Top 15+ Best Shopify Product Review Apps

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Thomas Nguyen Last updated: April 01, 2024

Before we start, let’s check out the following statistics:

  • The purchase likelihood for a product with five reviews is 270% greater than that of a product with no reviews (Spiegel Research Center, 2017).
  • Product pages with customer reviews experience 3.5 times more conversions than those without (Bazaarvoice, 2018).
  • Nearly 89% (nine out of ten) consumers worldwide make an effort to read online reviews before buying products (Trustpilot, 2020).

Undoubtedly, to turn a casual store visitor into a paying customer, nothing is more effective than customer reviews or testimonials. They help reduce the risk of spending money on something that turns out to be a dud. Spending a few minutes reading online reviews tells shoppers whether they should trust your brand and products.

But that’s not all.

Reviews and testimonials boost traffic, improve search engine rankings, and increase customer retention. So, collect and use them wherever you can, featuring them in your store and including them in marketing campaigns.

To help you do this, we have compiled 15+ Best Shopify product review apps on the market. All the apps in our list have been chosen for the ease in which they let you collect and display reviews, along with their ability to integrate with your store without affecting speed, design, or user experience.

Let’s get started right now!

Why should you use a Shopify product review app?

Reviews are essential to any Shopify E-commerce business’s success, as consumers rely on other customer’s reviews and can be significantly influenced by them when deciding to buy an item (or not). In addition to referral marketing, reviews are one of the peer-driven marketing areas that can make or break your business.

Of course, you could sift through and manually manage your reviews, but if you’re serious about your business, you really should use an online tool to streamline and optimize your process.

Why should you use a Shopify product review app?
Why should you use a Shopify product review app?

Shopify product review apps provide specific solutions to help you track reviews, and most importantly, to gather more positive reviews to grow your business. Using a review app can also boost your SEO, as it will let your reviews be visible in Google search results, thus driving more organic traffic to your shop. These apps typically involve some investment level, but you’ll see a significant return on investment if you choose the right one.

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Why shouldn’t you use fake reviews?

In recent years, there has been an increasing trend of businesses using fake reviews to boost their sales. Even some high-profile authors were found to be reviewing their own books in countless fictional names. This practice is certainly very frowned upon and against many terms and conditions across selling platforms.

Amazon, for example, will remove your products immediately if you are detected to promote fake reviews. Besides, you can be shamed on social media and traditional media channels, and this consequently causes serious issues you’ll never recover from.

You also need to be careful when importing reviews. Some websites, like Amazon, will claim reviews as their own property. Using them on your site can mean legal action against your business.

This is why you’d better consider using one of the Shopify product review apps listed in this article. When you are starting out, you’ll have very few reviews. But these Shopify apps can help you generate more reviews and proudly display them to your visitors. They can also import reviews from the correct websites to make sure that you don’t break copyright laws.

So, what are the best Shopify product review apps that we recommend? Let’s explore!

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15+ Best product review apps for your Shopify store

1. Air Product Reviews Ali Review by AVADA Commerce

Air Review App by Avada Commerce is a free Shopify app that helps you build customer trust and boost sales through social proof, reviews, and photos. Here are some of the features of the app:

Product Review- Photo Reviews by AVADA Commerce
Product Review- Photo Reviews by AVADA Commerce

To be specific, Product Review - Photo Reviews offers the following features:

  • Fully customizable review display (review block, widgets, and popup)
  • Review management (import, edit, preview, approve, reject, etc.)
  • Review and photo reminder emails
  • Multiple languages
  • Utilize review structured data for better search engine optimization (SEO)

Merchants appreciate this app for its ability to enhance product listings with high-quality photos and customer reviews. They value its customizable features, including CSS changes, and the option to import reviews with images, videos, and comments. Overall, the app has received a 5/5 rating from users. Get started today and watch your business soar to new heights - Install now!

Pricing plan: FREE

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2. Vitals 40+ Apps in One Product Reviews App

Vitals provides Shopify merchants an all-in-one marketing solution that helps to drive more sales, boost average order value, increase load speed, improve conversions, and connect with customers on a deeper level.

The Product Reviews App is bundled with the upsell builder, pop-ups, accelerated checkout, shoppable Instagram feed, and visitor replays, among other features.

Vitals Product Reviews App
Vitals 40+ Apps in One Product Reviews App

Key features:

  • Showcase reviews on product pages, dedicated pages and review tabs
  • Moderate the reviews before publishing (or turn this feature off)
  • Reviews are translated automatically
  • Email review requests to past orders as well
  • Import reviews manually or in bulk from different sources
  • Customizable placement
  • Works with every theme, mobile-optimized

Vitals has a user-friendly interface and is easy to set up. An in-built video tutorial is included with every app, explaining its benefits and demonstrating how to use it.

Vitals lets you modify the texts, language, and colors according to the theme and style of your store.

Vitals support is available via chat 24/7.

Pricing plan: $29.99 per month after 30 days of free trial

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3. Loyalty Program, Email, Review by AiTrillion

AiTrillion is the best customer review platform for generating customer reviews. With this integrated marketing platform, you can collect reviews from multiple channels like sending emails with product images, and displaying popups to ask for reviews from the customers who recently purchased from your store.

Brands can easily set up automated workflows to collect post-purchase reviews. They can manually set the time to ask for a review based on customer behavior which increases the chances of getting a positive review from the customers.

AiTrillion also lets you improve your rank by creating rich snippets for each of your products on Google Shopping, including product images, star ratings, and product descriptions. As a result, you improve organic traffic from search engines.

Loyalty Program, Email, Review by AiTrillion
Loyalty Program, Email, Review by AiTrillion

Key features of Product Reviews:

  • Send post-purchase review request email
  • Give loyalty points for leaving reviews to customers
  • Send automatic popups to collect reviews after the order
  • Use widgets to display your best reviews on your landing pages
  • Send emails with product images to get an instant review
  • Review dashboard to view all the collected reviews in one place
  • Share the best customer review on social media channels
  • Schedule email review reminders to ensure customers give reviews

Pricing plans:

AiTrillion offers a 30-Day Free Trial. The paid plan has all the 12+ marketing apps included in it and it starts at $49/month.

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4. Product Reviews UGC by is another leading E-commerce management platform with excellent customer review functions. is specifically designed to build trust and social proof on your store to increase conversion rates and boost sales.

One of the most outstanding advantages of Product Reviews UGC by is that it provides an in-email review request form to generate more customer reviews. This is a necessary function as it lets shop owners be proactive in collecting reviews, which is the best way to grow their reviews and drive more sales. Customers can leave reviews directly in the email, which means they don’t need to click through to another form, and therefore lowering the barrier to action.

Product Reviews UGC by
Product Reviews UGC by

Key features of Product Reviews UGC by

  • Collect reviews from multiple channels, such as Facebook, Etsy, AliExpress, SMS, etc.
  • Include star reviews and product information in Google search results
  • Offer multiple integration options by connecting with other review apps, Google Shopping reviews, and email clients within a few clicks
  • 100% customizable to fit your brand
  • Provide smart product recommendations based on user history
  • Truly mobile-optimized and works with any theme
  • Offer multi-lingual support, including English, French, Germain, and 15+ other languages

Pricing plans:

  • Lite Plan: free
  • Basic Plan: $19/ month
  • Premium Plan: $39/ month
  • Business Plan: $99/ month

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5. LAI AliExpress Reviews by Smartify Apps

LAI AliExpress Reviews focuses on helping merchants enhance your credibility by adding reviews to their products and boost your conversion rate with other amazing features. To be specific, LAI’s key feature is to bundle import reviews via various methods: Import reviews from AliExpress and Amazon, Import with CSV file; Import with Oberlo and migrate reviews from other Shopify review apps.

LAI AliExpress Reviews by Smartify Apps
LAI AliExpress Reviews by Smartify Apps

Key features of LAI AliExpress Reviews by Smartify Apps:

  • 18 beautiful layouts for you to choose
  • Fast import reviews from multiple sources: AliExpress, Amazon, Oberlo, custom files, manual submission
  • Advanced displaying settings (pin reviews, filter reviews,…)
  • Increase SEO with Rich Snippets (display star rating and reviews on Google search result)
  • Share favourite reviews to your linked Facebook page or create a Facebook tab
  • Collect reviews and encourage repeat purchases with automated review request email and smart coupon email
  • Keep track of reviews and emails’ performance with in-app analytics reports
  • Show off your best reviews on Homepage
  • Integrate with pagebuilder apps, dropshipping apps and marketing apps,…

Pricing plans:

  • Free forever: Free
  • Basic Plan: $9.99/ month
  • Advanced Plan: $14.99/ month

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6. Reviews, Loyalty++ by Growave

If you are finding a Reviews and Q&A app, meet Growave - a leading marketing platform that helps Shopify merchants reach their audience, engage users and boost conversions with ease. Growave is not about reviews only; you can get other products such as Loyalty and Rewards, Wishlists, Referral Program, Social Login, Instagram and UGC, Automated emails, and more for a reasonable price.

Reviews, Loyalty++ by Growave
Reviews, Loyalty++ by Growave

Many users are afraid that integrating too many apps may slow down their page loading speed because of code conflicts. However, with Growave, you get all the essential tools from one place. The app is simple to set up, with all the features you need are under one dashboard.

Reviews, Loyalty++ by Growave allows you to customize texts, language, and colors depending on your brand theme. It is fully compatible with GDPR and doesn’t share your data with third parties. You can contact Growave’s customer support anytime via email, live chat, or phone.

Key features of Reviews, Loyalty++ by Growave:

  • Showcase reviews on product pages, separate pages, sidebars, and carousels
  • Display reviews on Google
  • Send review request emails, as well as reminders to shoppers
  • Import reviews from different sources that fits requirements manually or in bulk
  • Google Shopping integration lets you showcase ratings and photo reviews on Product Listing Ads
  • Customize the design and adjust to your needs

Pricing plans:

  • Free Plan
  • Starter Plan: $29.99/ month
  • Growth Plan: $69.99/ month
  • Enterprise: $299.99/ month

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7. Product Reviews, Photo Reviews by Loox

Loox is an excellent option if you are looking for a Shopify product review app that leverages the power of images. The app automatically sends review requests to customers via emails. And if they complete a review for your store, they can get a discount on future purchases, especially if they submit a review with a photo.

Product Reviews, Photo Reviews by Loox
Product Reviews, Photo Reviews by Loox

As a matter of fact, photo reviews are more trustworthy than written ones, which allows you to quickly build up a catalog of strong and high-performing reviews for your products. To build that trust, you can constrict detailed and gorgeous galleries of photo reviews. Plus, you can share your content on social media channels, gain more trust, drive more traffic to your online store, and boost your sales.

Key features of Product Reviews, Photo Reviews by Loox:

  • Request photo reviews from customers automatically
  • Allow customizing timing, review form questions, widget colors, size, font, position
  • Share photo reviews on social media channels
  • Moderate reviews, so you can show reviews that you want to, helping prevent spam reviews
  • Display reviews on rich snippets to improve ranking
  • Offer multiple displays in sidebars, carousels, and popups
  • Offer multiple integration options
  • Be available in different languages

Pricing plans:

  • Basic Plan: $9.99/ month
  • Advanced Plan: $29.99/ month
  • Pro Plan: $59.99/ month
  • Unlimited Plan: $99.99/ month

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8. Product Reviews by

Product Reviews by offers you an automated and sophisticated way to collect and display your products’ customer reviews. The app sends out emails to past customers who can write their reviews directly in the email. In addition to traditional and text-based reviews, you can also collect photo and video reviews. And in case someone doesn’t leave a review, the system will send out a reminder and include a coupon to encourage them to complete the process.

Product Reviews by
Product Reviews by

Once collected, your product reviews can be shown off across the Internet. They can become part of your rich snippets on Google Search, Google Shopping, Facebook, and Twitter. If you have already got reviews, you’re able to import existing reviews into the app to display them straight away. The app also enables you to install the review widgets to look exactly what you want and how you need it.

Key features of Product Reviews by

  • Allow product reviews with text, photo, video, and automatic reminders
  • Offer unlimited review request, orders, and imports
  • Display your reviews on Google Search, Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • Synchronize product review groups or shop
  • Install widgets using your store design

Pricing plans:

  • Free Plan
  • Awesome Plan: $15/ month

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9. Rivyo Product Review by Thimatic

Rivyo Product Review is one of the two products of Thimatic, which is an exceptional assistant tool for all Shopify merchants by displaying site reviews, product reviews, and feedback along with images.

Rivyo Product Review by Thimatic
Rivyo Product Review by Thimatic

With this app, you’re enabled to add reviews from the back-end and import or export multiple reviews as in CSV files. The dashboard will display daily real-time reports, which give clear information about how many reviews added today. Admins can see total published/ unpublished reviews and questions.

On top of that, to make your store customizable, the app comes up with a ton of options to change your reviews’ look, such as Display Name, Display Image, Display Profile Photo, Display Date, Review Per Page, and many more.

Key features of Rivyo Product Review by Thimatic:

  • Allow importing reviews from Amazon or AliExpress easily
  • Display product rating in the Google search results
  • Allow designing reviews and other elements with a high degree flexibility
  • Export limitless reviews as a CSV file format
  • Provide real-time dashboard reporting

Pricing plans:

  • Free Plan
  • Advance Plan: $5.99/ month

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10. Product Reviews & Photos by Yotpo

Yotpo is an E-commerce marketing platform that, in addition to enabling users to manage reviews, also has a wealth of referrals, visual marketing, and building customer loyalty. Product Reviews & Photos by Yotpo uses AI-based technology allowing you to collect reviews and Q&A, and leverage these across other marketing channels.

Product Reviews & Photos by Yotpo
Product Reviews & Photos by Yotpo

The app allows you to collect reviews in two ways. Firstly, you can send engaging review emails to your customers. The second and even more useful option is allowing reviews to be left directly onsite.

Yotpo’s intuitive and straightforward user interface makes it easy for customers to leave a review for both ways. This is essential because it ensures customers complete their reviews rather than clicking to the screen only to be put off by a lengthy or complicated interface and exiting out at that stage.

The app also comes with integration features that work with third-party systems such as Facebook and Twitter. That means you can post your top reviews directly to your social media channels, as well as integrating star ratings and product reviews into organic search results.

Key features of Product Reviews & Photos by Yotpo:

  • Collect reviews, ratings, images, videos, and Q&A from your customers
  • Display them on site
  • Share the best content from users in social media channels
  • Show your shop’s ratings in search results and Google ads
  • Offer built-in analytics for you to dissect reviews and adjust strategies if necessary

Pricing plans:

  • Free Plan
  • Growth 50 Plan: $19/ month
  • Growth 75 Plan: $29/ month
  • Growth 100 Plan: $49/ month

11. Ali Reviews - Product Reviews by FireApps

Trusted by 40,000+ Shopify stores, Ali Reviews - Shopify product reviews app by FireApps helps you effectively encourage customers to leave reviews and boost the presence of customer reviews to build trust and maximize conversions.

Ali Reviews - Product Reviews by FireApps
Ali Reviews - Product Reviews by FireApps

With Ali Reviews, merchants can send review requests via email and SMS with ease, rewarding reviewers’ efforts with discounts to increase retention. This Shopify product review app includes 9+ rich review widget styles for showing customer reviews on all pages without code knowledge.

Additional benefits include the ability to personalize reviews based on customer information and on-site behavior, allowing you to reduce cart abandonment and promote sales.

Key features of Ali Reviews - Shopify Product Reviews by FireApps:

  • Collect reviews by sending customizable and automated review request emails/SMS.
  • Schedule email review reminder to ensure customers get your sincere request.
  • Reward customers with discounts for photo reviews to increase retention.
  • Feature reviews on home, product, or all pages with 9+ stunning review widgets.
  • Display personalized reviews based on customer info or on-site behavior.
  • Bulk edit country, Copy reviews, Move reviews.
  • Show product reviews and ratings on Google Shopping ads.

Pricing plans: 7-day free trial

  • Starter: $9.90/month + Free $0.3 SMS credits
  • Essential: $19.90/month + Free $5 SMS credits
  • Premium: $49.90/month + Free $15 SMS credits
  • Enterprise: $99.90/month + Free $35 SMS Credits

12. Product Reviews App by Opinew

If you are new to Shopify but already selling on eBay, Amazon, Etsy, or AliExpress, Opinew Product Reviews is a great app to get the review ball rolling.

With this app, you’re enabled to collect product reviews from your customers and import them from other sales channels. Don’t worry that the app will affect your page load speed because there won’t be any request on page open. Moreover, whatever page you’re on, all of the available features will be fully provided, such as Text & Photo Reviews, Review Request Emails, Star Ratings, Q&A, SEO, etc.

Product Review Apps by Opinew
Product Review Apps by Opinew

Key features of Product Review Apps by Opinew:

  • Gather and import reviews from previous customers from Amazon, eBay, Etsy, AliExpress, and other sources
  • No effects on page loading speed for your website
  • Verify purchasers and their reviews
  • Offer premade customizable plugin design and emails
  • Support multiple languages

Pricing plans:

  • Side Gig Plan: $9/ month
  • Shop Plan: $29/ month
  • Warehouse: $69/ month
  • Corporation: $149/ month

13. Video Product Reviews App by HelpfulCrowd

Video Product Reviews by HelpfulCrowd is a new app on the Shopify store, built by seasoned developers, who used to run three successful businesses before this one. This gives the app an advantage, as

The biggest selling point of this app is FRM (Frictionless Review Xperience). This feature allows you to collect reviews for every purchase from a single email, asking only one question in the request email. It delivers a consistent experience across every email client, so that emails appear the same no matter how and where the customer views them.

Moreover, there is a wide selection of marketing, loyalty, and traffic-boosting tools to help your store stand out.

Video Product Reviews App by HelpfulCrowd
Video Product Reviews App by HelpfulCrowd

Key features of Video Product Reviews App by HelpfulCrowd:

  • Increase sales via reviews and Q&A
  • Collect multiple reviews from a single email with one question
  • Collect reviews and send reminders at optimal times
  • Show product reviews on search engines
  • Provide auto-translation tool

Pricing plans:

  • Helpful Plan: Free
  • Startful Plan: $14.99/ month
  • Growful Plan: $19.99/ month
  • Blissful Plan: $44.99/ month

14. Product Reviews & UGC by Okendo

Built specifically for high-performance Shopify retailers, Product Reviews & UGC by Okendo is an app with all the necessary tools to capture and showcase high-impact social proof, such as product ratings & reviews, customer photos/ videos, and Q&A.

Product Reviews & UGC by Okendo
Product Reviews & UGC by Okendo

The app lets you send review requests via email and display any reviews on your website. Reviews can be placed at strategic places throughout your website to help improve conversion rates.

However, we want to remind you one more time that the app won’t be for everyone. As it is designed specifically for high-performing retailers, it comes with a hefty price tag as a result. Therefore, if you’re just setting out your Shopify journey, you might want to find a more affordable solution, and then move to Okendo when you’re ready to take your store to the next level.

Key features of Product Reviews & UGC by Okendo:

  • Trigger emails that reach out to audiences for reviews at times they are most likely to act
  • Easy uploading of visual content (photo & video reviews) for customers
  • Provide an extensive range of widgets to showcase customer-generated content at strategic positions through the buying journey
  • Push review content to Google Search, Google Shopping, Facebook, and Instagram to drive qualified traffic
  • Offer simple-to-use dashboard to monitor performance

Pricing plans:

  • Essential Plan: $29/ month
  • Growth Plan: $99/ month
  • Power Plan: $299/ month
  • Advanced Plan: $499/ month

15. Product Reviews by Shopify

Developed by Shopify itself, Product Reviews is a free app where you are served with the simplest way to share your customers’ experiences. To be specific, you’re able to add a customer review to any of your items, which can result in a perfect engagement with your visitors and customers.

Its most attractive selling point is that it can automatically integrate the color scheme with your Shopify theme, as opposed with other apps where you have to change the colors manually. On top of that, Product Reviews by Shopify enables you to import and export your reviews as a spreadsheet with the CSV Import and Export feature.

Product Reviews by Shopify
Product Reviews by Shopify

Key features of Product Reviews by Shopify:

  • Publish, filter, manage, and hide reviews quickly and easily
  • Import and export your store’s reviews as a spreadsheet
  • Make your SEO healthy by adding reviews scores to Google search results
  • Easy to change the layout and color scheme of your store
  • Offer customizable designs to match any themes of your store

Pricing: Free

16. Editorify - Product Reviews by importify

Editorify - Product Reviews by importify is a must-have app for dropshippers who have been running their business on Shopify and want to maximize their conversion rate. It helps you easily import your authentic reviews from multiple sources into your Shopify store to build customer’s trust, boost engagement, and thus get more sales.

In addition to text-based or photo reviews, the app gives you the option to import explainer videos onto your product pages. This can significantly increase your conversions by demonstrating how the product can be used and adding another dimension to your product pages. Explainer videos can actually be imported from Youtube, Amazon, and Vimeo.

Editorify - Product Reviews by importify
Editorify - Product Reviews by importify

Key features of Editorify - Product Reviews by importify:

  • Import reviews from major E-commerce platforms
  • Import photo views/ explainer videos
  • Allow you to choose which reviews to show on the product page
  • Filter reviews that contain certain keywords you don’t want to show

Pricing plans:

  • Free Plan
  • Premium Plan: $9.95/ month
  • Gold Plan: $14.95/ month

17. Photos, Social & Etsy Reviews by Kudobuzz

Photos, Social & Etsy Reviews is an excellent app if you want to push your product reviews on social media channels. You can integrate it seamlessly and push reviews to a myriad of social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Yelp.

With this app, emails are sent to customers for reviews and feedback to avoid missing any potential review. You’ll also have access to four fully customizable widgets to display your reviews, each of which adds a special touch to your page. Besides, after enabling Google Rich Snippets, reviews and star ratings will be shown on Google search engine results, which help a lot in increasing customer engagement, promoting your SEO and brand reputation, thus increasing sales.

Photos, Social & Etsy Reviews by Kudobuzz
Photos, Social & Etsy Reviews by Kudobuzz

Key features of Photos, Social & Etsy Reviews by Kudobuzz:

  • Easily collect and display product, photo, video reviews and reviews from Google, Facebook, Amazon, and Etsy
  • You can decide which reviews to publish on your website
  • Allow responding and commenting to customer reviews
  • Show off review counts and ratings in Google search engine results

Pricing plans:

  • Coffee Plan: Free
  • Breakfast Plan: $12.99/ month
  • Lunch Plan: $19.99/ month

18. Photo Reviews by EnormApps

This is one of the best Shopify product review apps that you shouldn’t miss, partly due to the cost compared to the functions. You are not limited to one photo per review; instead, each review can have up to four images used.

Additionally, the app allows you to use a slider to showcase your reviews. So, it uses less space on your website’s design, but allows for more information to be displayed in that space. You can also show star ratings on the collection page so that visitors can see what the best products are.

When a new review is submitted, you’ll receive a notification. This is a great choice if you want to keep on top of reviews and respond quickly.

Photo Reviews by EnormApps
Photo Reviews by EnormApps

Key features of Photo Reviews by EnormApps:

  • Allow up to four images per review to showcase why your products are excellent
  • Offer slider and grid options to display reviews/ product review images
  • Install your reviews on the product, collection, testimonial, or home page
  • Let you customize the form colors and settings

Pricing plans:

  • Free Plan
  • Basic Plan: $9.99/ month
  • Enterprise Plan: $14.99/ month
  • Advanced Plan: $24.99/ month

19. Social Proof & Reviews by Fera Commerce Inc

People value others’ opinions, and you can leverage things like product reviews, testimonials, product reviews, photo/ video reviews, average rating badges, social proof pop-ups, and shopper actions to make more sales online. Fera Social Proof & Reviews is an amazing app that helps you use social proof to convert more of your existing traffic.

Social Proof & Reviews by Fera Commerce Inc
Social Proof & Reviews by Fera Commerce Inc

Along with counting sales and showing them off, the app enables you to easily display reviews and customer testimonials in a variety of ways, letting your shoppers know what others are saying about a given product. These can be displayed directly on your product pages or on a pop-up. Plus, one of Fera’s most outstanding features is the ability to A/B test, allowing you to optimize your campaign for conversions completely.

Key features of Social Proof & Reviews by Fera Commerce Inc:

  • Easily display product/ photo/ video reviews, testimonials, average rating badges, and social proof
  • Automatically generate product reviews, showcase them beautifully on your product page, import and sync your existing reviews from popular review platforms
  • Push your store’s reviews to social media channels
  • Show off your store’s product reviews in either a photo gallery or video gallery
  • Allow customizing your template and appearance
  • Offer robust A/B testing
  • Be available in 8+ languages

Pricing plans:

  • Small (Startup) Plan: $9/ month
  • Small Plan: $29/ month
  • Medium Plan: $99/ month

20. Photo Reviews & Testimonials by Expert Village Media Technologies

Last but not least, Photo Reviews & Testimonials by Expert Village Media Technologies is a fantastic tool for all Shopify merchants to increase traffic and enrich descriptions of your products for customers. With this app, you’re enabled to present product reviews on your product pages or any other pages.

Furthermore, the app lets your customers submit feedback about your products from the front end, and you can assign it from the admin side. Your review dashboard will be kept simple so that you can easily manage it.

There are many more interesting features, such as Import Reviews, and Loading Time integrated with this app. All things considered, the Photo Reviews & Testimonials app is worth a nice try!

Photo Reviews & Testimonials by Expert Village Media Technologies
Photo Reviews & Testimonials by Expert Village Media Technologies

Key features of Photo Reviews & Testimonials by Expert Village Media Technologies:

  • Allow customers to upload product photos with their reviews and testimonials
  • Let customers submit ratings on the store directly or via emails with a simple form
  • Customers can post their questions in the review section, and you can answer them from the admin of app
  • Show reviews in Google search results
  • Offer 5 pre-made templates for you to customize
  • You can import your previous reviews from other sources (Yotpo, Looz, AliExpress, etc.)
  • Allow you to display whatever reviews you want

Pricing plans:

  • Free Plan
  • Pro Plan: $9.99/ month
  • Plus Plan: $19.99/ month
  • Growth Plan: $49.99/ month

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The final verdict

As you can see clearly, to grow a Shopify store, collecting and promoting positive customer reviews is essential! The best way to do this effectively is by using an appropriate tool. It will heavily depend on your specific needs and budget.

We hope that the list of 15+ Best Shopify Product Reviews Apps can help you make an informed choice. If you’ve experienced another excellent Shopify product review app, please feel free to share it with us! We are always willing to hear from you!

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