How to configure notification emails in Gift Card extension

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How to configure notification emails in Gift Card extension

How to configure notification emails in Gift Card extension

Email notification is a must-have feature in top Gift Card extension, let’s take a look at the instruction below to learn how to configure and optimize this feature.

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With the speedy development of technology, many business owners have taken advantage of this trend to attract customers by issuing electronic gift cards. And virtual gift certificates have become more and more popular among both online merchants and online purchasers, experiencing a surge increase in demand. To support online merchants, Mageplaza developed a great Magento 2 Gift Card extension. Notification email is one of the most impressive characteristic that engages buyers with your business. To optimize benefits of this feature, here is an instruction in setting up notification email.

Email Notification

Magento 2 Gift Card Email Notification

The very first step that admin need to take is regulating Yes for “Enable Email Notification” option. By taking this action, customer will receive an email with Gift Card if that gift voucher is delivered successfully. It is the sign to help customers keep track with their gift card transaction.

On behalf of your store, there are five representative titles which are General Contact, Sales Representative, Customer Support, Custom Email 1, Custom Email 2. Choosing an email address, admin decision is based on different functions, departments and distinct customers. Each of those email senders can be automatically related to email messages.

If admins do not want to keep default gift card email template, you can create the new one in the marketing option, then click to the email template and you can customize your own email templates and messages.

After the general setting, there are 5 more categories that need to be taken into consideration:

2. Gift Card Update Notification

Magento 2 Gift Card Update Notification

If you select Yes for gift card update notification, emails will be sent to your recipients whenever gift certificates are updated. Because of this feature, customer’s experience will be enhanced since your store is considered as professional and thoughtful. Gift Card Update Email Template is similar to gift card template in term of formation.

3. Before Expired Notification

Mageplaza Gift Card

To announce recipients the expiration date of a gift voucher, admins can enable “Before Expired Notification” button by setting Yes. After that, Before Expired Day can be adjusted up to business regulations. For example, before expired date 1 day, customer will be informed by an email. This mail will contain general gift voucher information and a statement of expired day.

4. Notify Sender After Gift Card is Sent

Mageplaza Gift Card

By enabling “Notify Sender After Gift Card is sent”, senders will receive an email immediately after completing sending process. Admins can change this email template in the marketing category, or else email content applies default template instantly.

5. Gift Card Unused Notification

Gift Card Unused Notification

This function is to inform the senders when the gift card is unused after a period of time. The unused days are counted since the gift card was sent to recipient. The number of unused days is modified by admin in the third box so that gift voucher unused notification will be announced for senders. Moreover, the gift certificate unused email can be delivered if:

  • Gift Card is Active and is created from an order
  • Balance remains unchanged
  • Unused days is from Delivery date to current date

6. Customer Balance Update Notification

Gift Card Customer Balance Update Notification

Customers can monitor balance in their gift cards whenever balance of gift credit is updated. An email with default template will be transfer to customer’s’ mailbox. When admin want to customize an unique template, you can go to marketing section and create the new one.

Mageplaza Gift Card Customer Balance Update Notification

Above are seven considerations while configuring notification email in gift voucher extension with Mageplaza. These emails are simple settings, yet they play an important role in customer care. They are tracking mails that create familiarity between your business and your clients. Customers also gain more trust with your store as they get every transaction and updated information. For more information, please visit our website:

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