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The default Magento provides Layered Navigation to help customers pick up their desired items. However, it is deficient of Ajax functionality and advanced extension features. This unprofessional version may not satisfy users visiting your online shop. Therefore, it is important for you to set up a proficient website with Ajax layered navigation extension for magento 2 so that you can meet or even exceed customers’ satisfaction and boost your sales.

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Layered Navigation Extension for Magento 2 is an useful sitemap that helps your clients select their favorite products with the least amount of time and effort. When browsing products, many people want to filter multiple attributes at the same time, not by instalments. The Ajax feature allows matching results to present directly after filtering various attributes without reloading a whole page. Hence, your site’s performance will be improved and clients’ experience can be enhanced.

Extension features

Multiple filters

Multiple attributes selection help visitors find most suitable products with their desired characteristics. For example, it is easy to find a green t-shirt size M for women in store by selecting necessary attributes. Thus, visitors can narrow their search quickly, take their favorite items and become paying clients.

Mageplaza SEO Layered Navigation

Filter button

After ticking many options, a button will appear to confirm users’ selections and load results. Customers will not be suffered from continuous loading circumstances. Finishing loading, all matching items will automatically scroll up to your site’s heading.

Price Slider

Mageplaza SEO Layered Navigation Price Slider

For those price-conscious customers, they can filter by dropping and dragging price slider to a proper price range. All items within this range will be presented on screen. In backend, site manager can easily customize price values which is equivalent with available products. Some great layered navigation extensions like Magelaza provide you with different price slider styles composing of Flat UI skin, Modern skin, HTML5 skin, Nice white skin, and Simple dark skin. You can design any form to fit with your online store.

Various filter options

Visitors may demand in filtering exceptional attributes such as Brands, Rating, New, Sales or In/out stock products that default magento 2 have not provided. Thanks for Ajax layered navigation extensions, you can serve any special needs of users. Undoubtedly, those demanding buyers will become loyal customers of your business. On the other sides, you can hide some unnecessary attributes from your store so that they will not distract customers.

Mageplaza SEO Layered Navigation

Quick look up options

Mageplaza SEO Layered Navigation

Customers can save their time in searching by a small search box. They can type any keywords and matching results appear instantly for them.

Vertical and horizontal filters block

Layered Navigation can be displayed vertically or horizontally on site’s interface. Navigation display various filter lists so that it must be clear and well-organized. You should decide appropriate navigation design to catch visitors’ attention and benefit them.

Mageplaza SEO Layered Navigation

SEO- friendly URL

SEO-friendly URL composes of your site’ agenda which supports you on search engines. Moreover, it can easily bear in mind of customer for the next search.

Don’t make your customers be tired of shopping in your store with an amateur site. Ajax layered navigation for magento 2 with advanced features can surge conversion rate, boost your sales. As a leading Magento vendor, Ajax layered navigation developed by Mageplaza is highly suggested because of exceptional characteristics and reasonable price.

In conclusion, taking advantages of layered Navigation can significantly improve SEO performance as well as enhance customer’s experience and increase conversion rate. Fine more extension:

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