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For any online merchant, SEO is an important technique used to boost more traffic visit their website. If shop owners can take advantage of SEO, they will remarkably gain brand recognition without paying any money for advertising. However, even when Magento 2 platform has many useful features supporting the working of SEO, Magento stores still need a right hand to perfect their system. And it is sure to be Mageplaza SEO extension. Let see how SEO extension works on Magento store.

With the clear and detail configuration settings and guide lines, store admins can easily set up extension themselves. After that, users will notice the Mageplaza section appear in the Admin Panel. And now let see how three main sections of SEO extension.

1. SEO Settings

To adjust all the settings for SEO, go to Admin Panel > Mageplaza > SEO > Settings, you will see several criteria to customize. If you are a newbie to the system, take a closer look on each tab to have a closer look over how SEO extension functions on your store. Here are some notable features for any online admins.

Mageplaza SEO Settings

General setting tab, there are five function fields with two options “yes/no” for each. Store owner can choose between these two options to enable or disable every function. It happen quite the same to other setting tabs such as duplicate content, social share, and so on, as all you need to do is already given a detailed instruction. For most bar tools, there are two options in field box. In addition, for business information, once shop owners decide to set “Yes” to field box “Enable business information”, they need to fill in several basic information about their company concerning website name, alternative name, logo, phone number, and so on.

Mageplaza SEO

2. SEO rules

When launched, SEO extension promises to maximum optimization for customers. Therefore, with this function, customers will be undoubtedly satisfied to set their own rules for their stores. To perform this, visit Mageplaza > SEO Rules > Rules, then click on Add New Rule button to start setting a new rule. After that, shop admins can see many field boxes for a new rule appear on the screen such as: Rule’s name, option for types, Setup content for Meta tags (title, description, keyword), Select Robots Templates, Setup Priority value. By following these steps and completing all the fields, a new rule will be created and applied within a second.

If you are still confused or want to know more details on this configuration, our article 7 essential configurations for Magento 2 SEO settings will help you figure out things more quickly.

Mageplaza SEO rules

3. SEO checklists

Mageplaza SEO checklists

The last main part of SEO is its checklists which you can find in Mageplaza > SEO Checklists. There are three types of notifications in SEO checklists, which are Success, Error, and Warning; however, they generally have the same function to figure out the process status. With this function, users can easily keep track of what they have done, what they have to complete, and what they need to pay much attention. In other words, SEO checklists inform shop owners whether their stores are ready to apply publicly or not.

In conclusion, e-commerce has increasingly dominated in the market place. Therefore, running an online store becomes the hottest trend ever. And Mageplaza SEO extension for Magento 2 is sure to be the right hand to pay the way for your success. With such great features to optimize your sites via SEO, the number of traffic visiting the websites will increase remarkably; consequently, sales performance will be enhanced as well. Do not waste a moment, let experience Mageplaza SEO extension yourself**

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