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Together with technology development, shoppers prefer online web sites rather than traditional stores. However, if visitors cannot find suitable items among thousands of products in those websites, they will abandon shops without purchasing anything. That’s why you should apply one of layered navigation Ultimate by Mageplaza to retain visitors and generate more revenues.

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  • Mageplaza, a leader in Magento 2 Market, has recently developed a layered navigation extension with a list of filters to help customers search and get the favorite products in the shortest way. As reported by statistical data, Mageplaza extension’s has made increases of 84% user’s filtering experience and 25% conversion rate, together with reducing 67% shopping time. There are three versions for you from $99 to $299 with wonderful features that surely support for your website management. Generally, the Magento 2 Layered Navigation provides must-have outstanding features described below:

    Ajax Loading page

    Ajax Loading page Layered navigation?

    A survey revealed that visitors will abandon a shopping cart if they have to wait for loading in more than two seconds. To solve problem of time wasting, Layered Navigation extensions offers Ajax Loading. This element is extremely helpful in matching results right after filtering attributes without reloading the whole page. Visitors will find your site professional and definitely increase conversation rate.


    Each favorite product of shoppers may include many characteristics. To pick up the right item among thousands of objects, users need to integrate many specific attributes. For example, when a lady wants to have a green t-shirt size M, she can select many necessary attributes.

    Multi-filters Layered navigation?

    Price Slider

    Layered Navigation 2 price slider

    Some people are price conscious. With an useful Price Slider, users can drop and drag to their proper price ranges and seek out desired items. Your will surely be satisfied with this advanced feature. Layered navigation extension developed by Mageplaza’s edition can provide various of styles for price slider. You can customize your site with appropriate price filter.

    More Filter Options

    There are many filter options that can meet and exceed shoppers’ expectations. Many filters like rating, product status, in stock items are displayed on your site’s interface. By serving most demanding people, you can increase sale and generate loyal customers.

    Layered Navigation filter by state, rating

    Shop by brands

    Layered Navigation shop by brands

    Customers often take priority to their favorite brands. Layered navigation extension with shop by brands will save time for shoppers in purchasing items.

    All products page

    All products can be presented at once in your site interface. Then by filtering, shoppers pick up their wanted items.

    These above features are included in standard edition ($99) which is crafted for a great web store start. The most popular option is the professional edition ($199) having some more additional characteristics such as:

    • Enables shoppers to view results by using Apply Filter button
    • After filtering, page will be scrolled to the top automatically
    • Examine out-of-stock items
    • Filter by products’ status: new, on sale,stock and products’ rating
    • SEO friendly URL
    • Expand options by default
    • Quick lookup option box can be displayed on the page interface
    • Support visitors with multi-filters for any product
    • Design filter with different styles (list, slider)

    Last but not least, Mageplaza offers the ultimate version with unlimited customization ($299). This edition comprises not only features of two standard and professional forms but also exceptional elements:

    • Set the Apply Filter button for the site
    • Provide many display styles of attributes: dropdown, list, swatch, or swatch and text
    • Price slider can be modified with ease in the backend
    • Allow customers filter by their favorite brands
    • Offer both vertical and horizontal navigation menu
    • Display Layered Navigation on Search page
    • Allow admins update new products
    • Rating slider with diversified forms

    Definitely, all inclusive Pricing Plan can cover you well. Choosing Mageplaza, you will enjoy many benefits provided consisting of Risk-free 60-day Money Back, Lifetime Free Updates, 12-month Support, One-time payment, no hidden cost, Professional Installation Service, Well-documentation, 100% Open-source code and Optimized Workflow.

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    Make sure your M2 store is not only in good shape but also thriving with a professional team yet at an affordable price.

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