off (e.g. Google Analytics, Google Search Console). In order to monitor the successful performance of your SEO strategy, this must be done now.

It is also necessary to check the site for technical errors, determine the speed of the page’s loading, find out from which search engines the traffic comes, and whether there are big violations that can slow down the promotion.

Technical audit of the site

Step 3: Build a semantic core

This is also another SEO basics. Selecting the maximum number of relevant keyword phrases helps to increase the traffic of visitors. Every instance is unique, hence there are no ideal amount of keyword requests in the future.

Step 4: Work out the structure of the site

Depending on the number of assembled key requests, you will need to create or update an existing structure of your site. As a result, you may add some new sections and directory pages.

Step 5: Fill the pages with content

Your website’s content must be natural and of value to its users if you want it to be successful. Each page must be sharpened for a specific key query or group of queries.

Step 6: Create internal relinking

If you have the text and graphic content, you need to add links to internal pages of the site to increase the user’s time on the site and the depth of viewing. You also need to make sure that the site is of high quality, fast, user-friendly and fully provides the information they came to you for.

Create internal relinking

Step 7: External optimization

External optimization is link building, i.e. getting links to your site from other resources. In the process of external optimization, you form a list of possible “donors”. These should be reliable, verified sites, and then try to put your link there. It could be an article mentioned or a comment.

Step 8: Promotion on social networks

Creating groups and profiles, and video channels increases the visibility of your site, brand, and product and indirectly helps in search engine promotion.

Tip! To learn the basics of SEO, read the official help of search engines, recommendations from reputable sources, and posts in popular blogs and news. For successful promotion, you might want to take an SEO course that will help you better understand the terminology, and learn the basic steps and the necessary actions that will help to promote the site from scratch.


The main method of attracting organic and economical visitors to a new website is search engine optimization (SEO). And your knowledge in this area will help profitably present your site, make it visible to customers, and, as a result, receive new orders and profit.

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