Gift Card extension for Magento 2: The flexibility in configuration

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Although Magento 2 platform has just been introduced recently, it has been remarkably proved its position in e-commerce market. Along with the existence of this great platform is the help of several extensions. If you are not a newbie to e-commerce and Magento, Gift Card extensions is no longer an unfamiliar term for you. Especially, Gift Card is becoming more and more favorable among business doers because of its great effectiveness for their Magento merchants. Beside several outstanding features in boosting sales, its flexibility in configuration also significantly contributes to the success of any online merchants.

It can be said that Magento 2 Gift Card extension provides both store owners and consumers chances to configure the management system and product options

I. Shop admins

1. Create card templates with ease

Create card templates with ease

With Mageplaza Gift Card extension, store owners are allowed to decide the design for gift vouchers in the backend. Therefore, they can place their company logo instead of the extension’s company on the default template of a certificate. There are some more parts that shop admins can decide whether to put it on the voucher and where to put it such as: title, value, sender’s name, recipient’s name, gift codes, notes, and so on.

2. Easy to install and customize

Designed with the aim to maximize the performance of Magento, Gift Card extension is compatible not only with all versions of Magento but also other third party extensions. To install this useful extension, you only need to follow instruction in the website or see detailed instructions here.

3. Flexible delivery methods

Magento 2 gift card Flexible delivery methods

Mageplaza Gift Card extension offers shop admins several delivery methods for their stores such as email, phone number, print at home, post office, and so on. Among these options, store owners can select one or some or all methods to apply for their businesses. To make adjustment for gift cards delivery, they can find in the backend from Store > Configuration and turn on any methods that they choose just in a blink of an eye.

II. Customers

1. Beautifully-designed templates

Beautifully-designed templates

With the default setting of this extension, shop admins can provide their customers a bundle of eye-catching designs which match several occasions such as Christmas, Valentine, New Year, Halloween, and so on.

2. Easy to personalize gift vouchers

Easy to personalize gift vouchers

Among several default themes and images provided, customers are enabled to upload their own images if they found no image match their intentions. Additionally, shopping buyers are provided with several choices for their cards to be delivered such as via phone number, email address, phone number, or post office. Therefore, they do not need to go to the bricks and mortals to get the vouchers. Especially, when they want to purchase a certificate for their family or friends who are far away, it will be much more convenient. Furthermore, they can attach a message to the recipients and even decide date and time when the cards are sent to receivers.

3. Flexible in gift values and gift quantities

Flexible in gift values and gift quantities

Knowing that each consumer has different intention and budget when purchasing a gift voucher, Mageplaza Gift Card extension allows buyers to choose the values according to their demands. There are two different kinds of value offered, one is a specific amount of money valid, and another is a range of money valid. Besides, they are also enabled to generate unlimited number of cards whether for themselves or for other people.

To sum up, Magento 2 is a great platform for your stores to run your business on. However, you still need some companions to perfect your selling system. Among them Mageplaza Gift Card extension is an indispensable factor contributing to the success of any business.

It can be said that Magento 2 Gift Voucher is the most effective solution for online merchants to handle all the drawbacks existing in default setting of gift card function Magento. If you want to know more information about this incredible extension and how remarkably it can help you, please visit our website

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