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SEO or search engine optimization is an important aspect for any online merchant’s marketing strategy. When you create a wonderful SEO, the numbers of customers visit your webpage will increase remarkably. However, making a good SEO is not a piece of cake, instead you need to put effort in your working. Following are some basic tips for you to maximize the advantages of using SEO in Magento platform.

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  • 1. Use an up-to-date Magento platform

    Use an up-to-date Magento platform SEO Magento 2

    Every time a new version of Magento platform is released, their weaknesses and defaults will be improved or mitigated. For example, the security system is more protective, bug issue is improved, and so on. Therefore, the latest version is undoubtedly the best version for your online merchants.

    2. Keep your URLs friendly

    Keep your URLs friendly SEO Magento 2

    Many companies do not take a serious look to their webpages; consequently, the code such as “?=sortby, ?p=2” is not unfamiliar for visitors. Nevertheless, these symbols are considered “unfriendly” by the spiders of search engine when gathering requested information. To solve this problem you need to make changes to your settings by going to: System => Configuration =>Web =>Search Engine Optimization => URL Options, and then choose option “No” for Add Store Code. These steps ensure that your URLs will not be automatically added with various symbols concerning product’s color, category, or size, which make these links become easily to be found or more SEO- friendly.

    3. Make the best of metadata

    Keyword is one of the most important features when the spiders crawl for information and rank your website in the search engine result pages (SERPs). It is necessary to ensure that you choose appropriate keywords. More importantly, name your title and description with at least a keyword included. Apply this same rule for your category title and description. Especially, try to put these keywords in the beginning of your title, so that the spiders can easily recognize the main content of your webpages.

    4. Enhance product images

    Enhance product images SEO Magento 2

    Forget all the image titles with just boring numbers to identify them from others. Why don’t you start naming these pictures with category, color, or any outstanding features of its products? Try to make its names descriptive and meaningful with relevant keywords if possible. Besides, remember to include alt tags to make them become obvious for search engine’s spiders.

    5. Stay away from duplicate content

    Stay away from duplicate content SEO Magento 2

    Duplicate content is one of the most serious forbidden issues that all merchants should avoid. The spiders will consider your website inappropriate or unreliable if they find your website containing identical content with any other. All you need to do is modifying your settings by following these steps: go to System =>Configuration =>Catalog =>Search Engine Optimization and then select “Yes” in the field of Canonical Link Meta Tags for Products. In conclusion, these above steps are only some basic hints for you to improve your SEO. If you want to gain the highest rank the main content also need to pay such a great attention to attract more traffic visiting your website. To do that, you are sure to need an effective assistant, let SEO extension Magento 2 help you to perfect your SEO.

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