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Magento 2 Custom Order Number extension   v1.0.2

Magento 2 Custom Order Number extension
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Magento 2 Custom Order Number helps online stores change order increment ID to protect sensitive business data. Also, the module attracts new customers by showing them a more professional order number system.



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Compatible With

CE, EE 2.1.x, 2.2.x, 2.3.x


Problems & Solutions

Change order increment ID

In Magento 2 default, order increment ID is a 9-digit number which starts from 000000001. For many reasons, store owners want to change this string structure in order numbers as well as other billing documents. As this cannot be done quickly in native Magento 2, you will need a tool to help you out.

The outcome of Custom Order Number extension for Magento 2 is to change the default string into another with more sophisticated one. The new order number is customized to contain more helpful information for store owners, yet make it harder for your competitors and customers to understand.

For example, an order placed on Mar 30th, 2018 on store 01 can be configured to have a number like ORD-01-300318-0001. This padding absolutely means nothing to others but store owners who set it.

Attract new customers using order numbers

When it comes to shopping online, customers may be so conscious about how popular your store is as well as how experienced you are on the market. Hence, buyers can have a poor impression of your business if they know either that you have not sold much through the order number or that you are not so professional.

Using Mageplaza Customer Order Number extension is a solution to impress your buyers. By changing the default string created by native Magento 2, you can make your order number as fancy as you want your customers to think.

Meet local invoice number requirement

In some regions, invoice numbers should be generated systematically and legally. Some countries take numbering invoices seriously and demand that companies must comply with stricter regulations. In this case, to get rid of a legal headache, store owners should be well aware of their numbering system.

Customer Order Number module by Mageplaza can help stores meet any local invoice number requirements by allowing them to adjust templates properly. There is no restriction of how you set the invoice number structure.

Resolve problem from other platforms to Magento

That you switch from other platforms to Magento can cause some differences in order numbering system. To make it easier to manage orders after you migrate to Magento 2, changing new order numbers to match the previous numbering rules is necessary. And, this can absolutely be done with Mageplaza Custom Order Number extension.

Protect business data

Your order number indicates quite a lot of sensitive information of your business. Looking at a raw order number, your competitors can figure out how many orders have been placed on your store. Through these figures, they can also know how well you are doing, and estimate your growth within a specified period. This is not healthy for your business.

Magento 2 Custom Order Number extension can help online stores protect their data by hiding sensitive numbers. While creating a complicated string that makes it incomprehensible for your competitors, you and your staff still understand the numbers based on the rules you set.

Easy to customize order numbers

To change the order number, you only need to change its pattern on the backend. The pattern is defined by using syntax. This is an example for what you can set for the pattern: ORD-[4AN]-[4A]-[4N]-[6counter]-[storeCode]-[storeId]-[yy]-[mm]-[dd]-[orderId].

The new order ID can start from a configured number, and move up numerically based on a counter step. This counter step can be set to increase separately by store or not.

The same settings are applied to other billing documents including Invoice number, Credit Memo number, and Shipment number.

Magento 2 custom order numbers

Flexibly adjust order number patterns

Magento 2 change order number

Order number formats are easily adjusted by syntax, and this helps a lot in tracking the orders.

Order number patterns can be sequential, chronological, by customer number, or by project number depending on how you set the structure on the backend.

Admins can even include date information in the order number by various date format like [yy]-[mm]-[dd]. This helps you a lot in tracking the order placement date. Also, a sequence number is placed at the end to help you differentiate the order number.

Set invoice numbers to depend on order numbers

From the backend, the structure of invoice numbers and other billing documents can be configured to match that of order numbers. This function allows admins to track all billing documents more efficiently.

Admins can replace the prefix of invoice numbers with another string and keep the rest of the pattern unchanged. Thanks to this feature, store owners will be able to relate information among different customers’ billing documents.

Magento 2 custom invoice number

Compatible with Mageplaza PDF Invoice

Magento 2 Change Order Number extension

Magento 2 Custom Order Number extension is fully compatible with Mageplaza PDF Invoice. This allows displaying accurate order numbers, invoice numbers, credit memo numbers and shipment numbers with proper formats in billing documents.

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More features

Restrict order number padding

By allowing admins to define numbering formats in billing document numbers, the padding of each string is restricted to a certain length.

Set the counter by store

The counter can set separately by store, the sequence number will increase numerically by counter steps in each store independently.

Reset the counter

The counter can be reset on the backend by a simple click. The counter will run back to the counter start.

Customize by Syntax

Order number structure is customized easily by using syntax. For example: ORD-[4AN]-[4A]-[4N]-[6counter]-[storeCode]-[storeId]-[yy]-[mm]-[dd]-[orderId].

Customize order number prefix

Magento 2 Order number prefix is defined in the pattern. Also, admins can change the prefix of other billing document numbers while keeping the rest of the structure the same

Hide real order number ID

Admins can hide the order number ID by adding extra numbers/symbols in the order number patterns while are still able to spot it by understanding the structure.

Full Magento 2 Custom Order Number Features

For store admins

Invoice/Credit Memo/Shipment number config

  • Change the prefix of Invoice/Credit Memo/Shipment number
  • Ability to copy the same pattern in Order number to use for Invoice/Credit Memo/Shipment number
  • Set the numbering system by using syntax
  • Set the counter start
  • Set the counter step
  • Ability to set the counter step to run independently by store
  • Ability to reset the counter after a configured period
  • Ability to reset the counter instantly
  • Compatible with Mageplaza extensions: Same Order Number, Quick Order, Order Export, Order Attributes ...

General configuration

  • Enable/disable module
  • Enable/disable custom order number, invoice number, credit memo number, and shipment number
  • Compatible with Mageplaza PDF Invoice extension

For customers

  • Set the pattern by using syntax
  • Set the first sequence number of the order by defining the counter start
  • Set the counter step for the sequence number
  • Allow/disallow the counter step applied separately by individual store
  • Ability to reset the counter after a configured period
  • Ability to reset the counter instantly


  • filter_drama After I adjust the order ID structure, is any information in the order changed?

    No. Magento 2 Custom Order Number extension only changes the ID of orders, invoices, shipments and credit memos, but makes no change in other information.

  • filter_drama Default Magento 2 sets the order IDs to move up independently depending on individual stores, can I make the sequence number increase regardless of which store the order is placed?

    Yes. There are two available configurations for the order number counter. The order ID can either move up separately by store or increase numerically no matter which store the order is placed.

  • filter_drama Can I add date information or text into the order number pattern?

    Yes. You can also add store ID or store code into the structure by using syntax.

  • filter_drama I’ve just launched a brand new store, so the default order number now starts with 1. Can I make it start with a bigger number?

    Yes. The module allows you to set the counter start to be any number that you want.

Reviews (1)

  • assignment_ind
    Very intelligent tool!

    Posted by Kenneth on 03 January 2019 verified_user Verified Buyer
    I have to say this is a really excellent tool. As a new store owner, currently, I have not had many orders so I am worried that the order number will reveal this point, and I really need a solution. Finally, a friend introduced me Custom Order Number and it really solves my concern. I myself can customize the order ID to the formats I want so that my store data is not known. Thanks for this understanding extension!

Release notes

  • v1.0.2

    25 July 2019
    • Fixed error with Invoice ID when Invoiced was created automatically
    • Compatible with Magento 2.3
  • v1.0.1

    05 September 2018
    • Store code is in upper case
    • Fixed minor bugs
  • v1.0.0

    04 September 2018
  • Initial Release

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