Introducing Instant Layered Navigation for Magento 2

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Introducing Instant Layered Navigation for Magento 2

A recent research by Marketing Sherpa indicates that 73% of visitors leave a shopping cart if they can not find their desired products. To enhance your store’s performance and customer’s satisfaction, Mageplaza brings an excellent solution for you, which is Magento 2 Instant Improved Layered Navigation extension.

Basically, layered navigation assist your customers in searching their favorite items effectively and efficiently. Statistical data suggests that Mageplaza’s Layered Navigation edition enhances visitor’ experience by 84%, increase 25% of conversion rate and cut down 67% shopping time. Thanks to outstanding features, your site will be more professional and practical:

1. Multi-filters

To select a proper product, an user may need several attributes to be filtered. Moreover, in each attribute, visitor is able to select more than one option. For example, it is easy to find a black jacket by ticking in style and color attributes. Then choosing both S-size and M-size is accepted. Layered Navigation extensions supports visitors with the most convenience so that they can narrow their search quickly.

Mageplaza SEO Layered Navigation

2. Ajax loading

People are more impatient nowadays. According to research by Akamai and, online users expect a site to be browsed within three seconds, or else they will leave that site straightaway. One of the most outstanding characteristics of instant layered navigation is Ajax loading page. After filtering, it let matching results appear without reloading the whole page. This advanced function increases your site performance and amazes every buyers coming to you.

Mageplaza SEO Layered Navigation

3. Price slider

Mageplaza SEO Layered Navigation

For those price-conscious customer, you can satisfy them by setting up price slider. People can easily drag or drop price bar to their affordable range and find proper items. In the backend, admin can adjust price values corresponding with products’ rate. In addition, Mageplaza provides your site with abundant of price slider types including Flat UI skin, Modern skin, HTML5 skin, Nice white skin, and Simple dark skin. You can customize appropriate design fitting with your website overall background.

4. Additional filter options

Customers may have specific needs when filtering products. Mageplaza layered navigation provide them with variety of particular options about product’s status like in/out of stock, new, sales or product rating. Thanks for those choices, most demanding clients can be satisfied then become most loyal purchasers of your business. The best way to improve your business’s performance is examining customers’ opinion. Rating slider allows you to understand what buyers think of your products and services, both positive and negative aspects.

Mageplaza SEO Layered Navigation

Purchasers often have priority over their favorite brand names when shopping. Therefore, if they can select items from those brands directly, they will save time on shopping and quickly jump to checkout process.

Mageplaza SEO Layered Navigation

Searching time can be decreased significantly by applying quick lookup option. Some keywords are inserted into search box and results appear in seconds. This small box is extremely powerful in time-saving for visitors.

Mageplaza SEO Layered Navigation

7. SEO-friendly

Are you tired of long and complex URL links that downgrade your sites’s rank on search engines? To deal with this problem, Mageplaza comes up with friendly URL setting so that you can customize your own URLs which is short, neat and matches with your store’s agenda. When spider of search engines like Google finds those URLs, URLs will be considered as trustful links and your site’s rank will grow. More importantly, it is easy for your clients to remember those links for their next purchases.

Mageplaza SEO Layered Navigation

8. Add new products

Whenever you want to introduce new items, you can update them into your website instantly. The quantity of goods is not limited in your online store.

Mageplaza SEO Layered Navigation

9. Various display styles of attributes

There are many attributes with different characteristics. You need to modify appropriate display forms for a professional web page. Mageplaza help you customize attributes with many styles including slider, drop down, list, swatch or swatch and text. For example, color should be applied swatch form while style, material, climate match the most with drop down pattern.

Mageplaza SEO Layered Navigation

Furthermore, you can design your website’s interface with either horizontal or vertical navigation. Product count option can be set up in the backend so that visitors can view number of available items. All of those advanced features benefit your business by raising conversion rate and boost sale.

Layered Navigation

Layered Navigation for Magento 2

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