4 reasons why Layered Navigation is must-have in Magento Stores

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According to Marketing Sherpa, 73% of visitors will abandon an online store in less than two minutes if they don’t find their desired products and 96% of them said that feature searching is important. These statistical datas show how essential you need to manage your sites professionally. Only by that way, you can not only attract people but also turn them into paying customers. Equipping your site with a great layered navigation is a must-have extension in any online store.

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  • Here are some typical reasons:

    1. Help customers select desired products easily

    FREE Magento 2 Layered navigation is regarded to a helpful sitemap for every online visitor. It supports people by narrowing their search. Normally, it is located in the left column of site interface and search result pages.

    Because of the multi-filters, people can find out what exactly they want by looking for integration of attributes. For example, in an online clothing store, many attributes including colours, brand name, style,price are displayed. Through filtering product attributes, users may choose their favorite items to purchase. This cool website can be set up easily in backend by professional layered navigation extensions. Thanks to Layered navigation, people can pick up their wanted items among thousands of products. No matter how great your products are, you will not able to sell anything if shoppers can’t discover what they want.

    Layered Navigation Help customers select desired products easily magento 2

    2. Time-saving for customers

    A research taken by Akamai and Gomez.com, people will leave a site in case it can not be loaded within three seconds. Understanding visitors’ psychology, layered navigation extension introduces Ajax loading and one step checkout process to solve loading problems. Searching results will appear for users right after filtering instead of reloading page. In the final step of purchasing process, checkout is also optimize so that customers can save their time in shopping. In some cases, quick look up option and shop by brands can be helpful to reduce choices for users significantly. There is no doubt that clients will be satisfied with fast speed and professional managing skill of stores. Afterthat, conversation rate are supposed to increase, as well as revenues.

    Magento 2 Layered Navigation  Time-saving for customers

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    3. SEO friendly

    Magento 2 Layered Navigation SEO friendly

    Applying with Best Layered navigation extension for magento 2, your site will have friendly URL which is short, neat, meaningful because of some keywords. Visitors can easily remember your site in next purchasing time. More importantly, the friendly URL enhance website position on search engines.

    4. Satisfy most demanding customers

    Some people are extremely demanding in their purchasing process. However, if you can meet their expectations, they will become most loyal clients of your business. Layered navigation extension with many additional features such as filtering items based on product status, rating, out-of-stock options. Another highlight of this extension is price slider option. People can adjust price bar to their proper range and pick up affordable items. It is also flexible in expanding group filter to improve buyer’s experience.

    Magento 2 Layered Navigation Satisfy most demanding customers magento 2

    In conclusion, Layered navigation plays important role in increasing customer satisfaction and generating revenues. Among many Layered Navigation provider, extension developed by Mageplaza is highly recommended because of outstanding features and reasonable price. A survey taken by Mageplaza revealed that applying Mageplaza Layered Navigation Ultimate can reduce 67% shopping time then increase filter experience by 84%, and raise 25% conversion rate.

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