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Popups are becoming a phenomenon nowadays when almost online stores use it. Integrating popups into your store will be an amazing solution for visitors to pay attention to them. With the help of the popups, all latest and hot stuff on your site will be transfer to visitors in the shortest way.

According to some case studies, it has shown that there are over 1,000% increases in email subscribers every month thanks to using popups.

Yes! These figures don’t tell a lie. So now it’s high time for you to choose Better Popup extension for Magento 2 store.

Released by Mageplaza professional experts, Better Popup extension has the ability to enhance the retention of customers, turn the visitors into potential customers for your online store. Also, it can improve SEO on your site effectively.

Some highlight features

Drive email list

Thanks to Better Popup extension, you can collect more leads for your store. When visitors access your site, instead of waiting for them to subscribe, using newsletter popups will be able to help drive the email list for your online store rapidly.

boost email list

Exit-intent popups

Integrated exit-intent technology on pop up windows, it offers an interesting feature for store owners when using Mageplaza Better Popup extension. With this feature, the popup will pop out instantly before they try to leave your site in their efforts.

At this time, visitors will have to stay on your site and perform an action with the popup window or exit the site by clicking the exit button.

Flexibly customizable popups

That’s great that admins can easily customize the popup windows. There are 3 options for them to configure:

  • Content: Using HTML language to customize any content you want.
  • Display styles: Allow popups show full screen or in the center position.
  • Design: Ability to change designs depending on your hobby.

Support premade popup templates

Interestingly, Mageplaza Better Popup extension includes some available popup templates. Also, admins can easily modify, configure, and reuse these templates.

premade popup templates

More features

Show triggers

As soon as an exit-intent action happens, a popup will be displayed. Besides that, it can also be shown after X seconds by the configuration of admins.

Congratulation popups

After a visitor performs an action, a congratulations message will pop out. Admins can also customize the content as well as the design of congrats popup window.

Redisplay popups

This feature allows admins to configure the number of times the popup display. This helps visitors away from the feeling of the disturbed when they access your site.

Report emails support

Thanks to this function, store owners will receive a report sent via email regularly. This report shows the number of new subscribers weekly.

Report compatibility

With the integration of Magento 2 Report extension, store owners can easily follow the number of new subscribers on your site.

SMTP compatibility

The new subscriber report email feature is also compatible with Mageplaza SMTP extension. This can prevent the report emails from the spam box.

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