Most important on page SEO Factors



On page SEO is one of the key elements in your Website SEO campaign. Understanding in more detail, seo Onpage is a synthesis of techniques that affects the structure of the content on your Web site, to optimize your Web more friendly to the Google search server. This job is very important. Because Google appreciates and ranks your website basing on the search results page.

Several main factors

There are several factors on the page that affect search engine rankings. Let’s look at the most important on-page factors you need to focus your efforts on.


The URL structure is so important because it helps the search engines to understand the relative importance and adds a useful relevance to the given page. The URL should contain keywords that describes the content of the post. Besides, the URL should be short and friendly.

For examples: : When users look at them, they already know what the article is about. And you have one more place to set your keyword, moreover, the spider will easily index and know what content it will read before visiting your page through the Url. : When you look at them, you will not know what the article is about. This will make difficult for the spider to view the article content.

Meta title

Title tag is the most prominent tag in terms of SEO influence, followed by description tag. Title content should be unique on your website. It includes from 10 to 70 characters. You should place the keywords to the left of the title.

Meta description

Meta description provides Google and the search engines a summary of the content of that page. It describes the content of the page accurately and succinctly. On the search results page, it plays a role as a short advertising phrase, telling users whether to click on it. Besides that, it contains about 100-160 characters and includes the keyword.

Meta description

Heading 1-6

The heading tags will show search engines understanding what the structure of the website and the main content of the website are. It is used to format headings in content. There are 6 types of heading tags from H1 to H6. In particular, H1 will have the highest emphasis, the largest font and gradually reduce to H6. The bigger the font, the more important the content and it should contain the keyword. In addition, we should not overuse heading tags too much. Because of the many uses, search engines will not identify the main content.



Content is an essential element for ranking keywords. The more content you have, the more likely your website will appear on search engines. Therefore, content is extremely important. The white hat SEOer will understand the importance of the main content. So, when you write content, you should insert your keywords and pay attention to the following techniques:

  • Put keywords in the first part of the content
  • Should use the , , , tags for the keywords, contained in the article reasonably.
  • Keyword density is a very interesting technique. Hence, repeating the keywords on the page to increase their appearance in the content is the most natural way.

Another point that I would love to mention is that your website should keep the amount of duplication stays in healthy level and of course, as unique as possbile. Google loves unique contents.

Image (Alt)

The image is a component of content. Google bot can’t understand the image, so they will not understand the content of the image on your website. The ALT tag helps Google bot understand the content of the image.

Internal linking is the link between pages on the same domain. Some SEOer, especially novice ones always consider backlinks as external links only, since internal links are not passing any powerhelps the bots search easily relevant content between pages, and also helps keep the visitors well.


To get a keyword on the top Google, the SEOer needs to pay attention to the on page elements because this is the most essential and important factor in SEO. If you can optimize On page well, your website will be appreciated by Google and be able to reach the top highly.

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