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What is Frequently Bought Together for Magento 2?

This is Frequently Bought Together block has been applied in amazon shopping settings. And what it brought is incredible amount of revenue from recommended suggest and maximizing advertising goals. It’s the best partner with Who Bought This Also Bought

Frequently Bought Together for Magento 2

Basically when comes to shopping stories, people who buy new stuff might need accessories set, and people who purchased familiar items might interested in looking up new/similar product, and they desire to see as many recommended items as they can in one page. Obviously, we need to find a sale promotion tips how to entice two kinds of people and others, push them to buy us more. To make the matters harder, we don’t have time for such pre-sale/ marketing conservation. They need to decide quickly so everything must be performed at eye-catching level.

Have you ever thought of related viewing product recommendation list? It’s all about Frequently Bought Together extension could bring to you in Magento 2.

What are the exact benefits this extension can bring to your store?

  • It’s time to make your business shine brightly more.
  • It’s time to add a must-have extension to live shopping site.
  • It’s time to dramatically increase profit by encourage customer purchasing more, not only one, but two-three-five product adding to their cart at the same time.

Hence, you also want your live store to look more professional? More item to be displayed? When they buy tons of related product but they need to know total price immediately?

Mageplaza’s brand new extension could respond all.

New offer from Mageplaza: Great Frequently Bought Together extension


Frequently Bought Together for Magento 2

The thumbnail images, information and prices of related products will be scaled in a smart and convenient way. These products can be based on pre-ordering customers record, or you can customize them in the configuration.

★ Enhance convenience in user’s experience

Magento 2 Frequently Bought Together

Frequently Bought Together block only occupies a very small space, but it’s really easy to catch buyer’s eye right under product information. They can conveniently drop related items into the shopping cart without opening new tab or heading to checkout page.

Customers, when they have already chose a list of related products they want to buy, but in a sudden they want to consider purchasing section carefully, Frequently Bought Together block also allows them easily add/remove each of product in/out of cart just in a blink of an eye.

Magento 2 Frequently Bought Together

★ Automatically Ajax technology

To extend satisfaction more, Ajax technology will help you calculate the total price of products when buyers add/remove items immediately, so that they can consider with their financial ability.

Magento 2 Frequently Bought Together by Mageplaza

★ Talk about store owners, will the configuration be easy to acknowledge and configure?

Of course yes. This is how we simplify the configuration story. The backend module is pretty simple, we noted a brief explanations under each of field. If none of customization edit required, we had prepared default setting so that the block will be ready to appear on live site when you installed it successfully.

I promise that this friendly settings will always welcome Magento newbie users!. For detailed information about feartures, demo, pricing, policy, please visit Magento 2 Frequently Bought Together from Mageplaza. Currently, we have a combo Frequently Bought Together for Magento 2 combined with 2 modules extension One Step Checkout and Google Tag Manager to help your store measure the most selected products and help customers buy faster.

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