How to boost sales by using Daily Deals and featured products blocks in Magento 2

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Vanessa Updated: February 01, 2023


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The marketplace has been becoming increasingly competitive since the outbreak of several online merchants. Therefore, how to make yourself outstanding to attract customers is of utmost importance. After that, to persuade customers to purchase your products is even a more difficult mission that requires store owners to put much effort.

Applied by many online merchants, creating daily deal and featured products block is considered to remarkably contribute to total revenues. However, not many of those know how to use these blocks appropriately to maximize sales.

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Daily deals

Mageplaza Auto Related Products

Daily deal are considered as products recommended for customers on a daily basis. These products are offered with the most attractive promotions for example the minimum recommended selling price (MRSP) or the addition of other products. The outstanding advantage of daily deal products is creating the impulse demands among customers to possess a product. Because the promotions only last within a certain amount of time, shopping doers have a tendency to quickly place an order in order not to miss a bargain. => Magento 2 Daily Deal - awesome sales motivation tool

Mageplaza Auto Related Products

Featured products are defined as the most highlighted and attractive products for customers. They can be the hottest products or the most favorable items searched or purchased by consumers. By adding a featured products block in a store’s website, the owner will help web browsers have an overview about the most popular products without wandering the whole website to search. Click here if you want to have instruction to configure a featured product block.

Remember the rule of 25

Mageplaza Auto Related Products

Many people misunderstand that the more daily deals the store has, the more products they can sell. The fact is that do not try to create too many suggested products for each group as customers will be confused by overwhelming product pools. It is highly recommended for you to generate less than 25 items for each block so that web browsers can find it easier to make decision.

Focus on unique features of each block

The objectives of using daily deals and featured products blocks are to attract more customers to a specific number of items. Therefore, determine to highlight the unique feature of each block. For example, focus on the limited time and attractive price that the offers valid in daily deals block and highlight the level of being chosen or favorable for items in featured products block. By doing so, shopping doers are intentionally forced to select products to add to their carts.

Ensure each product has Add to Cart button

Mageplaza Auto Related Products

In default setting of Magento 2 for these blocks, there is no Add to Cart button under each product that makes customers have to click on each item and look for add to cart button. This issue is quite inconvenient that may make shopping doers change their decision. Therefore, make sure that you stores provide them Add to Cart button by applying Mageplaza Automatic Related Product extension.

In conclusion, Automatic Related Product extension by Mageplaza can greatly support your stores to generate daily deals and featured products blocks. Additionally, it can also create other useful blocks such as cross-sells, up-sells, and so on to boost your sale. Therefore, why don’t you get it now to make the best of its advantages.

Mageplaza Auto Related Products

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