5 Magento Online Stores Which Equip Themselves Good Layered Navigation

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Layered Navigation is always the most important part in any online stores since it provides an useful sitemap for visitors to find their desired products. In a website with thousands of goods, if users cannot find their wanted items within two minutes, they will instantly abandon that site. Layered Navigation either satisfies your customers, boosts your sales or causes loss of clients for your business. Here are the top 4 online stores having impressive layered navigation:

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  • 1. Lifestyle flooring

    Mageplaza Layered Navigation

    Coming to this site, visitors’ eyes will be covered by a brown color, which is representative color of wood flooring. Brown is also theme color for Layered Navigation. In the left Layered Navigation, they have some shopping options including category, engineer wood plank effects, styles, wood types, engineered wood shades, shades/effects, plank colors, engineered wood finish, laminate floor finish,thickness and wear layers. Those attributes are displayed in list down style with various choices. Also, this site allows people to select items in an affordable price by a price slider, from 10 EUR to 79.99 EUR. The most highlight and exciting characteristic of that online store is comparing option that supports people in making decisions among hesitant items. In addition, visitors can narrow their search quickly by a small lookup box at the top of the site.

    Mageplaza Layered Navigation lifestyle flooring

    The site’s URLs are not only neat, understandable and friendly with users but also demonstrate breadcrumbs like this: Mageplaza Layered Navigation

    The loading speed of this website is really surprising, just within three seconds. The professional Layered Navigation help users select desired products in a short period of time.

    2. Printer express

    Mageplaza Layered Navigation Printer express

    This website store is designed with both vertical and horizontal layered navigations that help visitors find suitable printers. In the left column, they present attributes such as colour laser printers, multifunctions, paper size, connectivity, double sized, compatibility and price slider. Particularly, this site allows users to select multiple options for an attribute. The selected options are shown as checkboxes in the interface.

    Mageplaza Layered Navigation Printer express

    Shoppers can easily find their favorite brands by brand shopping feature. By this filtering option, users will reduce lots of time in picking up their desired printers. One more advantage that is time-saving is quick lookup option. The horizontal navigation is illustration of all colour laser printers such as ink and toners, laser printers, inkjet printers, MFP, Dot matrix, mobile printing, 3D print, A3 print, scanners. They are core products in the stores.

    3. Patakis bookstore

    Mageplaza Layered Navigation

    There are a bunch of subcategories in the layered navigation composing of genre, characteristics, object, lesson, level, direction, learning language, fictional genre, era, pollologies, subseries, subgenre, collection, publisher, original language and price range. Beside each of filter option, there is a number of product count that show availability of products. In every shopping option, owner sets up a search box for visitors:

    Mageplaza Layered Navigation Patakis bookstore

    4. Seaspray

    Mageplaza Layered Navigation Seaspray

    This e-commerce store is arranged orderly and simply. The store owner customizes appropriate forms for different attributes. For example, collection name, style, cup, season and control are most suitable with drop down display style. However, color and size are presented in swatch form while price range is set up as a slider. In each attribute, customers can tick in more than two options without reloading the whole page. When choosing multiple attributes, matching results appear immediately for visitors to view.

    Mageplaza Layered Navigation

    In overall, those four websites have professional layered navigations that support customers in filtering products effectively and efficiently. Convenient features such as brand shopping, multi filter, price slider, quick lookup box play important role in enhancing customers’ experience and boost sales. All products are displayed in the search page that catch visitors’ attention. The friendly URLs links help to increase website’s positions in search engines and remain in buyer’s mind for their next purchases. Those online stores equip themselves by an excellent layered navigation extension for Magento 2 of Mageplaza, a leading Magento vendors in market. For more information, please take a look to the website:

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