How to Create An Automatic, Powerful & Economical Magento 2 Marketplace

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Are you a newcomer in online business? Do you want to save time and effort in building your own reputation?

The most important question is: do you want to significantly earn more profit from online market in a short period?

In this blog, we will give you the guide to conquering that goal. There are 3 main factors you should consider carefully before starting an e-commerce website.

1. Choosing A Potential Marketplace

With your website being one of the first points of contact with your customers, it’s necessary for you to create the friendliest marketplace to welcome everyone coming to you.

Choosing A Potential Marketplace

The Landofcoder marketplace can be considered to be one of the most potential e-commerce websites you should take into consideration because it can help you earn unlimited profits from all transactions. Furthermore, you can create an explosive and automatic marketplace which lets consumers do everything they want. For sellers especially, they can have full control of many important fields for a transaction such as their products, shipments, etc from a Seller Cpanel. On the other hand, the customer can rate for seller’s service by submitting reviews, rating anytime they want to. That’s amazing, right?

2. Optimizing Customer Registration

People are willing to provide you with their information if you give them a friendly-space and value in return. Social Login lets users login to your website using their available account IDs for social networking sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, etc. Instead of forcing visitors to submit forms with long information strings and remember yet another set of usernames and passwords, it is much easier for customers if more and more agencies have chosen to make Social Login as a tactical tool to boost sign-up rates.

Optimizing Customer Registration

Apart from Social Login option, you can also provide Email Registration forms created by Form Builder extension. This module aims to ask users to fill in information to allow them to choose the method best suits them, thus maximizing sign-up rates.

3. Improving Your Web Navigation

Navigation is used to help your visitors explore the website without having to dig deep for a hidden treasure. It will increase visitors and customers satisfaction as they can ease through your website and return time and time again. There are 3 essential strategies you should use to create the best navigation system:

  • Using Advanced Layered Navigation with a wide range of filters to keep visitors on your site longer by giving them clearance in where they are and what they can receive from your website. Searching with ease can be your web’s strength if you know the way to use it.
  • Using Ajax Live Search & AutoComplete tool to help customers preview the products they want just by typing several first characters. Providing fast searching for products can help you enhance customer’s shopping experience, boost buying process and increase conversion rate.

Improving Your Web Navigation

  • Using Seller Locator to provide more information about sellers’ exact store addresses in your marketplace, thus raising their reliability for customers. Buyers can look at products from different sellers at one time and they can quickly find the nearest or most convenient places they can make transactions with.

Final words

All strategies above are only suggestions for you as a store owner who wants to reach a further target of using marketplace. If you want more information or recommendation, you can visit our site and tell us your problem or visit our blog site to get more passionate consultation. We are always there waiting to help you.

Author Bio

Rose Le is a Product Marketing Associate at Landofcoder. She frequently publishes blogs for extensions on Blog Landofcoder and gets lots of positive feedback.

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