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That’s not a secret that digitalization takes a new spin this year. The web is becoming even more convenient for the users. The websites are performing faster across a wide range of devices. Waiting for 3 seconds or more until a webpage loads is a long wait. Many users will turn to your competitors if they have to wait longer than a couple of seconds until your webpage loads.

Fortunately, the emerging web technologies help you accommodate the even growing customer demands. One of such revolutionary technologies that web discuss today is AMP - Accelerated Mobile Pages.

Let’s take the user’s perspective and uncover some eye-opening stats. Do you know how many users will leave your website if it loads for too long on mobile? As much as a half, i.e. 50%. This means that you lose a handful of potential customers and a sizeable fraction of your revenue. To avoid this, focus on new-gen website optimization. If you go for AMP, you maximize your website load speeds on mobile and ensure that not a single customer has a chance to leave your website while it loads. With AMP, users won’t have enough time to click the ‘back’ button until they see your site’s page loaded.

Such new technologies as AMP are crucial for the owners of all web stores, no matter what the size of your e-store is. However, Magento is the first e-commerce system that readily embraces AMP technology as it’s suited for creating large e-stores with vast catalogs. With AMP, the pages of your Magento store load in a jiffy on mobile. Moreover, you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to incorporate this technology to your website. However, first things first. Let’s see what AMP technology actually is and what benefits it brings you.

What’s AMP technology?

Accelerated Mobile Pages is a Google’s open-source project that aims at revolutionizing user’s mobile browsing experience. In fact, AMP creates a separate version of your store pages for mobile and stripes away all the secondary design elements that make sense on PC screen but are odd on mobile. The AMP version of your website includes AMP HTML, AMP JavaScript and Google-served AP cache. With AMP, the main content of your website loads prior to third-party content. Moreover, thanks to AMP cache the main site’s content displays in a twinkle of an eye.

What Advantages Using AMP Brings You?

We have some great news for you. You don’t have to drill AMP coding to incorporate this technology to your website. The passionate team of ZEMEZ already took care of this for you. They created a powerful AMP module for Magento 2.2 that installs in 1 click and does the whole thing for you.

With Magento AMP module, you we’ve got a chance to speed up your website on mobile in a couple of clicks. This module takes care of creating the AMP versions of most popular store pages, such as Category and Product pages. As a result, it sizably upgrades the UI and UX of your website for all users on the go. What’s more, it positively influences the way Google ranks your website in mobile search engine search results.

What Advantages Using AMP Brings You

To put it briefly, below are the main draws of AMP technology that you’re bound to appreciate

  • First of all, with AMP your website ditches all the secondary design elements that slow down its performance on mobile;
  • Secondly, it takes less than 2 seconds to load an AMP page, no matter how much content you have there;
  • Thirdly, AMP employment positively impacts your website’s bounce rate and mobile SEO;
  • Next, all handheld devices support the display of AMP pages. So, no matter what devices your target auditory uses to reach your website, they’ll all benefit from the new AMP-powered experience;
  • Last but not least, with AMP you’ll get up to 10% more traffic and up to 52% more sales, which is just exciting.

Meet the Pioneering AMP-ready Magento Themes

The simplest way to launch your website with AMP on board is to go for an AMP-ready Magento theme. It’s not that simple to find such templates. We’ve got one place for you to find them. That’s, TemplateMonster Marketplace. Currently, their collection of AMP templates is not large. They offer you 6 new-gen templates that brilliantly bring AMP and Magento together. If you’re interested, see their bestsellers below:

Magetique - The Most Comprehensive Multipurpose Magento 2 Theme

Meet the Pioneering AMP-ready Magento Themes - Tools & Equipment Magento Theme

Meet the Pioneering AMP-ready Magento Themes

Jewelrix - Jewelry Store Magento 2 Theme

Meet the Pioneering AMP-ready Magento Themes

F2 - Fashion Boutique Magento 2 Theme

Meet the Pioneering AMP-ready Magento Themes

Undeniably, you’ll see more AMP-ready Magento themes coming along this year. However, if you want to jump ahead of the competition, embrace this technology today. We wish you good luck in conquering the mobile market with your empowered AMP-ready website. Stay tuned!

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