How to take advantage of the bestseller block in Magento 2

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The application of recommendation products in upselling and cross-selling is increasingly favorable among business owners. Since using recommended items blocks enables customers to search for their wish products more easily and quickly, the store’s revenues can be raised dramatically. Following is a general guideline for Magento store owners, especially newbies about how to maximize sales when using bestseller block.

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What is bestseller block and why it makes sense?

hat is bestseller block and why it makes sense

Bestseller block is a list of products which are purchased by the biggest number of consumers. The present of bestsellers in a website is expected to provide necessary and in need advice for web browsers when they shop for a product. Imagine when you want to browse for an air conditioner and you absolutely have no idea about which type can meet your demands, you will have a tendency to ask for advice and review form others. In this case, the appearance of top bestseller products highlight the most favorable items, thus lessen the time you need to find review on every single product before making decision.

In short, the use of bestsellers help suggested products become worth-buying at first impression; consequently, higher its opportunity to be purchased by customers.

3 tips to maximize bestsellers performance

3 tips to maximize bestsellers performance

Below are some suggested tips for any business doers to make the best of bestseller products. However, make sure you already equip bestseller block for your store first. If you have not enabled this function, refer here for detailed instructions.

1. Make use of customer database

When shopping doers are searching for a particular product, store owners can base on that information to provide a list of top bestsellers which are of the same type with the original item. If your customers have not yet made a purchase, a block of bestseller products of all categories may draw their attention to the most favorable products at your stores.

2. Spend space for testimonials

It is important for any top bestsellers to include positive feedbacks from satisfied customers. By doing so, buyers have a feeling that they are consulted impartially by people from the third party. In other words, good testimonials will make your suggestions become more reliable or trustworthy.

3. Have an up-to-date system

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To ensure your bestseller products block can perform its function well, make sure that your stores are facilitated with an up-to-date platform such as Magento 2 and other supporting extensions. For example, to configure bestseller block and optimize its effectiveness, it is necessary for your e-commerce to have an Magento 2 Auto Related Product. Besides creating top bestsellers, this extension also enables users to generate other helpful blocks such as cross-sells, up-sells, daily deals, and so on to significantly contribute to your store’s revenues.

In summary, the appearance of bestseller products block might bring outstanding advantages for any online merchants. However, be careful in configuration to make the best of this recommendation product. If you want to take advantage other recommendation tools at the same time, it is highly suggested for you to take a look at our website to experience yourself several outstanding features in one surpass extension only. Follow the link here for more information and details:

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